Friday, 14 May 2021

Crochet Angels a Walk and a Bit of Growth

 In my last post if you remember I was full of enthusiasm for the  Patchwork CAL and planned on crocheting two blocks a week, my enthusiasm for that particular project seems to have flown for now, it may return later I hope so even if I manage to make enough squares for a baby blanket it will be fine.  Instead I have been drawn to making these little angels..

This months challenge for N.H.A.P. is for 1500 of these, they place them in their bereavement packs and like to have a constant supply, they have nearly smashed that target already. I have made six so far and plan to make many more as they are in huge demand.  

These little angels bring comfort to many and I've lost count of the number I have made in the past, I have made these with Dk acrylic yarn as requested, but I prefer to make them with fine crochet cotton and slip them inside a card to send to a relative or friend if they are going through a rough time or just to show that I am thinking of them. 

I remember I made one for my Aunty Kitty sadly now deceased, just before she was due to go into hospital, some time later she wrote asking me if I could make her another one as that one had been lost while she was in hospital and she had felt safe having it with her. I was touched that it had meant so much to her and of course made and sent her another. 

There are many angel patterns online but this is the one I am using and it has a video tutorial too.

The Walk

We have had a week of warm weather and lots of showers this week, I don't mind the showers with the hailstones and torrential rain as long as it's warm and not too windy I am happy.

Our walk this week took us to a place that I hadn't walked before Washington Wetland Centre. Unfortunately we couldn't get into the Centre as you have to book in advance but there is a circular walk around the river wear right next to the centre so we set off on that.  We never have a clue exactly where we are going on these walks and because it had been raining quite a lot recently it was like a mud bath in places so we were splashed with mud before very long  and turned back after a while as we had no idea of how far the trail actually went. We discovered later that if we had gone a little bit further we would have reached a bridge which would have taken us over the river and back to where we had started so we will do that another day when it's not so muddy. 

We seemed to have walked a long way and I was pretty tired by the time we got back to the car and as usual dying for my coffee fix. To my delight we found this place by chance.

We sat in the warm sunshine right by the river drinking a much needed coffee and ate a yummy sausage roll whilst taking in the beautiful view.

I checked my fitbit and discovered we had walked 6.37 miles, 14, 970 steps and 60 floors! we did walk up an awful lot of steps but I think 60 floors is a bit of an exaggeration.  

Our next weeks walk is going to conclude with a meal indoors as the restrictions will be relaxed to eat inside of restaurants for the first time in months so I'm looking forward to that.

The Bit Of Growth

With all the rain and the weather warming up my garden is showing some lovely Spring growth at last, here are the stars of the show for this week..

Japanese Acre
I love the lime green leaves, this tree is growing in a pot but still looks lovely every year.

Bleeding Hearts

Apple Blossom on my little Apple tree.

I hope that you all have a great week.


  1. The little angels are such a touching idea and I'm sure they do bring a lot of comfort to those going through grief. What a lovely walk, though I've noticed lots of mud about this week too, we've had quite a bit of rain. You found a lovely spot for a coffee, it's so relaxing looking out over water. I'm looking forward to going out for a meal too, we haven't bothered visiting anywhere for outdoor dining and it seems such a long time ago now since we last went for a meal.

  2. Sweet angels they would be perfect for RAOCK drops after all angels are not just for Christmas ,are they? We need them all year round! I have followed the link to the page and I am going to do a few angels too. That was a lovely idea giving one to your Aunty that obviously helped her a lot. Now about this beautiful walk you have shared with us it looks perfect and the place to have a coffee fabulous. I just love to hear the sound of running water as in a stream or river of course and not a dripping tap which drives me potty! What nice photos and your garden is blooming! Enjoy! Amanda x

  3. Yet another lovely walk Linda, I am exceedingly jealous! It's a shame that you couldn't get into the wetland park and I hope you've earmarked it for another day. I love your angels - I saw them on the LH forum. I don't know how you manage to fit everything into your week! xxx

  4. I quite like it when other bloggers say that they have lost interest in a project, it makes me feel better about all the things I have waiting in the wings, lol
    I love the little angels and now have to make one of those. I actually believe in angels and get a lot of comfort from them, although many people may think I'm mad, they do listen and help.

  5. I love the story about your Aunt and the angel. They are all so wonderful and I bet they bring great comfort to those in need. Stay safe and enjoy your beautiful wlaks my friend.

  6. You made such pretty crocheted angels Linda. What a lovely walk and I enjoyed looking at the photos. You painted another pretty rock too. Thanks for the blog visit and have a nice weekend Linda.

  7. Your crocheted angels are so pretty, Linda. Such a lovely sentiment to put in a card or to give to someone who is going through a hard time. Wow, that is a lot of walking you have done and to walk in such pretty countryside is so much better than just walking on the treadmill. How fabulous at the end of your journey there just happen to be a little coffee place for you to enjoy a coffee.

  8. I have enjoyed reading your "angel" story :-)
    Isn't it great that from Monday we don't have to sit outside (even in rain sometimes)!

  9. I do like your crocheted angels and all such nice colours.
    What a very nice walk you've shared with us, I enjoyed your photographs.

    Hope the week ahead will be a good one for you.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  10. The little crochet angels are a lovely project. Your walk looked lovely. Our bleeding hearts are blooming too.

  11. I love all the pictures of nature. What a perfect ending to your adventuresome, muddy walk! :)

  12. The angels are beautiful. What a lovely project for you. X

  13. What a sweet gesture to give angels as comfort. They are cute and not that difficult to make.
    Your photos are beautiful, we call those flowers broken hearts. ;-)

  14. Those angels are lovely. As for Fitbit, I think it considers 10 steps up to be one floor. My best ever was 30,000 steps one day walking in the Peak District. I think the "floor count" was very high as well.


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