Thursday, 7 April 2016

Never Satisfied!

Let me take you back...

The seed was set way back in September when I saw this cardigan in a magazine, my friends at work had already photocopied the pattern intending to make one for themselves so I'm ashamed to say I took that magazine home no copying for me I wanted the real thing, you know how it is you see something and you want it without even thinking about it.... 

off I went and bought the yarn...

I saw what I wanted right away not the same yarn as stated in the pattern I find that sequins and glitter scratch, I liked the colour and the little spreckels and it wasn't expensive a lovely soft acrylic because any wool mix irritates my skin as well so all was well.

 I began knitting this cardigan at the beginning of October full of enthusiasm, I was going to make a long cardigan rather than a short one, it should knit up very quickly a very easy pattern one I could work on while watching tv, it would only take a couple of weeks, ha! some hope, this poor cardigan has been pushed to the bottom of the pile again and again to make way for all manner of things but...

Dare I say it the big day has arrived and it's FINISHED! ye haw!!!!

A headless selfie...
 It fits!!

I like it but I don't love it because..

It curls! I have blocked it and it still curls, I've had this problem with cardigans and jackets before it seems to happen when you pick up the stitches up the fronts to make the band I'm wondering if the knit the band and sew it on method works better any advice?

Also I'm not sure..

about the button, I love the button I bought it on one of my weekend trips with my friends in a craft market, it's a wooden button with little flowers BUT does it go with the cardigan? does it look too big?

I'm wearing it as I'm typing this and it's comfortable and very warm it may end up as an around the house cardigan but I'm ecstatic that it's finished my friends haven't even started theirs yet..... says she with a smug grin. :) 

I'm also happy because I have finished this just in time to link it with Jennifer's last winter project party.

I will be back on Sunday with another Stash-buster link party but if I'm quiet for a while it's because I'm in my designer mode at the moment as I have been asked to make something small and sweet but can't find a pattern AND I still haven't forgotten about the scarf pattern I promised to write up so hope to see you all fairly soon... I'll still be visiting when I can. :) xx

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  1. Beautiful !!! With time, patience and talent you accomplished your cardigan !!!!
    Have a shinny day !

  2. The cardigan looks wonderful, the colour is gorgeous. The button works very well with it. I've found it doesn't seem to make much difference how you knit up the button bands, they curl anyway because of the stocking stitch.
    I hope your pattern designing goes well.

  3. You sneaky thing, making off with the entire magazine!! And then being so smug about finishing before your friends!! Honestly Linda ;) You have every right to be proud of the finished cardigan though. It looks wonderful!! So nice that it fits well after all your work. It looks really nice in your longer version. I think the button suits it perfectly. Since it's only one button, it showcases the open front style very well. The button colours look really well with the speckled yarn, and you need a special button for this simple pattern ... it's like a brooch (and it's not too big). I'm sorry I can't help with the curling problem. The sewer in me wonders if a facing on the inside of the band would keep it flat, but then you don't want a facing to show. This looks so nice on you, you can't wear it just around the house. It deserves to be shown off!
    Have fun with your next projects :)

  4. Hi Linda, thank you for joining in with my link party. I think this sweater is beautiful. I love the color, and it looks very pretty with the sparkles. The button looks really nice to me. I don't have advice about the curling, I wish I did. I think Wendy's suggestion of adding a facing is a good one; I wonder if you could even use a length of grosgrain ribbon for that. I think you did a great job with it. I hope you're having a good week.

  5. I can't really see any curling. But whatever there is might come out as it hangs during normal wear. I think the button is perfect. It is the statement piece that really suits the cardigan.

  6. Wow Linda you did a great job made a verry pretty vest ..
    and the yarn is also really nice's a very beautiful ...
    have a nice evening

  7. Fabulous cardigan!! I love the colour and the little flecks, the button is so pretty and is a brilliant great big size I think, it really makes it! xx

  8. Hi Linda, Congrats on the finish! I've only been knitting 2 yrs, but I know what you mean about curling happening at times with picking up of stitches for the band. I know there is a method that helps a bit with that - somebody on Rav should be able to explain it - I just can't think off the top of my head. Love the size of the Button, and while I love the button itself, I have to wonder if a plainer Red button might make the colours of the cardi "pop" more than the muted patterned one you have. It's a georgeous button, but I think it might be getting a little lost with the colour bits from the jumper ...... of course, all the other girls here like it, so it's really what you think yourself :)

  9. I think it looks great! Have you tried steam blocking? It usually knocks everything into place (moreso than wet blocking). Thanks for sharing with the Knitting Love Link Party!

  10. It's gorgeous and the button is perfect. I've no helpful tips for curling I'm afraid. Maybe once it's washed it'll stretch in nicely

  11. Your cardigan is looking very beautiful, Linda!! :) love the yarn.
    I have rarely done knitting and what I have seen my mother do while knitting, you have done the same way too. I was wondering and trying to remember when I wore cardigans made by my mom whether they curled or not but I could not confirm either. Making a band and sewing is a great idea!! You may also think of crocheting the band through chain stitches height-wise bottom to top which will press the front from curling. I am just thinking, you know knitting better.

  12. Oh Linda, your cardigan is wonderful. I am in love with the color and I agree with the sequin thing, scratchy and a bit to glittery for me to wear. I lvoe the fit too. Well done!

  13. Your cardigan you made is beautiful Linda! I love the color of it too.
    Hope you are having a nice week. :)

  14. Oh Linda, what a pretty, pretty cardigan! ♥ Wonderful color and I love the sparkling. I think the beautiful button isn't too big because it's only one and I like it just that way :-). About the curling, maybe it would help if you would steam-iron that section of the cardigan a bit? Or iron it carefully the normal way with a wet, thin cloth between? I'm not very experienced in this but I think my mother had done this in the past. Happy weekend!! Nata xxx


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