Thursday 14 February 2019

Happy Valentines day

Wishing you all a day of love and peace, for all of you who are alone treat yourself to something nice, a lovely bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, love yourself.  Think about someone you know who is alone maybe they would appreciate a little token of love too. 😊💕💕

Tell me what you are doing to make this day special for you. 😊


  1. Beautiful hearts Linda.
    It is a sunny day and together with my love we go out today.

  2. Hi Linda, happy Valentine's Day whatever you do today. My husband and I went out to celebrate breakfast together early this morning since he will be coming home late from work. :)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. We don't usually celebrate but it's nice to spend a bit of time together.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Such lovely hearts!

  5. I volunteered in the pediatric playroom and gave away a bunch of hearts so that was very satisfying indeed. :) Have a fabulous Friday!


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