Friday 23 January 2015

How has your week been?

It's been a busy old week here at the crafty corner, my youngest son went back to Uni on Monday so I have been trying to clear up the holiday aftermath in between working days that is.

You know I've heard that some people actually like housework in fact one of my friends has a set regime and sticks to it rigidly, she has a set day for each task and won't allow herself to play until set task is completed, what discipline! but I could never be like that I'm afraid, she even irons her knickers I mean to say life is really just too short.

I have made a kind of resolution to be more tidy and slowly get rid of rubbish even if it's just bit by bit at least I made a start with the little bedroom, I will try but I'm not holding my breath I'd much rather crochet wouldn't you? 

Is your home immaculate like my friends? actually I have two friends like that their homes are like showrooms but do you know what I prefer mine even if it is untidy and there is a wool trail all over the house.

Craft wise I'm feeling quite pleased because I have finished sewing up my Block a week blanket from last year and I will be showing you that as soon as I can get some decent photo's.

Meanwhile here is my Mini Rings progress for this week.

This week we did rounds 11-14

Round 11 I used Stylecraft special chunky in shade 1425 Emperor

Round 12 I used bonus chunky in shade 884 neon

Round 13 in stylecraft special chunky shade 1064 meadow

Round 14 shade as above
The pictures aren't great because they were taken with my ipad under a daylight lamp but they have turned out better than I thought they would and the colors are true.

I made a mistake in round 11 and couldn't get round 12 right..obviously, it took me ages to realise what I had done wrong and once I had frogged round 11 and did it again it was easy.  I'm not that good at reading long instructions in a pattern I tend to miss bits out, thats why I prefer to have a chart as well then you can see at a glance how it should be.

I'm still loving it! 

The mini rings of change Cal is hosted by Kate and you can find out all about it here

 What are you all up to this weekend? I'm thinking a trip to Ikea may be on the cards for me and I want to try this recipe and this 

Oh and Kate has nominated me for the Best Friends Blogger Award thank you Kate! 

Whatever you are doing have a great one and stay warm! xx

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  1. Looking lovely Linda!
    Fab colours!
    I tried timetabling my housework in an effort to do some each day....lasted a couple of weeks ;) !
    Looking forward to some hooky time this weekend!
    Ali x

  2. Can't wait to see your CAL blanket and your current work in progress is coming along great. Such pretty spring-time colors. As far as house work, I like things neat, but dusting is way down there on the priority list, I'd rather be crocheting or doing something fun with the family. School, appointments and taking care of the fam. take up most of my free time. Have a great weekend, looking forward to hearing how your new recipe turned out. Heather

  3. I can't believe you make crochet mistakes! I'm looking forward to the finished blanket. My weekend plans are a drive out to an antiques fair near Canterbury. I get really stir crazy in London at this time of year.

  4. Oh my....each time you post another crochet pretty, they just keep getting prettier and prettier. Another gorgeous mini rings!! Last year's block a week blanket is going to be amazing....can't wait to see it. As for a tidy home, I am afraid I work best in a tidy environment, though I admit by the time I have finished, my room/home does tend to resemble a bomb site where a fabric bomb has been detonated. I seem to spend oodles of time re-organising and tidying up my work space. Though I would rather spend my time fashioning some pretty, I do like an organised sewing seems to save time in the long run....AND....I can find what I am looking for.

  5. I have a friend who thinks that my house is like a showhouse, but I explained that it only looks like that because I clean like mad before she comes! Her house is immaculate of course! No ironing of undies here - no ironing of anything that doesn't really need it! Your CAL looks great, glad that you worked out the problem! xx

  6. Great progress, looks beautiful!
    Enjoy, have a nice weekend.:*

  7. I'm with you, Linda; there are so many more important things in life than a clean house. My house is always a wreck. Once in a while, it bugs me and I go on a cleaning spree. But not very often :-) Your blanket is looking terrific! Enjoy your trip to Ikea (love that place!) and your recipes. I hope your chicken comes out better than mine did. Thanks for the links :-)

