Friday, 19 March 2021

Introducing The Snail Trail

Thank you for all the lovely comments I received about the Arizona Blanket in my last post, and it was lovely to hear from Preeti again after a long absence in blogging, I always feel happy when I see a blogging friend returning to blogland.😊

As you may have gathered painting rocks has become quite an obsession with me. Last year I was obsessed with decoupaging on rocks, that was fun too and there will definitely more of that in my future but painting rocks is more challenging and requires a bit more skill, because of that I put off trying it for the longest time. The more I researched it the more intimidated I became, some people's rocks are real works of art. 

I think once I agreed to accept my limitations that's when I started to have fun. It doesn't matter if you are talented or not it's the process of actually painting the rocks that's the most important thing. I decided that I love fun and quirky cartoon type rocks and I could cope quite well with those. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube and on Facebook. When I saw a tutorial for these snails by a lady called Carol on Facebook I was hooked and couldn't stop making them and that's when the idea of the snail trail was born.

Each snail has a name and I have introduced each snail on the back of the rock explaining that they are a part of the snail trail, along with an inspirational quote. I'm hiding these on my walks and am hoping that the snail trail will become popular with the local children wanting to find lots of snail trail members. 








I'm having lots of fun painting these and they are so simple you can get kids involved too. All you need is a rock, pencil, Acrylic paint and or watercolour pencils and a fine liner pen to outline, then a coat of  outdoor varnish.

You can find lots of Carols Tutorials on Facebook this is her page..

Carol's Rock Painting Tutorials

Did you know that painting rocks is good for you? click below to see why..

Benefits of Rock Painting

I will be dropping that little family along the school route when I take my next walk, and will start preparing another batch along with some cute Easter Rocks.

I'm pleased to say that after all the problems of last week, this week there has only been one thing that's gone wrong, a torn windscreen wiper! (there always has to be something) luckily it was on the passenger side so I was able to complete my journey.

 My son in law asked me to measure it and said he would come and replace it for me. He duly came to do just that but found that the new wiper didn't fit! I had measured the wrong one! who new?! I thought that they were both the same size but of course on closer inspection they are totally different sizes in fact 4 inches different, why didn't I see that? Anyway he will come again today and hopefully windscreen wiping services will be resumed. 

Craft wise I have finished the Hooked and Locked blanket but have yet to finish the back side of the border, the last panel is called apples and leaves...

Working the back side of the border involves working a row of dc around the edge of the blanket and then extending the border and decreasing so that it can be folded over to  encapsulate all those ends. I have never tried this method before I will show you once it's done, however once again this poor blanket will have to take a back seat for while because I have something else on my hook.

My daughter in law asked me if I could make something for her, I was a little none committal because it's her birthday in a couple of weeks so I'm working against the clock hoping to get it done by then as a surprise, so all will be revealed later.

I am so happy to see that all of the Spring bulbs I planted are coming into bloom, I absolutely love daffodils especially the tiny tete a tete. I planted lots of these in pots and in the lawn, I wish they would just lift their heads a little higher so that I can get a better photo.

The sun is shining and Spring is in the air so I hope you all manage to get outside for a little while and enjoy it, have a great weekend. 😘😘

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  1. Lovely snail trail !!!!
    Edge and flowers !
    Have a shinny weekend !

  2. The snail trail is adorable. I’ll have to paint some too. Thanks for the link to the Facebook page. Have a wibderful weekend.

  3. Those tete a tete's do look pretty in the sunshine. I love your snail trail and I'm sure the local children will too, what a fabulous idea. I think you've got your work cut out though now, they'll all want one, haha.

  4. I love the snail rocks, so much fun! Have a wonderful and safe weekend Linda.

  5. I like the rocks you painted Linda! The daffodils are so pretty and a reminder that spring will be here soon. Thanks for the blog visit and enjoy the weekend.

  6. The snail trail is wonderful. Painted rocks are always a joy to discover and yours are a work of art. X

  7. Hi Linda, what a great idea your snail trail is! How lovely for the schoolchildren to find your little snails on their journey to/from school. But I fear you will run out of 'S' names before you are done lol. It might be a good idea to alert the head of the school so that you may get some feedback. xxx

  8. Daffodils are something we definitely do not see around here but we do have lots and lots of delightful daisies. Love your cute snail rocks and the names you've given each one. Really a fun idea, especially if it could be in partnership with a library, perhaps reading a snail book to kids and then having them go on the snail trail, like hunting for easter eggs or having a treasure hunt. Painting rocks was always a hit when I volunteered at the community garden. That hooked-n-locked blanket looks absolutely amazing. My problem of yesterday was losing my house key when I went to the beach for a walk and then dropped off some recycling. On the way home it dawned on me that I had no idea where my key was. My husband had to leave work early to come rescue me :) and we changed the lock on the front door just in case I had left it there. Don't think I did, but honestly can't imagine where it could have gone. It was just one key on a very long canvas keychain that said SMILE. You'd think I'd notice if that fell out of my pocket. :/ Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world.

  9. Your rocks are lovely. The snail trail is fabulous and I am sure the children from the school will be thrilled with them. I have had a glimpse at Carol's Rock painting tutorials on facebook,it doesn't look too difficult but I do need to go back and have a better look.Thanks for sharing. Those daffodils look fabulous! keep well Amanda x

  10. Oh those rocks are terrific. I love that you've named each one, and given them such character. It will be fun for all who spot them. I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole Hooked and Locked blanket. I've seen several mosaics finished the way you describe and I still can't quite understand how it is done. The main thing, though, is that all those ends don't have to be woven in. THAT I get! Sounds pretty genius. :)

  11. I love your snail trail, and I love the snails names too :)

    Those tete a tete's do look pretty, I think their colour is so cheery.

    Hope you are having a good week

    All the best Jan

  12. How beautiful are the painted stones, and so nice: a snail trail.
    Nice that you gave the snails a name!
    Curious about your new crochet.
    We all hope that spring will soon come, it is still cold.

  13. Oh, how sweet those little stones are. Why, when one looks at them it causes one to smile. Your snail trail is filled with whimsy.

  14. I was also happy to catch up with blogger friends, Linda and thanks for mentioning me:)
    Your snails are very cute and that's so nice you gave names to those:) I also recently cross stitched a snail. What a coincidence !
    I know how many talented artists are there and we think ours look amateurish but then again those talented ppl might have started at beginner level too at some point of time. And I feel if we have mastered crochet or crossstitch, we start comparing ourselves with other artist at the same level and think that we are less in that art. So we have to feel free and happy that we are at beginner level in a new art and can claim all excuses and praises for amateur level ;))


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