Thursday 28 February 2019

The Other Sweater.

Regular readers of my blog will remember I started the year with two works in progress, I was actually indulging myself by making not one but two sweaters all for me, one knitted which I finally finished and showed you here and the other was a crochet sweater.

Now this was a definite first for me, I have made almost everything there is to make in crochet but I have never made a sweater for myself, I made a sleeveless top which you can see here and I also made this cardigan, I can show you the pattern only as the actual cardigan was frogged, now maybe I'm a peculiar shape but that cardigan just didn't sit well on my frame, it looked quite hideous to be honest but strangely enough I wasn't sad when I pulled it all out, all those hours of work you may think were for nothing but I enjoyed making it so it really didn't matter and the yarn was put to better use in the form of many charity makes. 

So what about the sleeveless top I can hear you asking well yes I wore that.... once! and that was really just to try it on, it eventually went into the charity bag where I hope that someone liked it better than I did. 

Now you would think that after that I would have learnt my lesson but oh no not me I wanted to make a crochet sweater and that's what I did....

I have to say the fit is loose but I can stand that, a big blowsy sweater like the knitted one but the problem is the yarn, it's so heavy I need a crane to lift it and once it's on, it brings me to my knees, Eskimo's could wear this sweater it's so heavy and warm but they would probably sink in the snow,😮 it weighs in at 850 grams!. Now that it's made up I don't like the colour or the way that the variegated colours have come together it hurts your eyes to look at it😵 I wont be using this particular type of yarn for sweaters again.

So lets find some positives.. I made it without a pattern and it does actually fit! I know, I know I wont wear it but I'm quite proud that I was able to do that.  The yarn was in a sale and very cheap so I don't feel too bad about it not working out.

So what shall I do with it? shall I pass it on to a charity for the homeless perhaps or one that supplies clothing to countries with sub zero temperatures or should I frog it and use the yarn for hats and scarves. All suggestions gratefully received. 

Have a great weekend.😊


  1. That's such a shame. I think it would be a shame to rip it out as I think it looks lovely and you've made a good job of it, I'm sure someone would be very happy with it.

  2. I think you made a great sweater with no patter but too bad it's so heavy and you don't like the color anymore. I would probably donate it to charity. If you made a sweater like this again in a solid color it would be really nice!

  3. To be honest I love it and would love to have it for myself :) It looks awesome as it is.

  4. I have had this problem with variegated yarns. They look beautiful as hanks but when I use them in any project I'm never satisfied. You can make the sweater again in a solid color and donate this one.

  5. Lovely sweater !
    Someone will be happy to wear it, I'm sure !
    Have a cosy weekend !

  6. Someone will really love it, someone who really needs to be warm. I think it is great, but like you I have passed on many of my makes to charity in hopes someone will get good use of them.

  7. The sweater looks nice, too bad that it is so heavy.
    I hope you can make someone happy with it.

  8. It does look very pretty. Maybe you should keep it a while, and see if it grows on you.

  9. Ooh, don't waste all that hard work. I'm sure a charity could use it. Me?....I would wear it indoors on freezing cold days. Waste not, want not. But my house is a bit of a refrigerator at the best of times.

  10. I just love the colourway …
    I'm sure someone will really like it, perhaps give it to a local charity shop.

    All the best Jan

  11. I also sometimes make a sweater, it gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction


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