Wednesday 5 November 2014

Doily Story

Once upon a time a lovely blogging friend called Pammy Sue showed us a picture of a beautiful doily and invited us to make it along with her.  Well at first I declined the invitation tempting as it was because I had so many crafty things already on the go.  

Then I remembered my daughters round coffee table in her new home and I could quite visualize that doily settling quite comfortable atop of it, not only that but she expressed the desire for a fuchsia rug, well that quite sent my head reeling because I knew that I had a cone of fuchsia crochet thread which had been tucked away for years just waiting for an opening like this and I felt that it would match the rug quite nicely and so I accepted Pammy Sues invitation and although it's taken me awhile I am proud to announce it's done........

Playing with the doily

First I placed in on top of my chest of drawers...yes nice but what if I put....

my terramundi in the middle it has the same blend of colours and matches well BUT it does tend to squash and indeed hide those central popcorns.

ok well lets put the terramundi  to one side

and then add the lamp

Very nice but it's quite dull in the bedroom so lets take it outside ...

I love the colour so bright and vibrant in the Autumn sunshine

I wonder what it would look like on my windowsill...

I think it looks good and Becky Bunny seems to think so too but how about...

 Sitting on my dining table

Ouch! those popcorns got it again but it does look so pretty and I think it looks good everywhere, I hope my daughter likes it too, the fuchsia rug did not materialise by the way but fuchsia cushions did so the doily should feel right at home. 

This doily was not an easy make at least not for me, having said that I'm sure there are crocheters out there who would find it easy and many including our own dear Pammy Sue had it made up in no time.
It was challenging because there were stitches which I hadn't tried before and there were sooo many picots have I told you I HATE doing picots.  It took ages to complete a round especially the final rounds because it's a biggun, mine measure's 20" in diameter..BUT it was worth it because I love it...will I make it again? well no. :) 

AND even better it's a stashbuster using 95 grams cotton yarn.       

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Hope you are all having a great week :)

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  1. I can't say I like doing too many fiddly picots much either Linda. I have to agree though ,although I might bulk at the idea of fuchsia for a doily,that it does look outstanding. It draws the eye straight away. An impressive make!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. Gorgeous doily !!!
    Have a great day !

  3. Your doily is very beautiful !! Gorgeous color :)

  4. That is a STUNNING doily Linda!! You did well making that, and I think the fuchsia colour really makes it pop! Are you sure you're going to be giving it up?! It looks so nice in your home too. What a great mom to make this for your daughter. :) Wendy x

  5. Where to start? The fuchsia is fantastic! I wouldn't even try to start making it. It look like it would take a hundred years to make, maybe two. You got it finished - WOW. And I think those popcorn stitches are probably going to get squished a lot, just think of them as table protectors.

  6. Ooh, that is beautiful. Your daughter is a lucky girl.

  7. It does look good everywhere! it's a beautiful colour I love the details as well. It does look hard to make well at least to me I haven't crocheted anything before so it looks very impressive! hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
    Lisa :)

  8. This is beautiful and such a gorgeous colour. It would make a wonderful rug, how about using multiple strands of yarn and a large crochet hook?

  9. Gorgeous doily, Linda! And it was well worth the effort--and I am not too keen on the picot st either ;-)

  10. Gorgeous doily Linda - I absolutely love that beautiful color. :)

  11. Congratulations, Linda! It's beautiful. I'm still plugging away at mine, a few stitches a day. My goal is to finish it before the year ends. I love the color you used, and I'm sure your daughter will adore it.

  12. OH MY GOSH!!! I love it! I'm so happy you stuck it out and finished it. The fuchsia is gorgeous. I'm glad you took so many pictures for us to see. I always do that and have a fun time playing with my photo shoot. Your daughter will love it! Thank you for playing along with me! A side note: It was not easy for me either. All of her patterns are complicated and take longer than other doily patterns, but it's worth it if you have the determination to finish, in my opinion anyway. Well done to all of us who finished...there are some still working in theirs and taking their time.

  13. Wherever your gorgeous fuchsia doily is placed, it looks a treat. I love the colour. Nothing like a pop of gorgeous pink to put a smile in one's day.

  14. It's gorgeous, Linda - well worth the effort. I made a similar but smaller one but no problems about where to put it - 90 year old Mum nabbed it, saying the colour would be perfect in her room LOL!!

  15. The colour is stunning... Fuchsia.. so pretty.. . I still haven't finished mine... LOL... but I will ...
    hugs pat :))

  16. What a gorgeous colour. It's one of my favourites!
    Jacqui xx

  17. It's so pretty! I love the color. It looks beautiful both with the terramundi and the plant on it. I'm sure your daughter will love it.

  18. It is gorgeous, and I love the color it is fresh and fun.
    Hugs to you Linda.

  19. I think that blogger ate my comment! In case it did, love the doily, love the colour, your daughter will love it too, the size is fabulous, looks great with the cyclamen!! xx

  20. Oh this is so beautioful, well done on completing it! Love that colour. I have a book of her patterns and looking at them do my head in! On e day.....

  21. Congratulations Linda! It turned out so pretty! It sure was a difficult pattern. The reason I finished mine rather quickly was that my DH was out of town for 4 days. No cooking, cleaning, laundry or interruptions. hehe! I love the Fuchsia. Such a bright and happy color. You're daughter will treasure it always, I'm sure. Lovely work! Have a nice day, penny x


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