Monday, 1 August 2016

Someone Else's Turn

Just for a change I thought it would be nice to show you some of the beautiful things my loving hands group make.  We meet up once a month and they leave their lovely creations with me so that I can eventually box them up and send them on to the appropriate charity.....

Maureen makes the most beautiful things, sometimes I wonder how she can bear to part with them here is a blanket she made in less than a month...

This was made with Aran yarn and is a easily big enough for a single bed you can find the pattern here
As if that wasn't enough she made this lovely little sleeping bag too...

Sure to keep a little one warm and snug. 

This is Mary's version of the same blanket above...

you would be forgiven for thinking she must have had enough of blanket making but because she enjoyed making it so much she is already hooking another one for her son.

Cute little hats made by Jan

Hats, booties and blanket squares made by the ladies from Mary's church

A lovely baby cardigan made by Barbara....

What are you all up too? I can't believe how quiet it is in blogland just now, hopefully everyone is enjoying the Summer.  I will be back soon with the three colour ripple blanket how to. :) 

You can find out more about Loving Hands and see more of my groups creations here

If you would like any information about any of the items shown please just ask in the comment section. 

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  1. They're fabulous makes, the charities must be really pleased to receive such beautiful creations.

  2. Lovely work by your group of friends. I'mm taking a break from blogging and many of the sites I visit seem to be doing the same thing. I've been doing some crafting for my garden and the odd crochet. Not sure when I'll get back to regular posting, if there is such a thing as regular :)

  3. Your group of friends have made lovely things, Linda!:) I have become a bit slow in crocheting because of few other things on my list, hope to share soon.

  4. All those creations are beautiful !!! And made with love and compassion...
    Have a sunny day !

  5. I especially love the baby sleeping bag. I'm busy on a 4 ply preemie blanket which is taking ages. I must make a small hat so I can blog about it.

  6. What lovely work you all do. I'm sure it's very much appreciated.

  7. So nice to see the lovely things your group did all made.
    The blankets and the beautiful baby sleeping bag, the little hats, its all so special and made with love.

  8. All your makes are wonderful! These ones as well as the ones shown in your meeting overview. It's great that you have friends around to meet with and work on donations. The people who'll get these pretty gifts will be very happy!
    I have a question about a pattern, Linda. Actually it's from Mary, but maybe you can help. The first pic of the June meeting shows 4 nice blankets (?) in turquoise, purple and pink with white. I would like to know where/if this pattern is available, I like it very much. Thanks in advance! Hugs & happy weekend, Nata

    1. Hi Nata the blanket is the Bubbles Baby blanket which I blogged about here... the direct link to the pattern is here... Its a great one to make. :) xx


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