Sunday, 26 June 2022

A Mosaic Crochet Cushion and a Loveliness of Ladybirds

 Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, it's good to know that it's ok to have a lazy day now and then, I did get dressed by the way but I have to admit crochet was still pretty much the order of the day, I didn't manage to finish the ladybirds that day but I have now and here they are ta daa....

The Ladybirds..

 Aren't they cute! 😊  I know that I'm always saying mosaic crochet is easy and it is, however if you try to work with more than two colours at a time it can be more tricky, but I was determined that the ladybirds would look like ladybirds making a whole lot of extra work for myself. Never mind I'm happy with the result and I won't be as pedantic with the rest of the blanket or I'll try not to be.

Did you know that A group of ladybirds is called a Loveliness - I didn't but how perfect!

The Cushion..

Here it is the long awaited cushion. It didn't take me long at all to crochet the tiles, the beauty of this pattern is it's in one piece so no sewing of squares. Although there are 72 tiles to choose from I only selected two for this cushion and I'm happy with how it turned out.

The blanket at the back is this one here

I used fabric for the back which I found in my linen cupboard, I cut it from the back of a cushion cover which  I'd bought years ago and had never used because it was too big. 

I had intended to insert a zip, but the zip I ordered from Amazon arrived broken, I didn't want to delay so I just used good old fashioned press studs for the closure

I used just over 200 grams of Hayfield Sundance Dk in shades Cherry pop and Whitesands which I had left over from making the blanket above.

The Pattern Is Azul and you can find it here.

My garden at dusk

I just love this beautiful climber, I took a cutting from my garden in my previous home and I'm so glad it took. It blooms practically all summer

and the beautiful David Austin Charlotte Rose another cutting from my previous garden,  this year is the first one it has done so well😊

I hope you are all having a great Sunday, I will be going for a long walk with my friend Barrie and there will be a Sunday Lunch at the end of it, I'm watching the weather and hoping that it doesn't decide to rain.  When I get back my son, DIL and little grandson Mikey are coming to visit, then this evening I'm hoping to continue with Mikey's blanket, this week is part two of the CAL and I have already started

can you see the snails starting to emerge?

Take care care until next time.😘😘

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  1. Beautiful crocheted mosaics ! I don't know how you can do such intricated pattern, Linda !
    Beautiful cushion and garden !
    Love your layout picture !
    Have a shinny week !

  2. A Loveliness of Ladybugs.....perfect, because your sweet little ladybugs are adorable! My oh my your garden is looking gorgeous. The mauve climber....scrumptious and the David Austen Charlotte Rose.....beautiful. And then there is the exquisite perfect. Teamed with those funky pom poms on each corner just shout fun, fun, fun! Enjoy your visit with your son, DIL and Mikey. those garden sculptures in your fantastic!

  3. Oh my! those ladybugs (ladybirds?)are so cute!!!! Love,love,love them. Oh yes, I know how difficult it is to manage 3 different colored yarn at the same time. You sure are doing a great job Linda. Have a wonderful Sunday, with family and friend.

  4. Oh my, I love this blanket so far. Now I am going to have to add mosaic crochet to my list of crafts to do in the future. I think I will start with a pillow. Your pillow is so pretty. Your garden is gorgeous. I love the look of roses, but I don't like to take care of them.

  5. So many lovely things in your post, including your loveliness of ladybirds, aren't they fabulous. You're so clever with different techniques of crochet. What a pretty cushion, and I do like patterns which are completed in once piece with no sewing up of squares to do. Your garden is looking lovely and your David Austen rose is a beauty, so pretty.

  6. Lovely projects, and love the lady bugs. Your garden is beautiful. I also like the look of roses, but the ones I can grow in my horrible soil never bloom and if they do they are pitiful.

  7. Momentarily confused, I soon caught on that your ladybirds are our ladybugs. One of our President's wives was nicknamed Ladybird (Ladybird Johnson). I never understood what a ladybird was, and why she was called that (and, evidently, wasn't curious enough until just now to look it up), but I see that she was dubbed this as a child. Anyway... Your ladybirds are lovely. This is going to be an amazing blanket. I know yours will be beautiful, and you'll probably complete it with ease. Your tile cushion is lovely, too. And with a very sweet finish on the back.

    Your pink roses look like some I have here that I've learned are called knockout roses. I pruned them nearly to the ground early in May and now they are blooming prolifically. I haven't been able to get out there and trim them up and weed the rose patch since I had surgery, but you make me want to force myself to do that this upcoming week. I think I need to at least try. I hope you have a lovely week, Linda.

  8. Lovely crocheting and the ladybirds look great.

    Your garden is looking very colourful, I do enjoy this time of year.

    All the best Jan

  9. What a wonderful collective name, a lovliness of ladybirds! They look so cute all in a row.

  10. PS, we call them lady birds here in New Zealand too.

  11. I love all of your crochet projects Linda. You are so talented with your crochet creations. The flowers are looking great in your yard. I hope you enjoy the week.

  12. Your mosaic work is wonderful and the ladybugs are so cute. Beautiful roses in bloom. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Wow those lady birds are excellent, and yes I bet they took some time and patience. Your garden and the roses are beautiful and the scent at dusk will be wonderful, I am slowly increasing the roses in our new garden, one rose we have was from a cutting off a rose, that was a cutting from a rose given to me by my daughter for Mothering Sunday, many many years ago!


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