Thursday 15 June 2017

A Beautiful Blanket.

Well I think so even if I do say so myself and I have really enjoyed making it too.  This blanket has so much going for it...
  1. It's interesting because it's made up of lots of different elements.
  2. Each element doesn't take too long to complete. 
  3. You finish it quickly because you can't wait to get started on the next bit.
  4. Each stitch is easy.
  5. The pattern is easy to follow.
  6. You can use any type of yarn and any weight.
  7. It's easy to adapt to the size you want.
  8. You can go mad with colour and let your creativity flow.
  9. It's a great stash-buster you can use up all your little bits of leftover yarn.
  10. Because it's made in sections you weave in the ends as you go so at the end there are only the last few to deal with.
  11. You join as you go so there is only the last section and the border to finish at the end.
  12. As it's made in sections it's a portable project too.
  13. The completed blanket looks amazing.
Have I convinced you? 😉

Be prepared for visual overload, sunglasses may come in handy.....

blanket crochet easy sections free pattern charity

This is Zooty Owls Wade's Blanket which was originally a CAL you can find the links to all parts of the blanket here

I made mine larger by increasing the number of rows on the side panels, I also substituted  the traditional granny square with the flower in a square motif which I used in my Violet Meadow blanket the reason being I had some of the little cog wheel centres left over from that blanket, you see everything comes in handy at some point. 

I used stash Dk acrylc yarn and a 4.50 mm crochet hook.

The blanket measures 4 ft by 6 ft.

It took 1100 grams of yarn a very satisfying stashbust.

This blanket will be going to Operation Orphan.

Thank you to Zooty Owl for such a lovely pattern, she currently has another CAL in progress Rainbows After the Rain blanket and Poncho, the third part has just been published this week. I will be making that one too just as soon as I've finished my present wips all involving some of those cones I mentioned here. To be honest it's a great excuse to use my new wool winder it's so much fun.😊

Have a great weekend.

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  1. The word happy comes to mind. It's very colorful and lively. That must have been an enjoyable project to work on. I love all the different stitches. It makes it very interesting. Great work. :)
    xx Beca

  2. Beautiful indeed !!!!!!
    Have a lovely day !

  3. Wow, that is simply stunning, Linda! What amazing colours you have in your stash xx

  4. This blanket you created is amazing! I love the pop of colors you used. Perfect in every way. Pat :)

  5. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Linda. I love the colors.


  6. Wow! Your blanket is so bright and beautiful, Linda :) So lovely and cheerful !! Love the colors. Well done !!

  7. Your blanket is both amazing and fantastic, Linda.
    I love the beautiful colors you have chosen for the blanket!!!

  8. It is really bright and cheery. Another blogger I visit made the same blanket.

  9. Wow Linda. That balnket is spectacular! So bright and beautiful and I bet a lot of fun to make. Well done.

  10. Such a beautiful blanket! Really lovely - well done Linda. Every time you see it you will want to smile! x

  11. This blanket is brilliant, Linda. I immediately want to have a picnic.

  12. Reason number 14 is that it is the only one in the world! Operation Orphan will love it.

  13. Hello Linda, wow I love your gorgeous crocheted blanket! What a lot of work went into making it and I love how colorful it is.
    Thanks for sharing all your talent at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  14. Wow, that's a doozie!! ♥ Really fantastic, Linda. Such a variety of patterns and the brilliant color mix! A wonderful donation. Sunny greetings, Nata

  15. Oh wow! That is stupendous! I love the glowing colours. That's the happiest thing I have seen all week so far. :-)

    I've had a busy 6 months so have been getting behind in blog reading so I am looking forward to catching up on all your news. If that blanket is anything to go by, I'm in for a treat. :-)

  16. Wow Linda! This blanket is really amazing, as you say. I like most of the features that you comment on it: easy stitches, any type of yarn (which is great to take out the stash), different bits that are assembled later. All this makes that crocheting the blanket not a tedious affair, but a very enjoyable activity. Congratulations for finishing this beauty! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  17. Gorgeous! Wonderful colours! Love it!

  18. Wow!!! This blanket is gorgeous and colorful! Love it!

  19. Very colorful and vibrant and fun! a great way to bust through the stash of yarn! I love it

  20. Gorgeous, and a very convincing list as to why we should ALL be putting this n our to do lists! Pinning.

  21. This blanket is incredibly fun and beautiful! Love the fun mixture of stitches, and positions. Great way to use up yarn in the stash, and work on different techniques.
    We've reached the last granny-spiration challenge of the year. Would love if you came to share this, and enter the big, BIG 2017 Yarn Goodies Giveaway :)

    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots
    December Challenge:


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