Friday, 21 August 2020

Potholders/Dishcloths and Baby Hats

A bit of a mix I must admit but sometimes you just want to make small easy things, quick finishes that give you a sense of achievement when you're feeling under the weather or your brain can't cope with anything else. 

I was inspired to make these last week

Mitered Dishcloth//Pot Holders

Astri from Apple Blossom Dreams had a 25% off sale and I just went for it, a nice easy pattern that I didn't even have to think about to satisfy my crochet cravings .  I have a rather large bag of cotton stash, most of the labels have gone but I actually know what I used for these, They both took 32 grams of yarn.  The pink one is made with Rico Aran creative cotton and the green one with Sirdar Simply Recycled cotton rich Aran. Both are great to crochet with and this is an addictive pattern I can see many more of these in my future so watch out all friends and family you are about to be in undated.😀
Thank you Astri for the inspiration and for a great pattern which you can buy here

Jeannie Hat

Marianna from Lazy Daisy Days published this free pattern last week, it's another lovely easy pattern this time to satisfy my knitting cravings, just the thing to make while watching TV. I have quite a large stash of baby knitting yarn and I haven't a clue what type this is, but this cute little hat only uses 13 grams so it's great for using up those little bits.  This pattern is also a very addictive and I will be making lots more, there is always a need for baby hats so I can make these to my hearts content.
Thank you Marianna for the inspiration and another great pattern.

Thank you for all your sweet comments last week, I'm pleased to say I'm feeling much better but it's took a while before I felt confident enough to go for a short walk just to post a letter, any illness really tales it out of you when you get older and I don't like being incapacitated one little bit I really don't have the time for it.😣😄

Lifestyle changes have got to happen whether I like it or not, when I had my Gall bladder removed in 2015 I was determined to eat healthily and carefully and I did for a lot of years but I've been slipping back and now I'm paying for it. It's a very boring bland diet you have to follow which is quite sad really.  Have you noticed that when you go out for a meal anywhere it's very hard to find something that is healthy, most things are covered in rich sauces or fried or both.  I'm so sorry for those of you who say you have this too, I hope that one day they will figure out an easy safe and effective way to fix it.

The spots on my face were diagnosed by my daughter she said they looked like cold sores and when she said that I realised yes of course that's what they are, I have had them on my mouth and nose before but never on my brow and at the side of my eye and on my scalp! They are still very much in evidence and quite sore, I have four of them and I'm hoping that I'll get no more.

I have yet to go see the damage inflicted on the Woodland as soon as I'm feeling a bit stronger I'll have a walk and see for myself just what has been done.

Right that's it I promise no more moaning at least for now.😀

leaving you with..

A beautiful Pom Pom Dahlia the star of the show in my garden this week.

I hope you all have a lovely safe weekend. 

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  1. I love the potholders and the hats you made Linda. I am so happy that you are feeling better. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Those are just the sort of projects you want when you're feeling under the weather, they don't take long and you get the feel good feeling of completing something. The little hats are so sweet. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now.

  3. Hope you feel better really soon Linda! And I am so pleased you like my little baby hat pattern - you did a great job with them ! So sweet! M xx

  4. Lovely creations !!!!
    Happy you feel better !
    Have a quiet weekend !

  5. The Dahlia impressive and the photo is incredible....those droplets of!! Beautiful makes!! Very glad to read that you are on the mend but don't go crazy multitasking eh!!! Little by little!! PS: I have sent you an email :-) Take care Amanda x

  6. You have been through such a tough time Linda, do rest and take care of yourself.

  7. You are so right, when your head is full a nice quick and easy make can be just the right thing. I love those little hats :-)

  8. It is rare that I eat out as there is usually nothing that I can eat on the menu. Love that dahlia.

  9. I did not know you have not been well, Linda. I am glad you are beginning to feel better. Knitted or crocheted dish cloths are very popular right now. Yours are lovely!


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