Friday, 5 March 2021

Mosaic Blanket a CAL and A Snowdrop Adventure


I really shouldn't put things to one side to start on something else because it took me quite a while to get back into this and to figure where I had left off in the pattern, and to remember that my colours are in reverse order to what they show on the chart.  I can't believe that it was September last year when I put it to one side to concentrate on The Queen CAL and then Christmas projects after that, anyway I thought it was about time to pick it up again and try to get it finished  as I'm thinking about starting another blanket. 

I last posted about this blanket here  and these are the panels I have managed to complete since then.






I have just one more panel and the border to crochet in order to finish the blanket and I'm hoping to get it done sometime this month this month.


Take a look at this....

I really love this and the pattern is at a reduced price until the end of the CAL so if you can't follow the CAL as it happens I would recommend buying this pattern now if you fancy making it, and then you can make it when you like.

 Another decision dilemma do I make this or not? I keep finding these lovely patterns but I have to ask myself do you really need another blanket? and if I do make it what colours shall I choose, and which yarn. I quite like the lilac and white or perhaps a pale green, there's an internal struggle going on right now can you tell? 🤦‍♀️


I decided to go in the search of Snowdrops at Hawthorne Dene which is not too far away from me.  I have put it off until now because of all the rain we have been having but after a few dry days I set off with a friend who professed to know his way around this dene, on a misty cold morning. 

At the dene entrance this sight should have served as a warning but no, I was determined to get some photos

Once we got into the dene it was quite easy to avoid most of the muddy places and admire the scenery which looked quite eerie shrouded in mist..

One of the paths leading down to the sea but not recommended when it mostly consists of mud..

At last a carpet of snowdrops, they could be seen everywhere and what a beautiful display it would have been if the weather had been just a tad warmer and the flowers had unfurled their petals but they  were closed tight against the cold and the mist..

Having taken lots of photo's and walking for quite a while whilst climbing over several large muddy patches I was quite ready for a nice hot cup of coffee and a rest.  I have been to this dene before but it was many years ago and I hadn't clue which direction to take but I wasn't worried as my friend knew the way or so he said! so when we came to a forked path leading in three different directions I just followed quite innocently, thinking it won't be long till we get back to the car, I could practically taste that coffee.

We seemed to be walking forever, there wasn't a soul about and there in the distance you could see the sea practically the same colour as the sky in fact that tiny boat looks as if it's floating in the sky.

We seemed to be miles away from anywhere right in the middle of fields, we could see villages looking tiny in the distance but hadn't a clue which villages they were, and so we just kept on walking I mean to say the path has to lead somewhere right?

After walking for what seemed like miles we came upon this.... 

it was impossible to get around and so we had to try and find a gap in the bushes at the side to go into the field beyond in order to bypass the flood.

The fields themselves were waterlogged and it was a case of walking around huge flooded areas our feet squelching in the mud. We realised as we got deeper into the field, that a barbed wire fence surrounded the perimeter, so we had to keep moving forward hoping to find a gap in the fence. When we eventually did, getting from the field and back onto the road involved climbing a very steep slope all the while trying to avoid those sharp twigs and brambles, then crawling through the gap only to find ourselves on a very narrow ledge which was about two feet up from the very muddy path below.  I managed to crawl through but then found I couldn't stand up! My friend had to practically drag me up and then we both jumped down onto the road, landing ankle deep in mud! 

As we walked on from that spot and turned the corner we were met with the same scenario! All in all we had to bypass three flooded area's before eventually finding a main road miles away from where we started.  According to my Fitbit we had walked over 7 miles when all I had wanted to do was have a short stroll, and take a few pictures of snowdrops!🤦

I will go back when the weather is better and next time we will take the coastal path to get there and hopefully have lunch in the village pub sadly closed now because of Covid. 

It took me a while to recover I can tell you and do you know, I never did get that coffee, by the time I got home I was too tired to do much other than have a quick lunch, drop in a chair put my feet up and do some crochet, which is what I will be doing this weekend.😊

Have a great week.😘😘


  1. That's quite a hike you did Linda, no wonder you were shattered! How lovely the snowdrops must have looked - it's difficult to get an idea from your photos, as they have stayed wrapped up because of the cold lol. I was worried when you showed the tractor tracks in the first pic - I thought you were going to find the whole place flattened like the wood at the bottom of your garden (what did happen to that?) xxx

    1. I don't know Babs I haven't ventured near since last summer, but once the weather changes I'll be going to investigate. Xx

  2. I can just imagine how beautiful those snowdrops would look with a bit of sunshine on them. You were committed to finding them, all that mud! Oh, I've been in that situation before where you put down a project and when you pick it back up it takes you so long to find out where you were. You'd think we'd learn our lessons but we never do, haha.

  3. What an adventure that was, but certainly worth it to see all the gorgeous snowdrops. I am the same as you for putting things down and leaving it for awhile. I picked up a mosaic bag in the round and couldn't figure out where I was, so ended taking it all out, thank goodness it was only 10 rows, and starting over. I decided to do it in two pieces instead on if the round and will join it at the sides. Hoping it looks okay.

  4. What a nice long walk you took. I enjoyed looking at the pretty photos. Hope you have a nice weekend Linda.

  5. Goodness me that short walk did turn into quite a hike/ramble didn't it.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs though, and many thanks for the link too.

    Wishing you a happy weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. That was a nice walk. The blanket is lovely.The different patterns each panel shows is excellent. Superb photos of the snowdrops and nature is always admirable.

  7. What an adventure just to take pictures of snowdrop ! Good for you ! The pictures are lovely ! And your last picture, cute !
    All your mosaic are beautiful and so intricated !
    Have a shinny weekend !

  8. Too bad it was so cold, wet and foggy, but the snowdrops are beautiful.
    I live on a dike, which is now full of snowdrops, which actually come from our gardens, but we all enjoy it.
    The mosaic patterns are very beautiful.
    That painted stone is really awesome!!!

  9. Your walk looks so beautiful and serene. Love your blanket, stay safe.

  10. Oh my goodness, what an adventure to see the snowdrops! You certainly have a tale to tell. I suppose you have seen enough mud for a while. =) Love the blanket you have picked up again and as for making a new must.

  11. Well at least your adventure gave you a good amount of exercise and the pictures are wonderful. I love you blanket. Enjoy stitching the final panel.

  12. Glad to see your mosaic caming to life again.
    Beautiful snowdrops!

  13. Sounds like a great hike, even though it was a bit longer than anticipated! No snowdrops here yet, but soon,I hope! I’m looking forward to seeing your blanket

  14. Beautiful CALs you are working on. That would have been a great hike, beautiful snowdrops!

  15. I was exhausted for you - and a little worried. Glad you made it back. And with terrific pictures, too. You know, I'd never heard of snowdrops before this winter, and suddenly I'm encountering them on all kind of blogs. I'm wondering if these flowers grow in my part of the country and I have just never noticed them. All your mosaic sections are so pretty! I look forward to seeing the finished blanket. :)

  16. Oh! dear Linda! Certainly not the best of adventures such a shame that it turned into a mud bath for you and you didn't get to see the snowdrops in full bloom! All these mosaic panels look lovely so I am really looking forward to seeing the blanket when you finish it. Another fabulous painted stone Linda :-). take care. Amanda x


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