Monday, 16 December 2013

Santa Has Come Early!

Hello, everyone I hope that by now all your preparations are almost done and you can begin to relax and enjoy the festive Season. Thank you for all the lovely comments about the Bow knot scarves I'm glad that you liked them. 

I know this is the Monday Smile slot but this has put a great big smile on my face and I just had to share.
If you remember I won Wendy's giveaway and promised to show you the beautiful table runner once I had my Christmas decorations up so here it is....


Isn't it beautiful! it goes with my décor too, my table is round and as you can see it fits across the centre exactly, when I take it off to serve Christmas dinner it will fit exactly across my sideboard too in fact there has been quite a bit of arguing going on between sideboard and table as to who should get to wear it so I had to promise to share.
Mr Giraffe and Miss fairy lamp love it too you can tell can't you. :)

Thank you again Wendy it has been much admired and envied already and I will enjoy using it every year.

Another big thank you goes to Linda from Chalky's World, when Linda asked for some help with her blog I was so glad that I was able to help a little with one of the things she was having difficulty with, I really didn't expect this.....

What a lovely surprise and how very generous. So beautifully wrapped and I just love the little crochet heart, thank you so much Linda.  Now for those curious folk who want to know what's in the packages well.....

You are just going to have to wait like me because I'm not going to open them until Christmas day, don't you think I'm good? I will show you after Christmas honest. :)

Don't forget to click on the tree calender top left it's a cute little gift idea today.

Have a Great Week!


  1. Wendy's table runner is lucky are you to win it!

  2. Such a sweet and apt table runner! I am sure any hand made gift is always precious! The decorations look so pleasing and i am gonna wait for your christmas day reveal!

  3. How wonderful for you Linda - I do love Wendy's (sorry, your) table runner and so glad it fits both spots so perfectly, and how exciting to also have lovely parcels to open from Chalky as well - you are very patient aren't you! Happy times to you and yours, hugs, Joy xo

  4. Lucky you - that's a beautiful table runner. Can't wait to see what's in your surprise presents. :)

  5. Lucky Linda!
    The table runner looks fabulous - especially on the sideboard !!!
    Nice to see your decorations. Not many sleeps now ............
    Hope you have a great Christmas with lots of festive fun.

  6. The table runner looks wonderful in your home. You left me curious to see what's inside the gifts...

  7. Sometimes the most unexpected surprises from the most unexpected people are the most meaningful! How fun for you!

  8. What a beautiful table runner, how lucky for you. Your tree looks wonderful as well.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Linda, looking forward to seeing what your presses are from Linda xxx

  9. Beautiful table runner!

  10. I love the table runner, how lucky for you to win it. I got side tracked whilst reading your post and visited Linda from Chalky's World .. thanks for the link.
    I then came back to yours and I was side tracked again with the Christmas Calender, then I realised I hadn't even left a comment. All that side tracking has made me rather sleepy now lol.
    Great fun all the same, thank you Linda for all the side tracking hehe x

  11. What a lucky girl. merry Christmas x

  12. That table runner is gorgeous, just perfect on your table. Linda from Chalky's World is indeed a treasure, lucky you!

  13. I'm so glad you like the table runner Linda ... it looks great on your table & sideboard. You have been so lucky lately. Your surprise pressies from Chalky's look very pretty. I don't think I could wait till Christmas ;) Wendy x

  14. Thank you for all your lovely sweet comments ladies. :)


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