Friday, 7 May 2021

A bit of a grumble

 Regular readers of my blog may remember that I bought a treadmill back in January with the money my daughter gave me for Christmas.  I have been using it twice a day since then and have really felt the benefits (once I got over the aching knees of course). I usually walk on it early morning and late afternoon, the other day it decided to give me an a mild (thank goodness) electric shock and then stop mid workout.  I'm annoyed because although I've only had it a short time I have managed to up my fitness levels to some small degree and once I stop a routine I find it's hard to get back into it again. 

I phoned the company and they are sending me a returns label and then they say someone will come to collect it, I will get a refund once they receive it, they don't do repairs and they have no more of them in stock.  I was quite impressed with the customer services they dealt with it immediately but I'm sad that my treadmill has died so quickly. 

In the meantime a friend has lent me an exercise bike which I hate but will try to use until I can get a treadmill replacement,  the bike in question is very basic and the seat is so hard! I tried placing a cushion on the seat but but it kept slipping off 😂 anyway it's forcing me to get out and about more which would be ok if the weather was warmer, we had frost as I set out this morning but luckily no rain and the sun was shining, I just love this view, the walk down to the beach with the sea in the distance

I even saw a friend on the way and stopped for a chat but at eight in the morning thankfully, there's not too many people about....

I left a member of the snail trail at the cave entrance for someone to find

When you've walked a while, climbing these stairs can be pretty tough I had to stop a few times on the way up so still some way to go as far as fitness is concerned.

I decided to walk back past St John Church I love going into the graveyard and looking at the ancient headstones, the inscriptions on many are too worn to read now.

The path to the dene is just opposite the church 

It's lovely to see signs of Spring even if the weather is still chilly


I have started the Patchwork CAL and in the main I'm enjoying it, but I'm trying to decide which is the best way to deal with all the ends, there are several methods and I'm in the process if trying them all, it's slowed me down quite a bit but I think that I will stick to what I have always done and that is weave them in every couple of rows.  You can crochet on top of them but that tends to distort your work at the sides. 

mosaic crochet square
I have used what is called the endless overlay crochet method with the second square and it's ok but I prefer to see the right side of the stitches on each row and because you work on both sides it's a bit tricky to get your treble placements correct there's a few mistakes there too and I'm going to have to pull it back a few rows.
I always enjoy trying out new methods of doing things but it is time consuming, that second square isn't quite finished yet and there are three patterns released each week  so I'm well behind but in no hurry so it doesn't really matter. I will enjoy starting my third square this weekend, if I manage to complete two a week I think that's ok, there are twenty squares altogether but I haven't even decided what size blanket to make so I may not need them all. 

We are promised a weekend of heavy rain and strong winds so I will be sitting cosy inside with my crochet and sewing, there may be a stone or two painted too. I hope that your weather is better than what we are promised and that you all have a great weekend. 


  1. It's too bad about your treadmill dying. I hope you find something better but so nice to have the bike lent to you to use. What a nice walk and I enjoyed looking at your photos. Have a happy Friday, and weekend.

  2. Lovely pictures ! Nature is indeed beautiful ! And with the sun, everything looks shinny and so colorful !
    Lovely crochet too and your tiny house pint on the rock !
    Have a nice weekend ! Walking or biking ;)

  3. With those stunning sea views and such lovely walks close by I'm not sure you should be in any hurry to replace your treadmill. Your photographs are beautiful. X

  4. What a lovely morning walk you had. Surely it's worth swapping your treadmill for that lol. My morning walk today consisted of a field with horses, backed by factory and then the Cleveland Hills in the background. Not a patch on yours xx

  5. Lovely photos. I wish I had a beach close by to walk along, I think Archie would enjoy his walks on the sand too. I can see having a treadmill would be beneficial for the bad weather though, such a shame it's broken already and that they don't have another to replace it with, but it does sound as though you've had good customer service from the company. I hope you find a replacement soon.

  6. I hate those exercise bikes too. I sold mine in the end got so bored with it. That is such a shame that your treadmill has given up on you. I am glad for you though that the company are going to refund it. I wonder if that is why they didn't quibble about refunding it and not having any more in stock. Lovely walk Linda I'd like to bump into you along the way and finish it with you and then go for a good cup of tea :-) I wish! keep well Amanda x

  7. What a shame your treadmill stopped working, but great you will get a refund. Looks like those stairs by the beach could be a workout on its own. Lovely to be so close to the sea.

  8. I definitely much prefer to do my walking in the great outdoors than on any treadmill. Look at all the beautiful things you got to see along the way. And you were also able to leave a little surprise for someone to find. Lovely crochet work. I never think about whether things look right or wrong, right side or back. I just make for the sake of making however it turns out. :) Enjoy a crafty weekend.

  9. Such a shame your treadmill is no more, but with those walks to the beach and those steps, perhaps you won't need one. How fabulous to leave one of your pretty painted rocks at the cave. What a lovely surprise for someone. Those crochet squares are beautiful. Gorgeous colours and patterns.

  10. So sorry about the equipment malfunctions. Your walk looks so bright and beautiful. Hope you get some crochet time in this weekend my friend. Stay safe.

  11. That is just too short a life-span for a treadmill. I hope you get it replaced soon. But how wonderful you have such beautiful places to walk. I hope you have a great week, Linda!

  12. Sorry to hear that your treadmill gave up. Nice for us that you went for a walk and came back with these fantastic photos.

  13. Sorry to read about your treadmill, such a shame.
    However, you certainly enjoyed a wonderful walk, it was very nice seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  14. Wow, how lucky to live near views like those! I think the only thing stopping me from moving somewhere scenic is Daughter who lives reasonably close to us now and that type of distance suits all of us at the moment.


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