Friday, 26 February 2021

I Got There In The End

 Those knee high socks that seemed to be never ending are actually finished at last! it must have taken me at least 4 weeks to make these.

They actually fit, I pulled these on when I got out of bed this morning and they were so snuggly and warm. I know they don't match but the colourway appears to be totally random so although I did try, they came out odd anyway, but I'm not bothered at all I think that they are fine just the way they are.

If you remember I acquired this yarn many years ago, this is the label seen inside the cone

Deny Brunton designer yarn originally produced for machine knitting.  It knits up as a 4ply and because it's acrylic I can wear these socks comfortably.  I have to wear thin cotton socks under my other knitted socks as sock yarn is made up of mostly wool and it irritates me. There's loads left on the cone so I may make some hats with it maybe an easy scarf or cowl. I know it doesn't look like it but I have tried to block these socks, I have found that trying to block anything made with acrylic yarn is pointless

I swore down that I wouldn't make anymore of these knee high socks but honestly after feeling how warm and cosy  they are never say never.  If I did make them again I would make them even longer and add a longer rib at the top and fold it over to give a more secure fit.  
You can find the pattern here I had to adapt it to fit my skinny legs I started with 80 sts and they are still slightly loose at the top and feel like they may slip down as I walk but using a smaller needle in the future should will solve that problem. They only took 80 grams of yarn.

Day Five of the Twelve days of Christmas Sampler is also finished, it took me just as long to remove all those stitches I put in wrongly as it did to sew it but I have reached my target of completing a day a month and that's all that matters.  

I came across this free DMC free pattern yesterday while browsing and I would really love to make it, perhaps you have seen it too and have sewn it already, if you have I would love to see it. 

Taken from the DMC website
Pattern here

Isn't it pretty? just the thing to sew for Spring, there appears to be some stitches I haven't even tried yet so it should be interesting to sew. I'm thinking about it anyway because after all, there are only so many hours in the day and I have other things planned too, namely a blanket that I must finish in March but more about that later.

After my shopping trip yesterday I bought a take out coffee and sat in the car park and just gazed at the view,  the changing colours of the sea were amazing but proved too difficult for me to capture on camera but I think that blue is pretty spectacular.

On another note I have been invited to book for an appointment for my corona virus vaccine at a vaccine centre or wait for the GP Surgery to get in touch.  The nearest centre is 10 miles away but having waited now for two weeks for my GP Surgery to get in touch and finding it impossible to get through to them, I have booked at the centre so my vaccination day is the 11th March. 😊

Stay safe and have a great week😘

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  1. Those socks look so snuggly, just the thing for these cold mornings. Well done on getting the cross stitch put right, as you say, it can be a tough old job pulling it all out. I've been doing a bit of stitching myself and have now completed Day 3. What a beautiful view of the sea. We only had two trips to the coast last year and they were before the first lockdown so it's just short of a year now since I've seen the sea and I'm missing it.

  2. Your socks are beautiful Linda. You could get some of those rubber soles and make them into slippers? I love the little embroidery you found and I'm looking forward to seeing if you decide to do it. Good luck with your vaccine. I had mine a fortnight ago and it is surprising how much it boosts your morale. xxx

  3. Unpicking Cross stich is a real pain, but it never works when you try and stitch around your mistakes. I loved stitching 12 days of Christmas.

  4. Lovely scenery to look at, I’d be sitting there a very long time. The sicks look really cozy. Great that you are booked in for your vaccine, the days will go fast. Here in Ontario we are very slow getting them rolled out.

  5. Your sock look wonderful, I bet they keep your feet nice and toasty.
    Good job on keeping up with cross stitch plans despite having to unpick and re-do.
    We have to travel at least an 90 minutes to see the sea, once we can travel into Wales again though I do want to go, watching the sea is so calming i always think

  6. You made such pretty socks Linda and same for the stitching of the trees. It's wonderful to see such pretty water and breath in the salt water. Good luck with getting the vaccine. Hope you have a great weekend Linda.

  7. I love the socks. I know sock knitters always want them to match but I like it when each sock has its own personality. Glad you are going to get the vaccine soon. Stay safe.

  8. Your new socks looks beautiful. So lucky of you living near the sea. Beautiful picture. Actually I only see mountains,I am about 6 to 7 hours travel from the sea.
    You have a day for vaccination and it is near. Here we are waiting for more vaccines.
    Stay safe.

  9. Nice socks !
    Nice pictures !
    Have a nice weekend !

  10. Your socks look fantastic, and so very cosy.
    It's great you've got a date for your vaccination. Xx

  11. Great socks! They look very cozy indeed,

  12. What a lovely spot to sit and sip some coffee! Your socks look great...and done in a month! I have one started.... before my son was born over 13 years ago... still not finished.

  13. Five golden rings!! I love them. Your socks are gorgeous and look so warm. Congrats on finishing them.

  14. Love your socks! Thanks for the link to the bouquet pattern! We got invitations to make appointments for our shots too!

  15. Your socks knitted up beautifully! I love that they don't exactly match. That is a pretty embroidery design; I think you will enjoy stitching this pretty. How delightful to sit in front of the changing view of the sea and enjoy a coffee. Can't wait to see the "March blanket". I just know it will be beautiful.

  16. Oh my goodness, I booked my March 10th vaccine appointment in January. So glad you could get it quickly. I love those socks. I agree that it isn't even worth it to try to block acrylic. Day Five looks great now that the trees are shorter.

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  18. I didn't even notice that the socks don't match - until you mentioned it and then I had to have another look. They are so obviously a pair, I guess it really isn't all that noticeable. FWIW, I prefer wearing knee high socks - especially when it's chilly. I love that floral arrangement embroidery projects. DMC has some lovely patterns for free on their website. And what a beautiful place to sit and just take in the view. I get my first shot tomorrow. Mid last week it looked like all but impossible to get on the schedule anywhere, and then suddenly on Saturday, hubs was able to book me appointments for both shots! Tomorrow and near the end of March. I've been mostly impressed with how the vaccinations have gone so far here in Indiana. Evidently, different states have different experiences, but I sure can't complain.

  19. They don't match! Why don't the socks match? You have used variegated yarn so I think it matches and that they are a smashing colour :-) Beautiful painted rock Linda! Very glad you have your vaccination appointment :-) keep well Amanda x

  20. I think your socks look fabulous and I can imagine they are warm and cosy.
    Pleased that you've now got your vaccination date.

    Happy March Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  21. If I have the yarn, I try to make 4 socks (sometimes 3)
    That way, I can even out the wear or if I snag one, I can still wear a favorite "pair" before I darn....or if the dog has knocked over his water bowl (again) I can change the one wet sock
    Of course, I prefer my tops at about 5 inches tall

  22. The Socks makes me to feel warm. Thanks for the links for the dmc pattern. The photograph of the sea view is breathtaking.


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