Tuesday, 12 January 2021

The Other Thing

 Well I knew that you would be dying to know what the other thing was that I'd bought haha so I'll keep you in suspense no longer! well I'll have to ramble on a bit to give you the reason behind the purchase. I know it seems a bit crazy to have bought this when I have lovely walks and a beach on my doorstep but truth be told and I know I have said this before, I am not a fan of cold weather, I am so impressed with those of you who can get out there in all weathers but I'm afraid when the temperature is below 5° I'm staying home.

It arrived last Friday on one of those cold and rainy days

Thankfully the delivery man lifted into the house for me.

I walked it into the lounge, unboxed it and there you are....

Did I have a job assembling it! it was nearly assembled apart from 6 screws, simple you think? well no way! the holes were out of alignment and trying to get those screws in straight took me the best part of two hours I kid you not. I am quite determined to say the least and I always manage in the end no matter how long it takes.  

This is the second treadmill I have owned, the first was bought back 2015.  That treadmill was amazing and I used it a lot but when I moved house it had to go because at the time it was far too big to fit into my new house, since then I have had the conservatory built on and that is where my new one is going to live,

As with the All In One PC there was lots of  online research went into the purchase of this and I found that it was impossible for me to get one with everything I wanted, namely...

  • Motorized
  • Automatic incline
  • Five star reviews
  • Foldable 
  • Within budget
I thought I had found one until I did the measurements and realised that it would take up far too much space so I had to compromise, it was impossible for me to find one with an incline for the size that I needed so mine has a slight permanent incline which I found is fine.

First impressions are very good, it works well and it's lovely to have a walk in your conservatory whilst watching the birds in your garden while the rain lashes down and the wind blows a gale but doesn't affect you one little bit. 

Once again I have to thank my lovely family, this time it was my daughter who said look into your bank account Mother and there was enough for me to buy this, another amazing Christmas present, I'm so lucky!

As I have said with the PC I now consider myself an expert on Treadmills if anyone is thinking of buying one and needs some advice or more information about this one please just leave a comment with your email and I'll get back to you.

A friend trying it out 😀

Have a Lovely week😘


  1. I am liking your children more and more Linda!! Look in your bank account Mother...oh! Yes I like the sound of that... Another lovely gift!! I would certainly like to have one...enjoy!! Amanda x

  2. Perfect to exercise when it's cold outside ;)
    Have a cozy day !

  3. Oh wow, what a fantastic gift, you have a very generous family. How brilliant that you'll be able to keep fit in the winter months even though you don't have to leave the house. I must admit that I hate the cold weather, it really does take me all my time to muster up the energy to get myself out the door.

  4. Fantastic, and you will get lots of use out of it on those cold or wet or too hot days. The plus side is, you can still go out for walks and get double the exercise. Now to figure out how to knit whike walking on it 🤣

  5. What a great idea to be able to walk at home when the weather is bad, good for body and soul.

  6. You have some generous and very thoughtful children, Linda. Happy walking! X

  7. Wow! Linda, your children are amazing! What a blessing they are in these trying times. I love your treadmill, although I must confess that I like a walk outside, even in the rain if I'm properly kitted up. For exercise, I prefer my old exercise bike - 20 minutes every evening and I can watch telly at the same time :)

  8. I hope you enjoy your new treadmill Linda. It's perfect for the winter when you can't get out for your walks.

  9. How lovely, what a nice gift.
    So perfect for exercise when it's cold, or wet, outside.

    Enjoy ...

    All the best Jan


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