Friday 2 January 2015

So What's Happening in 2015?

I hope that you all enjoyed your New Year celebrations and are looking forward to 2015.  I had a quiet time with my family who refused to let me do anything.  Christa my lovely daughter in law and little sweet Emily did all the cooking while my sons waited on me! I thought to myself yes this is the life haha.

The morning brought in the New Year but also a lot of sadness as we waved Emily goodbye, she is such a lovely girl and she has found a place in all our hearts.  My son is truly blessed to have found her and although they are apart now I'm hoping that they can find a way to be together permanently in the future but for now all I can do is console him, lend him a shoulder and give him lots of hugs.

As for here in the  crafty corner I have lots planned for 2015...

The Mini rings of change CAL with Kate ...

 this is my progress so far...

the first five rounds, 
Round one and two - I used Stylecraft Special chunky in shade 1425 Emperor.
Round 3 and 4 Sirdar bonus chunky in shade 884 neon.
Round 5 Stylecraft special chunky in shade 1064 meadow.

I'm keeping a track of the colours I used here just in case I want to make it again, (lots of my friends are loving it so far and I have a feeling they will be wanting one too) and for you too just in case you would like to join in and use the same colours. 
I really enjoyed working with the chunky yarn it works up very quickly and I'm looking forward to week two.

Stash-busting in 2015 
More about that very soon the first stash link party of 2015 with be up and running on Sunday 4th. I just need to add and count up the final totals for 2014 so please leave me your totals for December if you are counting.

Another block challenge, I enjoyed the knit a block challenge so much last year that I am doing it again but this time in crochet using this book

I know it's been out for a lot of years and I have had it in my library for ages but haven't made much use of it, I intend to rectify that this year and concentrate more on finishing projects made with blocks from this book rather than just individual blocks, I will be using yarn which I already have in my stash so it's really two challenges in one. I would love it if you would like to join me with this but more about it later.

I'm also hoping to take part in the moogly CAL which starts on the 8th January, so there is lots to look forward to  I'm just hoping that I will be able to keep up with it all!

Most of the projects I'm making will be charity makes, it does my heart good to know that the thing that I love to do more than anything else is benefiting those in need.. it's a win win situation don't you think? :)

I'm also looking forward to keeping up with you all my lovely blogging friends and maybe joining in with anything that you have planned and just generally going with the flow.  Lets hope that we all have a fabulously great blogging year!  :) 

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  1. Just fought up with your posts and saw that you had a great Christmas and here is wishing you have a wonderful New Year and a fantastic 2015.

  2. Good morning Linda, your blogging plans for the year sound great and I love that you make so much for charity too. My main new project to start in 2015 is a knitted log cabin blanket, a long and ongoing project that I will work alongside smaller projects throughout the year. Do you think you will be able to use the crochet blocks with the knitted ones? Or do you have you enough knitted blocks to complete the project you have in mind for them?
    I am currently on 2 weeks annual leave from work (lush!) and I am leaving to visit my daughter tomorrow (double lush) my yarn will travel with me haha!
    I look forward to following your blog throughout the year, Happy New Year to you xx

  3. Happy New Year, dear! Great plans for 2015 :-). The crochet blocks challenge is a good idea, the book is super. I won't take part because I have already made a project with this book some years ago (a granny blanket before my blogging times), but I'm looking forward to seing what you make with it! The rings of change are tempting. The only problem is the well-known "ohhh, I don't have the right yarn!!" *lol*. We'll see ;-). Have a great first weekend in the new year! Nata xxx

  4. I'm not good with crochet commitments. Ha! I just go with the flow. Sounds like you have a lot of creative stuff going on. All the best, Tammy

  5. Glad you enjoyed your family time; I'm sorry Emily and your son have to be apart for now. Your rug looks amazing so far! I'll be putting up the CAL page later today. Looking forward to the Moogly CAL too. I would join you in the other one but I don't have the book. If I get it soon, I will :-) I do want to do some major stashbusting this year. Good luck with all your crafty goals!

  6. Well deserved rest for you, Linda. I am glad to hear your family spoiled you :-)
    And you have some wonderful plans for 2015 :-)
    May you have a blessed new year!!!!
    ♥ Ana BC

  7. Hope Emily can be a closer part of your family soon.
    Wow Linda = you sound really busy!
    What fabulous plans you have for the year ahead - thanks for all the continued inspiration and hard work you do for others
    Ali x

  8. Linda I love what you have planned for the year and no doubt there will be a lot more for us to feast our eyes upon. You are so supportive to all of us and I thank you for that. Hugs and Happy New Year,

  9. Best wishes for a great 2015 Linda - and I look forward to seeing all your lovely makes. x

  10. Love your new start on the mini rings. I signed up with Kate to do this but haven't started yet. I have that crochet book but with all the cross stitching commitments I don't think I have time to do that one to. I am looking forward to seeing your squares every week.


  11. Great plans! I am thinking about the Moogly cal. A square a fortnight sounds about right for me at the ,moment. Look forward to seeing your makes this year.

  12. Your crochet mini rings is looking lovely. I don't have this crochet blocks book but I have others in waiting. I wish I had many pairs of hands :)

  13. Love the colours of your mini rings. I have just borrowed that crochet book from the library. it's inspirational, like you!
    Happy New Year.
    Jacqui xx

  14. I'm glad that you had such a good time over Christmas - even though it was sad to say goodbye at the end. I look forward to following along your various CAL's, especially the squares! xx

  15. What a wonderful CAL. One of these days I hope to join in a CAL....somewhere...sometime. This one looks fun and your colors are fab!

  16. Oh I love the colors you are using for your rings of change. I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2015! :)

  17. I forgot to ask: do you mind if I repost your CAL progress pics or would I rather I just put a link to your page? Either way is fine :-)

  18. this is so your colors


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