Thursday, 13 January 2022

The Queen Finds Her Home At Last.

 Thank you for all the lovely comments about the Twelve days of Christmas Sampler. I still haven't framed it but have learnt that a friend of a friend makes frames for a hobby and we are planning to meet up soon, I just want something very simple so it should be easy enough for him.

I know it's a bit late but I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season it seems like a long time ago doesn't it. I always have mixed feelings about the whole thing I do enjoy the build up, but Christians Day is always quite stressful and I'm always glad when it's over.

I did enjoy son number three and daughter in law's visit they stayed with me for five days before going back to Qatar. It was lovely to have them here with me because it was two years since I had seen them.

At last I can reveal who the Queen Blanket was for two years after it's completion, where did those two years go! I was able to give Minju the blanket I made for her at last on Christmas Day. There was always the chance that she would read my blog and I wanted it to be a surprise for her so I could never reveal who who it was for.

I could tell she loved it and was quite touched, she wrote that it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever received on her Instagram account. It quite brought tears to my eyes, she has even taken it with her although I'd said she could leave it to use when she's here as weather in Qatar doesn't actually warrant the need for blankets but she insisted it was going with her.😊
It's lovely when you gift someone something  handmade and they genuinely love it and appreciate the time, work and love that has gone into it.

 They stayed in the UK for two weeks and divided their time between London, Durham and with me.  Everyone wanted a peace of them and I think they were quite worn out in the end. 
One of the places  they decided to visit was Cragside in Northumberland, my daughter and I tagged along with some misgivings as the weather was freezing, misty and very dull. I had never been before but what a fabulous place.

I would love to go back for a visit in the warmer months and spend more time there, much of it was closed off possibly for the winter and maybe because of the huge rise in Covid cases.  I'm so glad that we went along with them it was a lovely memorable day.

My son now has Covid it's day two for him and he's feeling quite poorly, I'm hoping that it soon passes and he won't be too ill, it's his 33rd birthday on Saturday, this is one gift he could have done without. We will be having a video chat I can't remember when I last spent time with him on his birthday, probably before his eighteenth he has packed so much into his life it's unreal but I'm so proud of what he has achieved. 😊

Take Care until next time. 😘😘


  1. Craigside is a wonderful property to visit.I would love to go again.The blanket is a wonderful piece of work.You are so talented.

  2. I love the gorgeous blanket you made Linda! How nice to see family over the holidays. I am sorry to hear that your son has Covid! I hope he has a speedy recovery and happy birthday to him. Take care and enjoy the week Linda.

  3. It's such a beautiful blanket, anyone would count themselves lucky to receive it, but it is a lovely feeling when something you've made is loved by the person you gift it to. I'm glad you finally got to catch up with your son and daughter-in-law, two years is a long time, and what a wonderful day out too, I'm sure you'll return at some point to see the bits which were closed off. I hope your son feels better soon, not a great way to be spending a birthday.

  4. Such a fabulous blanket, I’m not surprised she took it with her!

  5. That blanket is stunning, of course she wanted to take it, who wouldnt! Craigside looks like a place where your imagination could take off.Hope your son recovers quickly from Covid.

  6. Beyond impressive Linda! I can understand why your daughter-in - law wanted to take the blanket home with her. It is such a fabulous gift and madeespecially for her. I am sure she is going to treasure it. I know exactly how you feel too. It makes all the hard work and time it took to make it for her worthwhile.😊 What a wonderful time you had with your son and daughter-in-law. I would love to visit Craigside it looks very interesting. Sorry to hear your son has COVID I hope it is a mild bout and he will feel better soon. Take care. Amanda x

  7. Gorgeous blanket, beautiful property to visit and great pictures !
    Hope your will be better for his birthday.
    Have a cozy weekend !

  8. Wow, that's a splendid blanket and DIL is justifiably proud to own it! I don't blame her for wanting to keep it with her in Qatar - she will want to show it off to her friends. I have only been to the grounds of Cragside, but even they are worth the trip. xxx

  9. How do not love such a beautiful work and done with so much affection? It is a gorgeous blanket. Beautiful pictures of Cragside. Happy birthday to your son! Hope he is feeling better now. Take care, Linda!

  10. That blanket is amazing ...
    So nice to see your photographs, what a lovely visit you had.

    Hope your son is feeling a little better now.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. Linda, your Queen Blanket is amazing! Of course your daughter-in-law wanted to take it with her. I am so happy for you that she loves it so. How wonderful you and your loved ones enjoyed such a wonderful time together over the Christmas holidays. From the photos you have showed us, Cragside looks like an incredible place to visit and walk around the grounds. Hoping your son recovers Covid quickly and that he has no lingering problems.

  12. Lovely to have family visit and take back the gorgeous afghan too. Big snow storm heading our way tonight and tomorrow. Learning to manipulate a new laptop, so been missing around blogs and social media for awhile. I'm doing an embroidery project to keep myself busy, also waiting for a new afghan kit to arrive.

  13. What a beautiful blanket and what a surprise for her that she got it!
    Very nice that your son and daughter-in-law stayed with you for 5 days.
    Hopefully your son has recovered from covid. Always enjoy your beautiful atmospheric photos
    A loving and creative 2022!

  14. Your Queen Blanket is breath taking, Linda. I can see why your friend insisted on taking it home with her. I imagine she will enjoy showing it to friends, as well enjoy it herself, of course. And thanks for bringing us along on your trip to Cragside. The pictures of the home and grounds are magnificent. Wowee!


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