Friday, 5 February 2021

Some Things Just Slip Through The Net.

 As I mentioned in my last post one of the reasons I started writing my blog was to keep track of all the projects I make.  I think it's fun to look back and reflect, and yes and to pat yourself on the back when you see how much you have actually achieved throughout the years. Another reason of course is to inspire and share idea's. 

Way back in 2013 the the Stashbuster Challenge was born and I have been stash busting ever since. At the time I was overwhelmed with how many of you joined me and are still stash busting  right up to this date.  

I'm pleased to say that it took many years but now I am actually quite happy with what I have left in my my stash. I have busted so much and now my yarn count has reached a reasonable level, I still have loads but nothing as bad as it was here. I have learnt not to buy yarn just for the sake of buying it and just to buy when I need it for a specific purpose, now that's great progress right? When you make as much stuff as I do for charity a decent sized stash is necessary but nothing like what I had before it was overwhelming.

As I was looking back and reflecting I came upon this post  and I realised that I hadn't followed it through. I started making these little hexagons to use up the little bits of yarn that I had left over from other stash busting projects making sure that not a scrap of yarn was wasted.

That jar did fill right to the top and I kept pushing those cute little hexies down and down until I couldn't manage to fit anymore into it.

I then had to decide which colour I would use to join them all together, I decided on navy because I thought it would make the colours pop and I had lots of it in my stash.  I crocheted two rows of navy around each little hexagon and then sewed them all together.

I have been wondering why I didn't take any photo's along the way but looking back it happened when I had a million things going on in my life along with moving house so I think that's why this blanket didn't get the recognition it deserved at the time.

Luckily I found some photos on my old phone so now it can take a bow..

I started this blanket in June 2015 and I finally finished it at the end of 2017, but it was a scrappy blanket and I honestly didn't care how long it took, it was fun crocheting those little hexagons and collecting them in my jar, they were so colourful standing in my bay window. If you fancy making something similar you can find the hexagon pattern here. It's a great way to use up those tiny scraps of yarn that you don't know what to do with.

This week as flown by with cold dark days, rain and snow and apart from a quick trip to the shops on Wednesday I have stayed indoors, it hasn't bothered me one little bit I have been quite happy snug inside with a crochet hook or a sewing needle in my hand watching the rain and snow lash against the windows. 

I have been watching YouTube video's of rock painting, after being inspired way back in the Summer by Linda from Crafty Gardener I love the idea of painting on rocks and I have made some simple ones as you all know for my grandson back here but I have seen some that are like works of art so beautiful! I have tried but my efforts are quite pathetic and to be honest I think that my little grandson could probably do better, however I don't intend to give up and have ordered some paint pens from Amazon so watch this space, if I ever produce something that's half decent I will show you the result. 

On the way back from my shopping trip I had intended to have a quick beach walk but as I got closer and saw the roughness of the sea I changed my mind, I jumped out of the car and with the wind and rain lashing in my face managed to take a couple of shots and quickly got back into the car again, drove home and had a cup of coffee instead. 

The sock knitting continues slowly, making knee high socks seems to take forever but one is done and I have started the other 


I shall be continuing with those this weekend, what will you be up to?

Have a great week.😘

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  1. Linda, that hexagon blanket is beautiful and I'm glad you've given it the opportunity to 'take a bow'. I laughed at your comment about the rough sea and wind putting you off going for a walk - those are exactly the conditions which would draw me out! As a child when we used to holiday in Staithes, we would always go down to the beach to watch the sea in rough weather. I remember sitting on somebody's coal bunker and the sea splashing right the way to the base of it. xxx

  2. I'm always disappointed when I've just read you weekly blog, because I know there won't be another one for a whole week!!!

  3. You made such a beautiful stash busting blanket Linda. That was a lot of work that went into making it. It's nice that we have our knit/crochet to keep us busy for the winter. Nice photos of the beach. Too bad the weather was so lousy. We got dumped with 17 inches of snow and more snow is on the way for Sunday! I can't wait for the snow to melt. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  4. I think your blanket proves that something beautiful can be made even from the tiniest of scraps, once you put them all together. Nothing should be wasted. More bad weather is on the way I believe, though it's sunny here at the moment. It makes a change.

