Friday, 23 April 2021

Durham Riverside Walk

 Thank you for all of the lovely comments you left about my Hooked and Locked Blanket I was overwhelmed by all the lovely things that you said about it. 😊

I seem to be in a bit of a slump as far as my crochet is concerned and all my other crafts, to be honest when the sun is shining I just want to be outside.  This week my friend Baz and I decided to take a trip to Durham and have a walk along the riverside, so grab a cuppa and come walk with us.


I think this is the first time I have walked here in early Spring and it was amazing to see how much wider the paths seemed to be, during high Summer most of the pathways are practically obscured with the lushness of the vegetation and greenery, apart from wild garlic and an abundance of ivy there was little else to see.
I never tire of seeing the magnificent Durham Cathedral, it's closed now because of Covid but I will be back for a visit when it opens again and will also visit the Castle as I have never been inside.

I'm now busy playing in the garden and Spring cleaning my Summer house, I'm also giving my stone ornaments a make over, I will reveal their before and after once they are finished...

still to do - two tortoises - three rabbits a mushroom house and I have to repaint a bird because I painted it as a female blackbird and my friend Babs told me it's a Woodpecker 😆

Here are Mary and Babs sitting in the sunshine yesterday after consuming some very tasty fish n chips it's lovely to be able to see friends again after so long especially when we can sit out in the warm sunshine, we did intent to do some knitting and crocheting but we were too busy talking and catching up...

Have a great weekend


  1. I love all those faces in that arch way, lol

  2. Who wants to be crafting when you can be outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. I've only visited Durham once, that was when I was at school, about forty years ago. I remember the cathedral having an impact on me even at such a young age, it really is a beautiful building.

  3. I usually take a break with crocheting or knitting this time of year to be outside too. I've been very lazy and not too motivated this year for some reason with crocheting. I couldn't concentrate too much and I've been reading books instead. I enjoyed looking at the photos you took of your walk. Yes, it wonderful we can meet up with friends now. Have a nice weekend Linda.

  4. Lovely walk. Fantastic you are able to get together with friends,

  5. Lovely pictures ! A lot of rain here...
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. I envy you your walk along the riverside at Durham. Mam, Dad and I used to go - we'd have a look around the shops, then have a walk along the riverside, coming out at the church. Maybe we could go together? It would be nice to go back as I've missed it xxx

  7. Having trouble leaving a comment ...
    Third attempt!

    That was a lovely walk you had your photographs are so nice.

    It is lovely to be able to sit out in the garden with friends once again now some of our Covid restrictions have been eased.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. I understand perfectly why there were so many lovely comments re your Hooked and Locked is exquisite! How lovely to get out and about and enjoy the warm sunshine and the beautiful landscapes and sights there. I hope you will be able to see the interiors of Durham Cathedral soon. How delightful for you and your friends to be able to enjoy fish and chips in the beauty of your garden and sunshine. I can just imagine the fun and happy conversations you three enjoyed.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the scenery! It must have been so relaxing! It did make me just a tad the green! keep well Amanda x

  10. What a lovely walk. So much beauty - in nature and in those magnificent structures. I chuckled at the explanation that no knitting happened when you sat down to visit. That happens with me and my friends, too. :)

  11. I've been exactly the same. When the weather is good, I'm always found outdoors.
    You enjoyed a beautiful walk and it looks so peaceful down by the river. X

  12. If I found such beauty on my way
    I know I'd walk every single day.

  13. What a lovely place to visit, and how wonderful to be able to see your friends again!

  14. Does anyone know the story behind the 'faces in the archway'? I've searched in the internet anyway I know how and can't find a thing! Thanks from the US!

    1. Hi Michele, I have searched too and can't find anything either but I'll keep asking and will post an update if anything comes to light.


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