  8. I agree with you, life's too short to keep a house perfect!! My house is clean, tidy, but also relaxed. Books here and there, sewing and knitting in baskets here and there, pets lolling about and couch cushions never neatly arranged. It's manageable, and I don't get stressed over it this way :)
    Your crocheted square is beautiful! I love the shadow effect you create with the darker shades of yarn. Since I don't crochet all these techy bits are lost on me, but I love the overall effect. And I cannot WAIT to see this finished blanket. I didn't keep up with those squares, but now that you say you're finished the blanket, I'm kicking myself for being so lazy!! And make sure you've got good lighting for that photo shoot ;) Enjoy your trip to Ikea! I was there just a few weeks ago, but came out with nuttin'.
    Wendy x

  9. Hi Linda, Your mini rings is looking beautiful!! :)
    I also don't like household chores and I put them off quite often. But few things need to be arranged on daily basis that I try to do, not 100%, may be, 60%. When someone comes over for dinner etc..then I do a thorough cleaning which would last for just two days only. But now I have decided to be more organized, I haven't succeeded yet....old habits die hard:)

  10. I think every house should have a wool trail, I'm sure it would increase the happiness level greatly. Oh no my home is shocking, it gets a dust, the floors mopped and the bathroom cleaned each Sunday. Normally much later on in the day may I add as of course there is all this crafty business to do first. Hope you have a good trip to Ikea, we are going in March.

  11. Gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great weekend !

  12. Such an interesting CAL Linda and I love your yarn colours, they're really bouncing together very well. My home is not a show home although I am lucky enough to have a spare room for all my crafty goodness so it is not spread all over the house.

    I did do some de-cluttering last Summer though and that has made 'finding' things I am looking for much easier than it was. I am also lucky enough to be the only person living here so any mess is all mine haha xx

  13. My house is clean but not tidy. I have baskets of projects everywhere, things on the counters and toys everywhere! But the bathrooms and kitchen are clean and so will my floors be after I vacuum today. I would rather blog and play with yarn but I can't stand dirt. Love your crochet Linda,

  14. Oh, wow, looks really great. I love to crochet by charts too. What a great effort to read long instructions (especially in English ;-) :-D ) Have a good time and enjoy the day! Sabine.

  15. Your mandala is looking so beautiful. Your colors are looking great together and really making it pop. I grew up in a very regimented home with chores on a regular schedule, so I always swore that I wouldn't be that way when I got my own place. Who wants to spend all their off-time cleaning and doing chores? NOT ME! Gimme some yarn and a hook! My house isn't dirty or messy. Between hubby and me, we keep it pretty clean, or at least picked up. My yarn can be a problem, but I've been pretty good at keeping it organized and put up over the last year. The key is lots of bins and baskets and hiding places! :)

  16. Very jealous of your trip to Ikea, it's a day trip for us. Thanks for joining in with the Planet Penny Happy Friday Linky. Don't forget to mention it in the post and link back so your readers can find their way to the Linky Party.
    Penny (Planet Penny)

  17. I loved reading your blog post today. I guess I'm like your friend - I have a set of house chores to do each day of the week (except weekends). I've ironed every Tuesday for over 35 years! And I still iron my sheets and pillowcases :( Your mini rings are beautiful. I thought they were a 3 dimensional basket shape the way the colors look. I'm sure it will be a beautiful project when completed. I found your blog via Penny's Happy Friday.

  18. Your mini rings project is coming along nicely. When I first saw it I thought it was 3d. I have to admit to liking a tidy house but often have half finished craft projects lying about until they are finished, then I have a tidy up. I like to call it a 'lived in' house :) It's definitely not like a showroom!! Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  19. I love how your Cal is doing. It looks 3 dimensional. I would rather be doing crochet than that H word anyday. Have a good weekend.

  20. It's beautiful! I've never tried one of these crochet-alongs but I know there are several nice ones going on right now. I like the idea of a mystery too. Nice work!

  21. I'd ALWAYS rather crochet! :)

    Our house was so clean for Christmas and company, and now all the surfaces are piled with yarn again. Honestly I don't mean to do it, but ideas come up and I have to try them out, then another idea comes up before the first one is complete, so out comes more yarn....

    I didn't know people still ironed their knickers. My view is, what's the point? No one will see them, and they'll just get wrinkled up anyway under your clothes. And doesn't the iron melt the nylon?

    Your Ring is really pretty - I like that combination of purple and green. Have a great week, Linda!


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