Friday, 11 September 2020

September Projects, Biscuits and a Posy of Flowers

September Projects

Work on my embroidery seems to have taken a back seat while I try and get as much of my blanket finished as I can, this is where I am so far....

I'm determined to get it finished soon in the hope that I'll have time to make a small Christmas stitchery, there are some beautiful free designs on the Love and Hugs from Australia group on Facebook and I'm hoping that I haven't left it too late to try at least one of them for this year. 

Have you seen the beautiful Twelve Days of Christmas cross stitch sampler Jo from Through the Keyhole is starting?  I think it's lovely and I would love to join her in making this and I may try but it will be a very slow process for me as my eyesight isn't really good enough for cross stitch anymore but watch this space you never know.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my mosaic blanket in my last post, work on the blanket continues slowly, I don't think I'll get it finished before the Queen CAL starts  on the 18th September but it doesn't matter because I will just continue with it later.   I'm getting very excited about the start of the CAL most of the yarn for it arrived today, there are two balls of gold to add to the pile, I decided to make the Ruby Queen...

Look at those delicious colours! I can't wait to dive in and get started!

I have heard about yet another lovely CAL Mosaic Christmas the actual CAL has already started ...

Isn't it lovely I want to make that one too! the designer is Bebablanket and you can find the pattern and details about the CAL on her Ravelry page here  its available at a very reasonable price and is discounted until the 18th September. It's a very versatile pattern and could be made into a lovely cushion cover, throw, table runner, wall hanging, bag, in fact into whatever takes your fancy.  I intend making a start on this one when I've finished the Queen, I would quite like to make a table runner and some place mats but one has to be realistic Christmas will be here before we know it so just slow yourself down Linda and do one thing at a time haha there is far too much temptation out there! 


I have discovered this fabulous recipe for Wholemeal Digestive Biscuits, since my last reflux flare up I've been ever so careful about what I've been eating and I have decided that these are ok as long as I only have one or two, I only add 35 grams of brown sugar not the recommended 50 grams and I find that they are quite sweet enough. The chocolate covering is 70% cocoa which is good for you (just read this if you don't believe me)

This is the third batch I have made, ( I promise I didn't eat them all myself)  I didn't put chocolate on the first lot and they were still yummy.  

I know what you are saying why make them when you can buy them? well because they taste better and I know exactly what's in them.  😊

A Posy Of Flowers 

My late Summer garden is looking lovely at the moment with beautiful Asters which I grew from seed, Dahlias and Rudbeckia.  

Not huge amounts but just enough for me to gather a little posy and place in a vase for me to admire at every opportunity... have a closer look...

aren't they beautiful 😍

Simple but sweet

I hope you all have a great weekend, stay safe numbers of cases are rising! 😘


  1. Beautiful creations and flowers !!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. It's great that you have so many projects to work on Linda. I love the pretty flowers. Thanks for the blog visit today. Have a great day and weekend. :)

  3. There's so many CALs, KALs, SALs and MALs going on at the moment, haha, we're spoilt for choice. Thank you for mentioning the cross stitch I'm starting it would be great if a few of us stitched along together. I know what you mean about your eyesight though, I can't cross stitch without my magnifying light, it really is a godsend. I love the colours you're going to be using on your new blanket, they're going to look so beautiful working together, I'm looking forward to seeing the blanket grow. The biscuits look delicious, I'm not sure I could stop at one or two. I've always enjoyed seeing my flowers in the garden but I think you miss so much when you don't see them up close like you do if you cut them and bring them indoors.

  4. You have lots of projects on the go, that CAL mosaic blanket looks lovely and it also looks like it would take a long time to do. Are you going to join it?

    1. Yes I am Linda I find it very hard to resist haha.

  5. Looks delish and beautiful boquets. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Your embroidery is lovely and I can't wait to see your finished work, especially the rainbow.
    The biscuits are very tempting, but I'm trying to be careful. X

  7. Wow, so many fun projects to make. I love all your stitching, so beautiful. And that Christmas mosaic blanket will be stunning. Stay safe Linda.

  8. I love you Love and Hugs piece, I am behind on mine I am gathering the patterns to at least keep up. Those biscuits look wonderful I bet they taste great.

  9. Thanks for posting the links to all these interesting projects... so fun to see what people are starting. Love the beautiful colours you have chosen for the Queen project!

  10. You have some beautiful projects, and lovely flowers!

  11. Firstly, I LOVE the vases of your pretty flowers, especially the dahlias showing off in that gorgeous vase, sitting atop the beautiful crochet doily, which no doubt you fashioned. Just gorgeous! The little stitchery you are working on is filled with whimsy. As for those biscuits, they look delicious; how fabulous they are good for you.

  12. You have so much work to do in your mind and there are so many beautiful cals. I like the Christmas blankets too.
    I hope you don't suffer much from the annoying reflex anymore.

  13. Oh my goodness I love your embroidery! So sweet!

  14. Everything is so lovely! Keep doing what you love!
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  15. Lots and lots of projects all sound really worthwhile....difficult to choose!! I am thinking Christmas already and that blanket is so beautiful! I tied to skip over the bit about homemade chocolate digestive biscuits but I just couldn't resist having a peek. You are so right chocolate is good for you because chocolate contains iron!! keep well Amanda x

  16. Oh my goodness busy busy! Your 'to do' list sounds as long as mine! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us at Handmade Monday :-)
    I find the same with a lot of recipes, you can often cut the sugar by a 1/4 or more and they still taste just fine!

  17. So many favorites in one post - crafts, flowers and baked treats - I feel quite at home here.


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