Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Odd Socks!

It seems ages since I posted but really it's only a week, things have been a little crazy around here just lately but first I must show you the boot socks I have finished I can't really believe I have actually managed to make two I have a bag of odd socks that I have started but I never seem to get around to making the second one.

I know that they are odd and by no means perfect BUT they are socks and they are wearable.  I think that the uneven distribution of colours add to their charm don't you?  

I would love to wear these socks they are lovely thick and warm but they were made for a 4-6 year old and even though they have turned out much bigger they are still not adult size, I'm thinking they would maybe fit a 10-12 year old and thats fine because the beauty about charity knitting is you can always find a home for all your makes, these will be going into the box for Operation Orphan.

I am enjoying the DPNS and I never thought I would say that but I think it's because of the new needles I bought they are Knit pro Trendz...

and are really lovely to use and so I'm branching out into knitting or trying to knit a hat in the round I know so simple for most of you knitters but new for me so watch this space. :)

I'm still trying to clear out the small bedroom so that I can paint it next week but where do you put all the stuff, and more to the point where did it all come from? there will be some serious "do you really need this"!! thinking going on I can tell you. I still daren't show you a picture of the clutter much too embarrassing haha

It was my birthday last Thursday and I was thoroughly spoilt by both family and friends I just want to thank them for making my Birthday so special it started with a meal with friends on the Tuesday, than lunch with my daughter on my birthday, on the Saturday evening another meal out with my family and at the end of the meal the lights went out and the waiters carried a cake lit by candles and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me I was so touched and a bit embarrassed I have to say.....

Meal out with family

and then to end the week off perfectly my lovely daughter announced that she had booked us both into a Spa and afternoon tea here  on Sunday. the Spa was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone, afternoon tea was yummy too.

Oh yes! 

 I even managed to make the Christmas cake :) 

Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. Schöne Socken und Nadeln!
    Liebe Grüße, Manja

  2. Wow, you have been busy! I love the socks, Linda; they're perfect just the way they are. I have the same problem with slipper socks; I make one and it hangs around by itself forever before I make the mate! I'm on the same declutter mission this week. Where do we get so much junk! I swear it multiplies overnight. Happy Birthday!! I'm so glad you had a joyous time. The cake looks yummy :-) Take care.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday week! A happy belated birthday. I think your socks look lovely, it's something I haven't attempted yet but naturally have the yarn & needles tucked away for when I do.

  4. Happy birthday Linda, sounds like it was a great day. Heather

  5. Belated birthday wishes. You have kept busy. For knitting hats in the round, I prefer to use a very short circular needle.....about 40cms. You might need to use dpns for the first couple of rows and definitely for the last few rows. But the rest of the hat will knit up very quickly on the circular needle. It has been my best knitting investment. I tried to crochet a hat once and gave up very soon. It takes all sorts!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Linda. I'm glad to hear your family and friends spoiled you. Good luck with the bedroom. I got all kinds of stuff around here that I need to sort through. Perhaps I'll get to some of it over the winter break. Love those socks. I like odd, eclectic, wonky ... gives personality and handmade should never be perfect as far as I'm concerned. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. I love the colour in those socks, Happy Birthday for last weeks sound like you had a wonderful time celebrating
    Clare x

  8. Happy birthday!!
    Lovely socks!

  9. Well this was a really nice little catch-up :) Happy Birthday Linda! How nice to be treated to several special dinners and the spa!! I've told my family NEVER to have the waiters sing Happy Birthday to me at a restaurant. I hope the cake was worth the embarrassment. Your knitted socks look very cozy, and I'm sure a child will love the bright colours. Can't wait to see what you're going to knit "in the round"!! Glad to hear you're getting your little bedroom ready for painting. If you show me your mess, I'll show you mine. I have the contents of my entire kitchen now strewn throughout the whole house! What was I thinking when I said I'd like to paint the kitchen before Christmas?! I just hope it gets done in time, right now there isn't any space for a tree. Your cake looks so yummy! I've never made my own Christmas cake, but I really should as we all love it here :) Enjoy your week! Wendy x

  10. First things first...Happy Birthday!! Oooh..a spa and afternoon tea, sounds lovely. I am loving your socks, Yes I agree, the uneven distribution of colour only adds to the appeal of the socks. I seem to have a sock ghost who only likes to pinch one sock and leaves the odd sock for me. Good luck with clearing out that bedroom....happy painting...and knitting!!

  11. I love your socks....my favourite colours! X

  12. Well.....Happy Belated Birthday Linda! A spa day.....how lucky were you!!! Your socks turned out nice. I haven't tried making socks yet, they look too challenging!
    xx Shari

  13. Happy Birthday!! Glad that you had a great time. I spent ages looking at the socks trying to work out what was odd about them before I realised, I don't think they look odd at all, a great pair I would say!! xx

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, pleased that you had a good time with family and friends. Those socks look lovely, I am also a single sock maker, I think I am so relieved to get to the toe that I cant face doing another one! Then a bit late I am tempted to start another pair. lol. Hope the painting and decluttering goes well.

  15. Happy Birthday !!!! A little late but...
    Your socks are great ! And the seems yummy !!!
    Have a cosy day !

  16. Love the socks ... well done!
    Jacqui xx

  17. Love the socks. Too bad they don't fit you so you can keep and wear them. I'm the same way with socks or gloves or anything in pairs. I can never manage that second one. I'm over it by that time! ha-ha. Happy birthday, girl! We share a birthday month I see. :)

  18. A belated Happy Birthday Linda, it looks like you had a fun filled time with family and friends. Your socks are great and the lucky recipient will enjoy warmth and comfort from all your hard work. I actually read this post three days ago and this is the first chance I've had to reply (doh!) I am just so busy right now with everything.
    Good luck with getting your spare room sorted in time. Your mantra for this week is 'I think I can, I know I can' lol x

  19. My goodness you have been busy, birthday's will do that to you. Love the socks, youa re such an angel Linda.

  20. LOVE love LoVe your fabulous socks Linda! Great colours!
    You are so busy! Happy belated birthday too!
    Ali x

  21. Glad you had a great birthday - you deserve good times - you do so much for others!


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