  5. You can definitely pat yourself on the back Linda because you have done so much and progressed enormously with all the crafts you do and do well!! I am still fighting to reduce my stash....its the sales you know I just cant resist buying nice yarn when it is on offer. OH MY!! excuse the capital letters but that is a fabulous blanket....and you had it tucked away!! The border in navy blue has most certainly made all those lovely colours pop! I love to watch a rough sea...nature in all its glory!! keep well Amanda x

  6. Love the beach photos best thing just to take the photos. I try not to purchase yarn unless for a project, but it is hard, so many lovely balls out there. Your scrappy blanket looks a joyful item to use. I have a couple of blankets on the go with different yarn weights.

  7. Your hexi blanket looks lovely, do you still have it or did you gift it? We had a fair bit of snow overnight, so a digging out day. The usual jobs for me on the weekends of laundry and maybe some ironing if there is any. Hubby asked why I'm always taking photos of things I make and cook, told him I don't really know, but you never know when I'll use them in a post on my website. The sea looks really cold today, you probably made a good choice in not getting too close.

    1. The blanket went off to a charity Linda.

  8. Oh Linda, your hexagon blanket is beautiful and the color blue matches it perfectly.
    What does it matter that you are working on it for a long time, the result is great !!
    We have to stay home for the weekend, not just for the corona, but for the heavy snow to come, the weather prophets say. We will see if it is true.

  9. Love your hexagons blanket. Navy is the perfect colour to tie it all together.

  10. I do like your blanket and think your choice of navy to tie it all together was spot on!

    The weather hasn't been too good has it, we have been out walking between the rain showers this week and some areas have snow forecast this weekend.

    Roll-on Spring.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. Beautiful blanket, so colorful and cheerful!

  12. Lovely blanket and pictures of the sea !!!!
    Have a cozy weekend !

  13. I applaud you on your stash busting Linda. I have really narrowed down my yarn stash. It is all in five baskets now, a manageable size. I buy only what I need and refuse to go to a store because they are having a big sale like I have in the past. I am determined to shop my stash but if I need a particular weight of yarn for a specific project I buy it with no regrets. I love your blanket, it is stunning. Stay safe.

  14. I too am knitting a sock! It's my first time using size 1 needles and it is slow going. I'm also crocheting socks.

    That blanket turned out great! It's so cheerful, and the colors are so balanced.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay warm!

  15. LOVE all your little crochet hexies. And, how beautiful they look showing off in the blanket. The choice of blue as the main colour is inspired. Why, I do believe hexies are my most favourite shape of all time. =) Love the photos of the wild sea. How lovely it must be to walk along the shoreline, to be entranced by the wildness of the sea if only for a little while, before retreating back indoors with a mug of hot coffee.

  16. The hexagon blanket is so lovely. They remind me a little of snowflakes. X

  17. I saw those hexagons and I may have to start making some myself. My stash isn't all that large as I have made two scrap-busting Grandmother's Flower Garden afghans with my stash in the past, but this looks like a great way to use up some of those partial singleton skeins. I love that you used navy to surround them. You are right it makes those colors pop. I think I would have chosen the coffee over the windy, wet beach walk also. That sea looks cold.

  18. Love your little scrap hexie blanket. It is in my plans making one sometime. The blue ties all the other colors so well. It is lovely, Linda!

  19. Yes that navy definitely makes the hexies pop. Lovely blanket!

  20. So pretty! You made me want to get my crochet hooks out!

  21. I love your hexi blanket. Navy was an inspired choice to tie everything together.

  22. Your hexi blanket is gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely seashore pictures as well!

  23. Linda, your hexagaon blanket is gorgeous. And all made with pretty colorful scraps. Truly inspiring. And thanks for the link to the rock painting ideas. Saving that one. :) Oh... and I don't dare let you see my yarn hoard. It's organized and hiding neatly in a closet, but it will take me many years to work through it. I'm inspired to read about your sticking with stash busting for so many years.

  24. Wow, that blanket is so pretty! Great job!

  25. Beautiful blanket. I love the colors. I just never have the patience to put them all together.

    My stash goals have been more focused recently on using up the yarn that just isn't compatible with what I most commonly make and finding something to make with it. I was surprised with how much this has decreased my stash because I don't go out and buy more even if it is on sale.

  26. Such a lovely blanket! My unfinished pile of projects is getting quite big... I can feel it giving me A LOOK.

  27. I love love love a scrappy blanket, I have one on the go at the moment but haven't worked on it for a bit as I ran out of scraps! I don't like to waste half balls on a scrap project, I could maybe get a whole thing out of that right?!! Yours is beautiful, I'm so glad you found some photos.


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