Friday, 28 August 2020

Slow Progress and a CAL

I'm really enjoying making this blanket and watching the various patterns unfold..

Althought the actual stitches are simple enough you need to concentrate to get the pattern right so it does take me a while to finish a row.  I love how the patterns develop and the names the designer has given for for each of them.  

Crosses (back version)
Greek Meander
Crosses (Front Version)
I have mixed it up a bit, and I wanted the dominant colour to be pink whereas in the pattern the dominant colour is white that is sometimes hard for my poor brain to grasp when reading the chart because I have to remember the white bits are pink and visa vera.  I'm hoping it's giving my brain a much needed work out. 😆

Queen CAL

I mentioned this back in my Mosaic Crochet post and promised to give you more information nearer the time.  The start date is September 18th and there is more information on Tinna's Ravelry page here

She has put together some colour packs with information on where to buy them, of course you can use your own colours and choice of yarn but those that she has put together are lovely.

The pattern is a paid one but will be discounted during the duration of the CAL .

I'm really excited to get started, the finished blanket is going to be gifted to someone, I won't say who just in case she reads ths post.  I haven't chosen my colours yet but I am leaning towards the Ruby Queen colourway.

Ruby Queen
SSDK kit

If you want to give Mosaic crochet a try, joining in with this CAL would be an ideal oppourtuinty, the pattern isn't difficult and there will be lots of others doing the CAL along with you to give support and advice.

Remember me telling you about the woodland distruction a couple of post ago, well I had a walk there to see it for myself the other day....

from this....

To this....

It's hard to show the extent of the damage in the photo but it covers a huge area and was exactly where I thought it was. The first time I came uopn it it took my breath way, I turned a corner and there right in front of my eyes was this beautiful vista, a meadow of beautiful flowers borderd by ancient trees, now you turn the corner and see a huge ugly scar.  I haven't heard anymore about why or who has done this and I have a feeling we never will.

With a feeling of sadness and anger I left the woodland, turned right and walked down to the beach and let the beauty and the gentle lapping of the waves calm and restore my  soul. 

It's my to go to place for whenever I'm feeling sad or down.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.😘

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  1. Gorgeous intricated pattern !!!!
    I will not even try :)
    Have a shinny day !

  2. I love the blanket you're making, the pattern looks very intricate, it's going to be fabulous once it's finished. Mosaic crochet definitely looks too difficult for me, I've made a few blankets now but only in basic stitches, anything more complicated and it baffles me. Oh, such a shame about the woodland, and no one will hold their hands up, that's just typical. Glad you've got the calm of the beach nearby, I often wish we lived a little closer to the coast, Archie loves a walk on the sands but we don't get there very often.

  3. The mosaic crochet is gorgeous. I should give it a try sometime but not now. So sad to see the state of the lush woodland. It angers and saddens me when people destroy nature. How many years it would have taken for the trees to grow only to be destroyed within minutes.

  4. You do such beautiful crochet work with such detail Linda. It's so nice that you are so involved with your projects. I hope you find out about the woodland and why it's clear out. Have a nice weekend.

  5. That pattern looks challenging. Love the beach photos, my idea of a peaceful place to spend time.

  6. The mosaic crochet looks wonderful, too complicated for me at the moment, maybe later on. Sad about the woodland. Have a nice weekend.

  7. The blanket is gorgeous. So sorry about the woodland destruction, such a waste of a beautiful area. Stay safe.

  8. Gorgeous stitching and blanket. So sorry about the destruction. The beach is my happy place

  9. That is such a complex pattern on the blanket you are making! The new project looks challenging as well... a brain workout for sure!
    Enjoy your hand stitching!

  10. Wow, that blanket is amazing. The pattern looks so complex, but is going to be absolutely stunning once it's finished.
    I'm sorry to hear about the woodland destruction. I always think about the animals when I see things like that. So sad. Nature is an incredible thing though, so hopefully this time next year it will be lush and green again.

  11. At least they can't take away the sea. So sad about the woodland.

    What a lovely blanket! The Queen blanket is going to be stunning too.

  12. Oh my goodness, the woodland area has been, so sad. Yes, visits to that lovely beach must always life your spirits a little. Your blanket is amazing, Linda! 'Tis so very clever!

  13. Beautiful! This will be featured in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  14. Wow, that is a beautiful blanket. Definately giving me inspiration to try mosaic crochet.

  15. I'll second going down to the beach to relax and clear the cobwebs away...definitely effective!! Another beautiful blanket Linda!! I have downloaded all that you sent in your previous post on how to do Mosaic crochet ready for me to start the learning curve but at present I have a project I must finish! I really think the elimination of that piece of woodland is plain criminal !!! stay safe Amanda x

  16. The pink blanket is lovely. Your projects just get better and better. As for the woodland, the optimist in me hopes it is just something that was necessary to help it regrow stronger. Nature recovers from forest fires and will recover here as well, hopefully.


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