Friday, 6 March 2015

Five on Friday

It's looking much better at the end of this week than it did at the end of last....

1.  MRI Scan.  The reason being of course is the dreaded MRI scan is over and done with, I would just like to thank you all for all the kind comments and encouragement that you gave me last week it really meant a lot! 
I want to take this opportunity to clarify a few things about MRI's, I think one of the reasons I was so apprehensive was because I got lots of scare stories mostly from work colleagues, please just let me reassure anyone who has to go through this procedure that it's nothing at all to be scared of.  

I know it's difficult if you are claustrophobic but just keep your eyes closed and think of nice things, there are some weird loud clanking noises going on but you are given earphones with music of your choice you can even take your own CD if you like.  

I was given Abba and asked if that was ok, well it was because I love Abba and all went well until Dancing Queen came on, I ask you how could I possibly dance when I was inside a metal tunnel! but when I hear that song I do want to dance it takes me back to my teen years when I thought that I was the dancing queen haha of course my mind drifted way back to my disco day experiences and before I knew it the scan was all over and done with :)

2. Meetup with Crafting Group.   I meet up with the North East Branch of Loving Hands once a month, there were only four of us this month but it's always fun to get together and have a good old natter, eat some yummy goodies and craft away at whatever we are working on at that time.

There were lots of knitted donations from the ladies this month....

A big thank you to Barbara, Ann and an honorary member that attends Mary's church.  People are so kind and generous.  

All of these lovely makes will be going into the box for Operation Orphan where they will be taken to Moldova later in the year.

3.  Mini Rings Progress

It almost as big as my table now and is measuring 38 inches across, I really love it and I'm enjoying this CAL so much because the rounds are easy and the instructions clear, I will definitely be making it again probably in cotton next time.  This one is nearly done just a few more rounds to go.

This week I worked rounds 36-38
round 36-37 in Hayfield bonus chunky in shade 0742 leaf green
round 38 in stylecraft special chunky in shade 1061 plum

The mini rings cal is hosted by Kate you can read all about it and see everyones progress here 

4. The Cherry Heart Blanket Along.   I have decided to join in with yet another CAL but just because I can tie it in with my crochet blocks CAL.  I thought that it would be a good idea to make a little girl blanket similar to the little boy blanket I made here using blocks from the 200 crochet blocks book.  I'm hoping that following this will give me the encouragement to get it completed in a month.  I have still to choose which blocks I will be using, I have decided a few times and then changed my mind, if I want to get it done in a month I need to get a move on!  

I have chosen the colours.... baby pastels from my stash. You can read all about this CAL here

5. Weekend Away.  I'm going away for the weekend with three of my friends, it's a bus trip to Chesterfield and an overnight stay in a hotel, it's a birthday treat for my friend Christine who has just had a big birthday recently.  I'm looking forward to this because I really need the break, I will tell you all about it next week :)

What are you up too this weekend? I hope you all have good one! 

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  1. Ah that is such good news about the MRI and you made me laugh at loud about Dancing Queen, I thought I was the Dancing Queen and I still get it played for me now haha! The loving hands group is such a lovely idea. Enjoy your much deserved weekend away X

  2. What a great five on friday post Linda. I hope everything works out ok with the MRI. I love all of your crochet work too. Have a fun weekend away.

  3. A great Five on Friday post Linda! You made me laugh when you talk about listening to Dancing Queen in the MRI tube! I hope you were able to stay completely still, but I'll be your little feet were twitching ;) Abba was before my 'dancing queen' days, but I loved going out with all my girlfriends and we danced the entire night away (great exercise!). That CAL is looking simply amazing! You won't be able to take your eyes off it when it's complete ... I hope you're keeping it for yourself. And such lovely items your friends have made up for donation. Busy gals! Enjoy your weekend away, I'm sure you'll have a blast!

  4. I'm glad your MRI went well, I have some ABBA songs that I still listen too from time to time (sound track from Mamma Mia). :-) You were blessed with an abundance of beautiful donations and for a wonderful cause. Your CAL blanket is coming along beautifully. Enjoy your weekend trip! Heather

  5. Have a wonderful time on your trip Linda. I have had several MRI's and as far as tests go it is a very easy one to have. Good luck with your results. Your mini rings looks fantastic!

  6. Five great things, especially knowing that the MRI really isn't so bad! Always good to hear a positive experience. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend away with your friends, you certainly deserve to have a good time!!! Your mini rings looks great too!! xx

  7. Oops, pressed published before I finished! Thank you so much for joining in, and I hope that you have a doubly great weekend with your friends! xx

  8. 5 great things ! I'm glad for you about your MRI. Your ring is gorgeous !
    Have a beautiful weekend !

  9. Hope your doing fine Linda. Your mini rings looks great. Have a fun weekend.


  10. How on earth did you keep still with Dancing Queen being played? Just saying it has my feet tapping :-) I will have to pop along to Cherry Heart as I have that book and love the patterns in there. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  11. Great, positive post!
    Enjoy, good weekend.:*

  12. I'm so glad the MRI wasn't too traumatic. Ooh, Abba, good choice! Your friends made some lovely items for charity, and your Mini Rings is looking terrific. Have a wonderful weekend with your friends :-)

  13. Your friends made lovely things. Your mini rings is looking absolutely gorgeous :)
    I haven't been for MRI but I have gone for similar thing CT scan three times so far.... that doesn't make any noise.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  14. Great 5 things, pleased that the MRI wenrt without a hitch and the mini rings is wonderful. Enjoy your weekend away.

  15. Glad your MRI went well. I've had one and they are a bit daunting. What a lot of fabulous items you have all made for Charity. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jacqui x

  16. Wonderful donations!! Great cause. And your CAL looks fantastic. Hope you had a nice weekend with your friends!


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