Friday 19 February 2021

Tiny Signs Of Spring and cross stitch frustrations.

 What a difference in the weather this week, from snow and minus zero temperatures to a heady 10 degrees! it didn't take long for the snow to clear once those temperatures began to rise.  With the better weather I ventured into my garden to have a close look for signs of spring..

I planted lots of spring bulbs in the lawn both in the garden and out front, this is all that is visible at the moment I'm hoping that more will follow.

About ten years ago I met up with a lady from  Loving Hands and she kindly gifted me these snowdrops,  I planted them in my previous garden and dug them out and put them into a pot when I moved here, these are all that survived but I look out for them every year and am always delighted when the first one flowers, there's just something special about snowdrops, a promise of Spring.

Cross stitch Frustrations

This week has been quite frustrating on the crafting front,   I try to sew a little bit of  the Twelve Days of Christmas sampler on most days as I'm still trying to stick with my target of completing one day a month.  I was quite happily sewing day five when it struck me that the trees were far too long.  Looking at the chart indeed they were.  I had sewn the first tree and unknowingly got the count wrong and had just been copying that tree for the other four! I am now in the process of unpicking them all and as you can see the first tree is re sewn in the correct size.

Lesson to self keep checking the chart!

I have been thinking about decluttering for ages and always mean to make a start but always seem to get side tracked,  I was going through a box with the intension of getting rid of most of the contents when I came across these..

I used to do a lot of cross stitch many years ago and bought quite a few kits.  I loved Thomas Kinkade designs and did quite a few of his jig saws too back then. When I got these kits I didn't quite know how I felt about them. The pictures are lovely but the design is painted onto the canvas and you only sew part of it. I put them away and had quite forgotten about them. I have taken one out and have decided to sew it but some of the threads are missing, I do have a list of the colours that are needed and quite an extensive stash of embroidery silks so I'm sure I'll find an appropriate colour to substitute those that are lost. I have a feeling it will take a while but better sewing it than leaving it in a box so wish me luck if this one goes well I will sew the other one as well. 

I will get back to the decluttering but somehow I always find something better to do 🤦‍♀️

The knitting of the knee high socks continues and I have reached the ankle shaping so the end is in sight, I think it will be a while before I knit knee high socks again.

Have a great week! 😘

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  1. I'm not sure why but I have never been able to grow snowdrops, I love them though. Knee high socks are not on my craftlist, lol, I have a job to complete ordinary one's. Looking forward to seeing yours when finished.

  2. It's wonderful that the flowers are popping up and you signs of spring. We have so much snow and it's been snowing every other day. No signs of spring here. I hate it when I make a mistake with crafting and have to rip out stitching as in crochet work. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. I'm loving seeing all the signs of spring popping up here and there, especially this week with the warmer weather. Spring can't come quickly enough for me. Oh, it's so annoying when you're happily crafting away thinking you're doing things right only to have to pull it out. Still, you're well ahead of me on the Twelve Days of Christmas so you're doing well.

  4. Oooh green grass and snowdrops. How lovely. That is a cute little rock in the snowdrop pot.
    Interesting kits you came across, hope you work on them.

  5. We don't have snowdrops here, they are so beautiful and a great sign that Spring is on the way. Stay safe Linda.

  6. For such a delicate looking flower, snowdrops are fairly sturdy. This week has seen some strong winds here and I've been surprised at what they can withstand. It's been lovely to see them in the woods and down by the river but I think I might get some to put in the garden. X

  7. We had Spring time for a week but we are back in the Winter...
    Lovely pics, project and creations !
    Have a shinny weekend !

  8. Yes, here we also see snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils emerging from the ground. we long for spring.
    Funny those tall pine trees, a lot of work to get them out.
    Beautiful paintings to embroider it is a lot of work but it will be very nice.

  9. I have always loved Thomas Kinkade paintings. These cross stitch designs are lovely. I too have a cross stitch design somewhere. How fabulous spring bulbs are beginning to pop up there. Spring is surely on its way.

  10. I enjoyed seeing your little signs of Spring as I look out on my back yard deck that is covered in 4 inches of snow. Your corrected tree looks much better than those long ones. So sorry you have to unpick everything though. Oh those Thomas Kincade projects are beautiful. Which one did you decide to work on?

  11. So sorry to hear about the tree mishap, but it looks like in spite of the setback, you have figured it out and are on the road to a redo. Those new/old kits look like a challenge!

  12. Your grass looks so green! Spring is bound to be on the way! I’ve had the 12 days of Christmas on my mind, as I keep forgetting the song, and what goes with each day. Maybe if I make something, it’ll refresh my memory. Same problem with Psalm 23, I can’t seem to keep it in order these days. I’m watching eBay for the perfect piece! Keep stitching!

  13. I feel your frustration! I've done it myself.....more than once. Those long lost embroideries will look lovely, especially the one with the stream and bridge. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  14. I love Thomas Kinkade but have never felt brave enough to attempt one. I was thoroughly overjoyed to find one at a Christmas fair a few years ago and snapped it up for the princely sum of 50p.

  15. Lovely snowdrops. Sorry you have to unpick part of your stitching. Lovely embroidery projects you found! Hope you have a great week, and happy stitching!

  16. I know what you feel ripping stitches is not fun.
    Look forward for seeing your embroideries.

  17. Wow - signs of spring already where you live. I suppose it's just around the corner here, but it can come soon enough! Your stitching projects look beautiful. It would be fun to see a before and after picture when you're done.

  18. Isn't it lovely to see the first signs of Spring with snowdrops and crocus.
    Your grass is looking so wonderfully green.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  19. Wonderful to see what I call authentic green grass! I miss that and the snowdrops,daffodils and crocuses. My sisters sent me some bulbs one year what a disaster I did follow all the instructions I think the dry air got to them...tch! I feel spring arriving much more when in the UK than here! keep well Amanda x


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