Friday 29 January 2021

A Little Collection Of Crochet Baby Hats

 Where did this week go! even though we are stuck indoors for most of the time here in the UK the time still goes far too fast for my liking.  How are you guys doing and how are you coping? I have discovered that if I have a routine and stick to it I can cope better and some part of that routine has got to have some kind of physical activity included into it.  

I'm so glad that I bought the treadmill it's been well used since I got it.  I put my Laptop onto a small table and place the small table on top of the big table so that the screen is eye level and watch something while I walk, it's great! I'm exercising without even realising it. It's also putting my Laptop to good use because although it's too slow to use for working online, it's fine for streaming TV and YouTube video's. 😀

The other thing that keeps me going is my crafts, I try to have a plan of the week, I set a little challenge for myself for the week ahead.  For this week I challenged myself to use up a ball and a bit of red yarn I had in my stash.

Red Baby Hats

crochet baby hats preemie hats

These are needed in the neonatal units for babies who are at risk.  The traffic light system has been employed in many areas to ensure that the babies get the care that they need, you can read more about it here

We have had a request for a number of red hats as the units in some area's were running short, so I made these and will send them along with the Angel pockets.

I quite like making baby hats because they are so quick to make and  having made something, even a little something gives you a  sense of achievement.

I do get bored using one pattern so I have varied them by using some of my favourite patterns.   

Little Treasure Baby Hat  (Pattern to come)
to go with Little treasure Baby Blanket.

Pom Pom Baby Hat (pompoms yet to be added)

Lisha Baby Hat

Aiden Baby Hat

Magnus Baby Hat

Aimee Baby Hat 

This is what's left, just enough for a couple of pompoms.

The other Challenge I made for myself this week was to finish day four of the Twelve Days of Christmas sampler,  

As you can see it's almost done and I'll enjoy working on that this weekend.

I like the idea of working a small stitchery each month and I'm on the look out for something to make alongside the Twelve Days, I don't mind a small cross stitch project or an embroidery one, I have seen some that I love but they are very expensive, I'm not looking for a kit, a chart will do.  If anyone has any suggestions please shout out.

What are your plans this weekend? whatever they are have a good one.😘

Click here to see the parties I will be linking to this week.


  1. I definitely like to have some sort of routine in my life, it keeps me focused. Awww, those little hats are so cute and I like how you've made so many different patterns, I'm sure they'll be put to very good use. I haven't worked on my cross stitch since before Christmas, at this rate it won't be finished before next Christmas.

  2. The red baby hats are so nice, fun and quick to crochet. Although we stay at home, we walk or cycle every day, except when it rains. Your Christmas sampler will be very beautiful !!!

  3. Routine is so important. I write down a list of jobs for each day, somehow writing, reading, crossing off is important and it's part of the routine too. Today I set myself the list to sew the lining in my mosaic bag, bake a loaf of bread (not from scratch but a new mix to me) and finish reading a book. So far 2 of the 3 have been completed. Your little baby hats are lovely. I used a lot of my odds and ends of yarn in the mosaic bag. January has just about gone and I'm also working on a post for my website on how I kept busy.

  4. Linda, you seem to have a fabulous exercise system set up. Walking the hours away whilst you watch something on your computer. Love each and every one of your adorable baby hats. Each one is so very sweet. Enjoy stitching your Fourth Day pretty.

  5. I've found the best way to cope since being made redundant is to have routine of doing things too, plus by having a routine it leaves more time for crafting :-) Although fitting in some exercise is one thing I am struggling with.
    I love the little baby hats, and for such a good cause too, I'm sure they will be most welcome. Have a good weekend

  6. Different pattern for cute little hats ! A good cause from a good heart !
    Have a cozy weekend !

  7. Good for you getting those walks in. I love the hats, each one is perfect! Stay safe.

  8. Such cute hats for a great cause. A wonderful way to use up your ball of yarn!

  9. Have you tried a SAL? There are several free ones going. Linen and Threads is doing a cross stitch one. There are some Blackwork ones going too. I didn't know how much I would like Blackwork!!!The ones I am doing are on Facebook. I have an account that I only use for arts and crafts so all I see are lovelies. It's nice to see posts from people that share your passions.

  10. I have been trying to walk around my neighborhood each day, but the weather has been too frigid this past week. I like your treadmill set up. I agree that it is necessary to have some sort of routine or you really get very little done. I love those baby hats. It is fun to make several different patterns. Day four very pretty and so close to being finished. Enjoy your stitching.

  11. I do think it is much better if you can have some sort of routine to your days and weeks. I also think it helps to have daily exercise, perhaps a walk or as you do use your treadmill.

    I think the red hats are wonderful, well done.

    Sending my good wishes to you for the new week and the new month :)

    All the best Jan

  12. This is an inspiring post - both for thinking about a routine for physical activity and for planning more crafty-time. Those little red hats are so sweet.

  13. Great hats, and lovely stitching! I need to keep better to my schedule next week. This week it went nowhere I wanted to go. Happy stitching!

  14. I love the hats. Such a good reason to get crafting!

  15. Linda, you made so many cute hats. I hope you have a nice week.

  16. The baby hats are adorable. May each baby be blessed with health, love, and a path paved with blessings. I hope that you will be richly blessed for your kindness in making them.

  17. Hello!
    I come to visit you from The Loop Scoop 7 where I also participate.
    I like your artwork.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Spain


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