Wednesday 18 December 2013

Christmas Tree's

When I was just eight years old my mother gave me the job of decorating the Christmas tree and I have done it every year since, so by my reckoning I have erected and decorated 53 tree's in my time and then of course there are those I have decorated at work on the hospital wards and now in the Day Unit with a bit of help along the way of course.
You may think I would get tired of the whole Christmas tree thing and I must admit the thought of bringing it down from the attic and getting it all set up and decorated does feel like a bit of a chore, but once I get started and reacquainted with the decorations I soon begin to enjoy myself.
Each year I like to make something new for my tree and this year I have been making these cute little Christmas trees.

I loved making these

They are very easy to make too

The tree is made in two pieces, the tree itself and then the trunk is made separately and added on at the end.  

You still have time to make some they take just a small amount of yarn and are very quick to make. I have made lots for little Christmas gifts for my friends.
You can find the pattern here  

Then I saw this one and I just had to make some of these too.

I loved the simplicity of it.  They make lovely wall hangings and are great fun to decorate.

You can find the how to on Luna's blog

I have forced myself to stop making decorations for this year there will come a time when there will be no more room on my tree! 

I am trying to squeeze one last stash-buster project in before the end of the year, I'm not showing it to you just yet in case I don't get it done but after making little tiny things it feels good to start on a big project again. 

See you again soon. :)


  1. A tree decoration was on my list for this year, but it didn't happen. Your's are very pretty. Maybe next year....

  2. These little trees look lovely Linda. Personally I think the hand made decorations are the very best ones. I still haven't got my tree up yet hopefully this weekend.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Your trees are great! I like the one with green most :)

  4. Very nice and cute trees!!

  5. Cool trees Linda - great idea!
    Ali x

  6. I love the layered trees.....I do the same as you..each year more decorations are much so that I had to buy another tree one now I have two to decorate!

  7. Gorgeous little trees Linda, well done! Hugs, Joy x

  8. these crochet trees are so cute, Linda.

  9. These are just the cutest little trees I've ever seen Linda!! Nicely done. I really love the second one the best! Also congrats on winning your lovely table runner, it fit perfect upon your table.
    xoxo, Shari.

  10. really pretty decorations, I really love the first ones Linda x

  11. I like Christmas trees and yours are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Have a Merry Christmas. Tina

  12. Lovely, cute little trees !
    Have a Merry Christmas !

  13. Lovely, little trees. I like them :-D Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. The trees are all lovely. I made a few different ones last week but not much else. Time just has not been on my side, but now we are on winter break until January 5th. So happy for some free time. Happy holidays! Tammy

  15. Lovely Christmas the 1st one....I have to go there and check on the pattern....beautiful....thanks for linking.Have a wonderfull weekend.;)

  16. These little trees are so cute Linda! Love the little jewels on them. I used to be the only one out of a family of 6 who was always anxious to get our tree up. My dad would never allow it more than a week before Christmas (which I hated). I don't think anyone cared that much about it like I did. I even made a little tree out of thistles one year just so I could have one in my own bedroom ;) Wendy x

  17. I love the trees and can see why you might become a bit obsessed with them. I still haven't decorated my tree, i am so naughty that way.

  18. Hello, Linda. I found this webpage about adding drop down lists to Blogger and I remembered you mentioned wanting to do this..


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