Sunday, 28 September 2014

This is what happens when......

You put yourself on a yarn diet....

It had to happen after all I am a stashaholic I have admitted it several times.  Why did I fall off the wagon you may ask...

  1. Yarndale is on this weekend and I can't go because I have had a cyst removed on my face and the stitches are still in so not a good idea to be around crowds. I'm thinking of all the yarny goodness I'm missing and feeling sorry for myself.
  2. It was on sale in my local garden centre just 99p a ball WHO COULD RESIST!
  3. I love, love the colours and soft squishiness of it.
  4. I was having serious withdrawal symptoms, it's sooo long since I bought a substantial amount of yarn.
  5. I didn't even go to the garden centre for yarn, I went for something else, but there it was screaming out to me, it just had to be!
  6. The stash-busting has gone great I have done some serious stash-busting in the past two years a girl deserves a treat now and then doesn't she??!!
  1. I bought this without a project in mind.
  2. There may not be enough yarn for the project when I do decide.

I'm fancying a cardigan but need a pattern, I'm thinking the variegated appearance will look better knitted but I'm open to idea's knitted or crocheted, please show me your favourite cardigan/jacket patterns.

I thought these would be great for christmas gifts, a scarf maybe or fingerless gloves or even a hat.

but that's not all!....

Yes I have have fallen off the wagon big style but I have to say I don't feel the slightest bit guilty about buying this particular yarn.  It's Hayfield bonus which I've used several times, it comes in lots of lovely shades and is hardwearing, soft and lovely to work with. 

and I have added this from my stash, to make a throw for my daughter.  She will soon be moving into her first home and I thought it would be a nice housewarming gift for her and her hubby.  

Her chairs are navy and I thought a bright coloured throw would look good against them, some bright yarny goodness to welcome them into their new home.

All ready to go...

I can't wait to get started :)


Thank you for linking your September projects, the end of the month is almost upon us,the new stash link party will start on Wednesday when I will be revealing your Summer party favourites.  There is still time to link up with this months party and visit your favourites. For those who are counting please leave me your totals. :)

See you Wednesday!

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  1. I've just checked the medical encyclopaedia and it says buying yarn is definitely good for cyst removal recovery. In fact you may even need to buy some more if you fear a relapse coming on.

  2. I don't blame you, I would of bought that yarn too - it's very pretty. Have fun playing with it. I hope you heal up quickly. :)

  3. Oh! so naughty but very very nice!!!! I think you can be forgiven after all you do need a pick-me-up after being under the knife...don't you? It is a perfectly acceptable situation isn't it?
    Now as I recall Sr P stepped on my naked big toe yesterday and I saw the perhaps I need a Yarn pick-me-up too!!!! x

    keep well

    Amanda x

  4. I understand cause i'm a yarn addict ! I may buy without any project in mind but I don't care... it's coming later .... Looking forward to seeing what you'll make for your daughter. have a lovely sunday !

  5. I agree - don't feel guilty Linda - just think of all the wonderful things you will make from this lovely yarn, and how many other people will benefit.........
    Sounds like a bargain price too. x

  6. The wool was a great bargain, so it had to be bought!! I can't suggest a cardigan pattern, but you might be interested in a shawl pattern which looks really good in variegated stripes. Here is the link:

  7. Oh, so many wonderful balls of yarn. I'm a little jealous.


  8. That wool is lovely, I would have been able to resist either, its not fair when they sell such glorious goodies outside of yarn shops. I am always buying yarn without a project in mind!!

  9. With all the stashbusting you have done you deserve a treat, plus you have stitches in your face, so now you really deserve a treat. Beautiful yarn my friend, I am glad you treated yourself.

  10. We would need to take your temperature if you had NOT bought that 99 cent yarn! That's a deal! You'd have to be terribly ill not to bring some home. Love those colors! Interested to see what kind of blanket you make for your daughter's housewarming. I don't get to go to Yarndale either!! Would be a very long trip for me. LOL. But I like seeing the pictures people post on blogs that are able to go.

  11. It happens to the best of us! The good thing about the variegated yarn is that if there isn't enough you can pick out one of the shades and get some other yarn to use as a border or coordinating yarn, so it will be all good! Lovely colours and a great buy for sure!! xx

  12. Love the wool, I would have been tempted too .......very!!
    Jacqui xx

  13. Very pretty and yummy yarns, Linda!!:) So tempting colors.

  14. Oh what a shame to miss Yarndale, but I see you still had fun!! I've used that pink Folksong before. It's gorgeous!! and everyone needs a treat now and then, right!!

  15. Gorgeous yarns and colours. I don't blame you for splashing out on them! Looking forward to seeing the throw's progress. X

  16. So sorry to hear that you cannot visit Yarndale, Linda, get well soon! The new yarn is fantastic, you really deserve this treat :D. Have a good week! Nata xxx

  17. I hope your recovery is going well ... yarn should definitely help! That pink is irresistible. I bought a little yarn over the weekend too ... justified it by telling myself it was for gifts. :)

  18. I understand completely. It's an affliction we all deal with. :) You got some really pretty yarns and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them, it's sure to be beautiful and inspiring. I hope you continue to heal from your cyst removal and take care. Have a good week.

  19. Beautiful yarn!!
    Take care,have a great week.:*

  20. I had to laugh, yarn at the garden centre (that's a first for me) I don't think that you need to reproach yourself for your lapse into yarn buying territory. It's is lovely yarn and a bargain too and you know you will use it, how can that be considered a bad thing. I love those bright colours for the throw, they're going to look very bright and cheerful as a throw for your daughter.
    Have a great week x

  21. LoVe your colourful yarn purchases Linda! Who could resist such a bright bargain?! You deserve a treat for all your hard work!
    Sorry you missed Yarndale and hope you are making a speedy recovery.
    The colours for your daughter's throw look fab, and knowing how great you are at beautiful blankets sure it will be stunning!
    Look forward to seeing all your colourful makes!
    Ali x

  22. Love the yarn, someone gave me a coup,e of balls of the folksong and it knits up lovely - made a scarf with it xx sorry to hear you of your operation hope you are recovering well and I'm totally for a bit of retail therapy to aid recovery ! Xx take care xx


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