Friday, 15 January 2021

Sad But Needed, Aching Knees and gadgets.

 The initial reason for starting this blog was to keep track of all the items I make for charity and because it's something I love to do there have been many.  My blog of course moved into other areas along the way but making things for charity has always been very high on my list of priorities.  

This past year because of COVID many charities can't accept donations and so I have had to take a bit of a step back and put a lot of the charity makes on hold.

There is one group which is still supplying items to neonatal units and I have been making some things for them. Just recently the group had a request from one of the ambulance services for 1000 Angel Pockets to be used for little Angels that have been miscarried on the way to hospital. Within the space of a few weeks the group have managed to fulfil the request and more than 1000 have been made already. 

They consist of a square and a triangle sewn on top to make the pocket. Which can be crochet, knitted or made from fabric.

Then a lining is sewn inside.  

They are quite quick and easy to make sewing the lining inside takes me longer than actually crocheting the squares. I have made four so far and will be making two more at the weekend which I can then send off to add to the grand total.

It's always sad making items for Angel babies but it gives great comfort to the Mothers to see their babies treated with dignity and sadly these items are in great demand.  

Maisie, one of the lovely residents sadly now diseased, who attended the Day Unit where I used to work saw me making one of these many years ago, she asked me what they were for and when I explained she started to cry. She said, you know love I lost a baby, I never saw it they just threw it in the bin. I remember I cried along with her and was so thankful that times have changed and these little Angels and their Mothers are now shown the respect they deserve.  

Aching Knees!

I have only myself to blame so I expect no sympathy.  I should have started slowly and built up but no, once that new treadmill had been assembled I was walking on it several times a day! I know it's just a novelty and it will wear off, in fact it had to wear off dramatically because now both my knees are very sore. 

I can hear you asking did you warm up first? and I have to say hanging my head in shame, no I didn't even though I know you should.

So I'm suffering and now looking into knee strengthening exercises online and there's lots to choose from.  I have to remember I'm an older lady now and my joints need to be treat with respect or they won't recover. I will try and be good from now on.

Thoughts for the weekend - Gadgets!

I love gadgets, and would try every single thing out there if it were possible, the only things holding me back are space and money. Someone has to just mention a gadget and say how good it is and I want one. I am using a new one at the moment which I will reveal next week once it's had a fair trial, but now there is something else for me to think about thanks to son number three. 

He has acquired an Air Fryer, I knew they existed of course but have never given them much thought.  I have a halogen oven which I use a lot and a slow cooker that I couldn't do without. I thought I could just pass it off and say oh that's nice son, but he has just showed me a photo of the first things he has cooked in it and it looks so tasty and succulent. I'm in danger! repeat to self, I don't need an air fryer, I don....

What gadgets have you got? do you love them? have you got an air fryer? what do you think?

Have a safe and cosy weekend xx

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  1. Oh Linda, I shed a little tear for Maisie's Angel - how terribly sad that angels were treated in such a way. I'm glad times have changed. You are enjoying your treadmill, even though you are suffering for it now! No, I don't have an air fryer - never even heard of them lol. I must have some gadgets but can't think what they are so they are obviously either not used, or used so much that they are no longer 'gadgets' hahaha.

  2. I adore our airfryer, we bake loads in it, hardly ever use the oven now, and it's so easy to clean. Last year we were given an Alexa, which we ignored, now we use it most days and we have just got another for our bedroom, turning the lamp on hands free and turning it off when snuggled in bed is a joy.

  3. It must be so sad making angel pockets ☹️ It’s sad that they are needed at all ☹️
    Hope your knees are feeling better soon 😀
    I bought a Tefal Air Fryer a few years ago, as the girls at work all said they were wonderful, I ha e no complaints with what it cooks, everything tastes lovely, but the handle has broken on mine, and also a

    plastic ring at the front, it still works as it is though, I would say look at others not Tefal, hope that helps 😀. Have a lovely weekend Linda xx

  4. The angel pockets are so thoughtful to make Linda. I know the feeling of aching knees and body from exercising. You should take it easy with the treadmill. Stretching first and after are a good idea. I now do yoga and Zumba classes. I don't have the fryer and I don't think I have the need to get one. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  5. Oh I think I am the gadget queen! I have an air fryer, 3 slow cookers of different sizes, a waffle iron, a donut maker, a bread machine, a yogurt maker, a smoothie maker, a toaster, an immersion blender, a stand mixer, a hand mixer, a small food chopper, and a food dehydrator. Love them all!

    Never heard of the angel pockets before. So sorry that they are needed! Yours look beautiful!

  6. Rest those knees, probably a bit too much too soon. I'm not really a gadget person but always like to look at the latest things.

