Friday 30 January 2015

Friday Catch Up

Happy Friday everyone yay! another working week over and another weekend to look forward to. Thank you for all the lovely comments you left me for my 200 blocks blanket I loved reading them all and it's great to hear that it has inspired some of you to make one too.

Last weekends trip to Ikea was a bit stressful to say the least, my daughter drove because we would never get there if I did the driving the nearest Ikea is situated in a huge shopping mall and there are several entrances if you go into the wrong one it's a nightmare to get out again and back onto the right road, by the time we did get there we were both mentally exhausted.  

It's ages since I was there and I'd forgotten how huge it was it's like a blinkin maze inside we were walking around in circles at one point.  Anyway I saw what I was looking for and tried them out for comfort, I need a new sofa for the living room and I like the look of these and these, not in that colour though white would not stay white in my home for long that's for sure. I was also on the lookout for storage and I think these are great and would do the job admirably lots of lovely coloured baskets to fit inside too, so now I'm pondering :)

This is what I woke up to recently

My fence has blown down! I knew it was going to happen it was swaying back and forth in the wind, it's much worse now it's covered in snow and flat on the ground but never mind I have it all in order, new posts have been bought and painted by a lovely man called Eddie he used to be the handyman at my place of work and has now retired and does odd jobs now and then. He is going to put it back up for me with the help of his grandson once the weather cheers up a bit.

On the crochet front I have completed the first blocks for the crochet block CAL and will show you them very soon along with the project I have made with them.

I am going to do the second square for the moogly CAL on Sunday I have decided that every other Sunday will be the moogly square slot, colours are chosen and at the ready..

Mini Rings progress....

This week we worked rounds 15 to 19
Round 15 - I used  Stylecraft special chunky shade 1065 Meadow
Round 16 - Stylecraft Special Chunky shade 1061 Plum
Rounds 17-19 Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Chunky in shade 742 Leaf Green.

I love that final bumpy round, this is getting quite big now and I'm wondering what the finished size is going to be.

The mini rings of change Cal is hosted by Kate and you can find out all about it here

Now I just had to show you this..

This is the rings of change the full version of the mini rings, a lady called Cigi Cini made this beautiful blanket and posted it on facebook here and has kindly gave me permission to show it to you.  I think it's amazing Cigi has said she used a 4mm hook and 8 ply cotton and it has taken her just 6 weeks to make it! You can find the pattern here

As for this weekend apparently we are going to have snow and gale force winds so the plan is....a little shopping, turn up the heating! get out the hooks and maybe the knitting needles and I'm in the mood for making hats lets see how many I can make this weekend! I also fancy making these, they do look very healthy don't you think and I would only eat a very tiny piece at a time :)

What are your plans? have a great one whatever you do. xx 


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For those who are counting please leave me your totals here

the February Stash link party will be up and running on Monday 2nd.

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  1. I have knit and crocheted so little this month I am almost embarrassed. I love what you are making.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. I know what you mean about just getting into some of these shopping places. Here in Ontario, stores seem to all have adopted to use annoying curbs throughout even tiny parking lots, and it makes for frustration to just get parked! Glad you had a chauffeur to safely you guide you. I really like the Ektorp couch, nice clean lines. I like the fact that Ikea's couches usually have removable covers for easy washing. Your crochet is coming up beautifully! And what a gorgeous blanket Cigi has made ... love the colour combo! Our backyard fence blew over a couple of years ago, but my neighbour quickly repaired it with a huge tall fence, but just as quickly had a bill in our mailbox for the shared cost! We hadn't even discussed it with him, so we had to straighten all that out. Enjoy your yarny weekend of crochet & knitting Linda. We have perfect weather for knitting now too with snow finally deep on the ground and good freezing temps ;) Wendy x

  3. Oh dear, my fence blew down too! Roll on Summer! x

  4. I think the snow was probably the last straw for your fence. The weight of it must have pushed it over!!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing how your mini rings of change CAL continues. I am following another one called Sophie's Universe over at Lookatwhatimade's blog. If I had enough time I would have joined in the Moogly one too. I quite agree those flap jacks do look healthy, although I suspect they are not. Lol :)

  5. I haven't been to IKEA in a long while either. It's not a very convenient location either, but I love to go browse. Your mini rings mandala is looking gorgeous. That big one is amazing with all the different stitches. Sorry you had to deal with the fence. That kind of thing is never-ending when you have a house to maintain. It's always something!

  6. My goodness you have been busy. IKEA makes me feel so frazzled, but you can't beat the prices and the quality. Your crochet is looking great, I have been so busy I did not play with yarn for five whole days. I cast on a baby hat last night.

  7. Heavens, how do you manage to do so many different things at once. I would be pulling out my hair. If I do 2 things it is a challenge and I can remain focused. Your mini rings of change CAL is off to a good start. Can't wait to see it as it grows. So good that you have someone who is handy to come fix your fence when the weather gets better. We are expecting possibly 13 inches of snow today. Weather mans says it will snow about 30 hours straight. looks like I will be cranking up the snow blower sometime today to try and stay ahead of the game. Never been to an IKEA store. Not even sure where one is located around here. Have a great week.
    Susanne :)
    Susanne :)

  8. Sorry about your fence. That is no fun at all. We have had panels down most winters, but none so far this year - fingers crossed! - so I know how annoying it is. It is good that you have a friendly person to fix it for you. Your crochet is looking good, and how amazing is that full size rings of change!! Just wonderful! We need to go to Ikea, it always confuses my brain too! xx

  9. Your mini rings is very beautiful !! I haven't been doing much, just few crochet stitches.....I have guest at my home, may be, by Thursday I will have something to show.

  10. I am lazy and shop Ikea online as hate the miles you walk in the stores. Sorry about your fence so annoying but you seem to have fiund a good man that can

  11. Hi Linda, I love your crochet makes! Yes IKEA can be overwhelming and always crowded! Have a lovely week ahead.

  12. I love IKEA, all of the storage in my craft room comes from there. Your crochet looks really pretty.

  13. I love shopping in Ikea but unfortunately (or fortunately according to hubby) we don't have one close by :(
    I love your crochet, the colours are brilliant :)
    Jan x


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