Friday, 30 April 2021

A Preemie All-In-One and what's next?

 Although I enjoyed the short break from crochet I had last week it wasn't long before I got the urge to make something again, lets face it if you are addicted to crochet you can't be without it for long.  I felt quite bereft in the evenings without a hook in my hand. So what to make? something small and easy, a quick finish like this cute little preemie baby all in one suit...

This is to go to N.H.A.P. (Needles & Hooks Angels & Preemies). Their April crochet challenge was for us to make 40 of these, that target has been smashed and I believe they have 54 suits as we speak. 

I used this yarn from my stash I'm not even sure if they still make it anymore I've had it so long. It took exactly 100 grams and you can find the free pattern here.

It was an easy make and the pattern is quite well written however I think a knowledge of crochet and of reading patterns is probably a must if you want to try it, a beginner crocheter may struggle.

So what next? ...

The Patchwork CAL which I mentioned back here has been brought forward and it's starting today! I'm really looking forward to it because making a square is more doable than thinking about a huge blanket.  I can make these at my own pace, they will be small enough to be transportable and easy to work on whilst sitting in the garden weather permitting ha!

After almost a week of lovely weather we are right back to bitter cold winds blowing in from the north sea, I was fooled into thinking Spring was actually here oh well. 

I still haven't decided which yarn I'm going to use for this CAL so I'm going to spend a lovely afternoon routing through my stash in order to find something suitable.  As I said before this is a great way to try Mosaic crochet if you are wanting to give it a go, the designs look easy and the pattern is easy to follow, there's also a Facebook page Maud's Crochet Club where you can display your work, get lots of inspiration and ask questions if you get stuck. 

Another CAL...

One of the ladies from Loving Hands brought my attention to this CAL which has already started.  In Barbara's own words...

There are 14 different squares, all farm related, which you can repeat to make whatever size blanket (or cushion I guess).  If you sign up on her webpage, you get an email twice a week with a different square.  Looks like a bit of fun!"

It's really worth taking a look because I'm thinking they would be perfect to make a blanket or cushion for a grandchild or to give away as a beautiful  gift for a new-born 

aren't they cute? and the patterns are free!😊

I have managed to complete the seventh day on the Twelve Days Of Christmas Sampler, I'm  quite pleased with myself for sticking to my target of completing  one day a month. I will make a start on day eight this weekend and we will see how many maids will be milking by the start of next week. 😄

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend. 😊


  1. The all-in-one is adorable and for a very worthwhile cause. And I just love those farm squares. I'm off to take a look at that page now. X

  2. So cute all-in-one !
    lovely farm square !
    And swans...and rock :)
    Have a shinny weekend !

  3. Awww, the little preemie all in one is lovely, it will keep someone nice and snuggly. I do like those animal squares, the perfect blanket for a little one. You're still ahead of me with the Twelve Days of Christmas, I think I need to put a little extra time in on mine.

  4. I love this baby outfit you crocheted Linda. I really need to get back into crocheting as I've taken a break for too long! LOL. I hope you have a happy Friday and weekend.

  5. That crocheted onesie is absolutely adorable. Nice work on the sampler, too. Both CALs sound like a lot of fun. I'm trying to work through my stash with whatever projects I can manage from them. And also doing a bit more cross-stitching these days. Our temps have hit 100 F during the day so there's going to be a lot of indoor time here coming up very soon. Take care and have a good weekend.

  6. What an adorable little preemie outfit.

  7. I love that preemie outfit. The yarn is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing what yarns you decide to use in your CAL. Day Seven is quite pretty. Enjoy stitching those maids!

  8. What a cute outfit you have made! It sure will be appreciated by the little baby who wears it and their family.

  9. Oh my goodness that crochet suit is lovely and if it only took 100g of yarn it must be very weenie! It looks lovely and soft too? Enjoy your CAL.

  10. Great projects you are working on, love that all in one suit! Hope you have a great week!

  11. The crochet is beautiful and it is something which I have tried, but coukd not get into. The farm animal ones look interesting. The wee gowns we use to make with smocking . The crochet is a lot faster. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. You have lovely crochet projects and that farm sew along blocks are adorable.

  13. That preemie suit is just adorable! And those animal blocks sure are cute.

    Sending warm thoughts to help stave off those icy winds!

  14. What an adorable little preemie jumpsuit and hat. The yarn is gorgeous. And that animal granny square blanket is quite something. And the pattern is free?!? It would make a wonderful gift.

  15. Linda, the Preemie all in one suit is adorable. The pattern is adorable and the colours of the yarn are so pretty. LOVE all those sweet little animal squares. So, so very cute!

  16. Such a cute jumpsuit and the colours are adorable. Gorgeous rock art as always :-) take care Amanda x

  17. I think the little preemie all in one is lovely :)

    All the best Jan

  18. Thanks for joining the party this month. I love the farmyard square too, and wish my crochet skills were good enough to make them.


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