  7. Those angel pockets are wonderful and I know they will be appreciated.
    Sorry to read about aching knees, do please take care when you use your treadmill.
    A friend of mine has an air fryer, she loves it.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. I wish it was easier here to donate to charity. The angel pockets you are making are so lovely. Any way in which one can help someone cope with pregnancy loss is a very good thing. I had surgery on my left knee when I was in 8th grade which meant my right knee had to take up the slack and so I have problems with both now, especially when the weather is cold or damp or if I stand too much. Our joints certainly do take a beating over the course of our lives. Don't have room or storage for any gadgets so it's easy for me to refrain from buying. I'm not a fan of frying anything so I think an air fryer would be a good thing to have in that regard. :) Take care of yourself.

  9. It must be gratifying to know that all your charity makes are put to such good use, when you hear such stories as Maisie's you can appreciate just how much they are needed to give mothers and their babies the dignity and respect they deserve. My mum lost three babies and she never saw them, two were in between my sister and brother and one between my brother and me. I'm so glad that times have changed. We have an air fryer, the main thing we use it for is chips, not that we have them all that often, but I don't like oven chips, they're much nicer in the air fryer. I bought both Daniel and Eleanor an air fryer when they were at university and they cooked all sorts of things in it.

  10. You are just so lovely to make those special pieces for grieving parents. Pregnancy loss is just so devastating, you are making it just a little bit better. Hope your knees are better soon. Stay safe.

  11. Having miscarried once early in a pregnancy, I feel personally touched by your making those Angel Pockets. The kindness that comes with that pretty and soft swaddling blanket has to be a sweet thing to hurting hearts. I remember, after I miscarried, a co-worker of my husband giving us a small decorative basket with artificial greenery in it. Miscarriage is hard/awkward for people to talk or ask about - I understand that. I suppose that's why that little basket meant so much to me. It was a tangible reminder that someone was thinking of me. That someone recognized the loss.

  12. Your post touched my heart and makes my eyes watering, I know exactly what Maisie feels. It was 34 year ago but still hurts. God bless you for using your hand stitching to help others. hope you feel better soon. Keep safe Linda!

  13. I don't have an airfryer and have no idea how they operate. I would tell my son to just deliver some of the wonderful food so I could have some time off from cooking. I LOVE crockpots! I have 5 of them in various sizes. I had won an instant pot one time but disliked it so I gave it away. I'd rather stick with the slow cookers. The angel pockets are a wonderful idea, I had never heard of them before. They have to be a comfort to the parents. Happy stitching!

  14. I love this idea! What a wonderful project to donate your creative energies to.
    Hard to imagine that the ambulances would need this many...that's a lot of babies! Thanks for sharing with us

  15. Hope your legs feel better soon. I love gadgets! I had an Instant Pot that I loved but I think mine was defective. I ended up getting an Emeril Lagasse combo instant pot, slow cooker and air fryer lids. I use the air fryer frequently. I cook my ribs in the instant pot, and then crisp them up with the air fryer. I also made a whole chicken last week, and crisped up the skin with the air fryer. I have made zucchini chips with the air fryer too!

  16. Your little angel pockets are so sweet and I bet they are really appreciated. Thank goodness things have changed. Take care of yourself and your knees! I hate cooking so no cookery gadgets although I do have a slow cooker which gets used weekly .

  17. It is very emotive Linda but just think how you are making the mother feel in the circumstances. So much better her angel is wrapped in prettiness. I was shocked at what Maisie told you...hideous and so callous )-: Now don't over do it with your treadmill...or your gadget obsession! I must admit I have been looking at an air fryer for some time :-) keep well Amanda x

  18. Those Angel pockets are wonderful. Take care of those knees. Exercise is needed, but in moderation in deference to age. I have a few friends with air fryers who absolutley love them. I know they help with healthy eating. I am not much for gadgets myself. I rarely use my slow cooker.

  19. How cute the Angel Pockets are, but the goal is very sad, and how sad for Maisie that they have not treated her baby with respect, nice that they do now.
    Hopefully your knees will improve soon, yes you are young at heart, but the body does not always participate.
    My son also has an Airfryer and is excited about it, I have to think about it!

  20. I konw what you mean about how difficult it is to make the preemie items. Yours are lovely and will help someone at a sad time. As for exercise, I've been looking at exercise bikes online. Many are out of stock! I know s*d's law will mean that my gym will reopen as soon as I buy a bike. Maybe I should do everyone a favour and buy one quick.

  21. How wonderful to knit beautiful Angel pockets to help a grieving mother when she is at her worst. Such a lovely thing for you to do. Yes, us older folk need to exercise slowly. I know I forget my age, but my aching bones always seem to remind me.

  22. Hi Linda, This is such a heartfelt project to make and donate. It breaks my heart thinking of these poor parents.

    We have an air fryer here and I love it (mostly) when it is new it is great but the longer we've had it the smellier it has been getting (even though we clean it after every use) so be sure to put your fan on in the kitchen or open some windows!

    Your Angel Pockets are being featured tomorrow at our Wednesday Link Party. Here's the link to the post in case you'd like to share it:

    Wishing you the very best, Rhondda


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