Sunday 22 January 2017

Cosy Sleep Sack

Little babies and toddlers alike just love kicking their covers off them at night that's why I think these little sleep sacks are invaluable for keeping them cosy and warm.

I was asked by a charity to make one of these and because there are no little ones in my family it was a great opportunity for me to make something I hadn't tried before...

I can't believe how difficult it was to find a pattern that was suitable for the yarn I already had in my stash, after extensive searching and researching I found this one, I even paid for it which is very unusual for me as I try when I can, to make use of the millions of free patterns available online then I can give a review and pass the link on.

I could have designed a pattern myself but this was needed in a hurry so I didn't really have the time. You can find the link for this pattern here  I used Dk yarn which I already had from Aldi and some oddments of white for the stripes.

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 It was fun to make and I will definitely use the pattern again.

Can't you just imagine a little baby all cosy and snug inside of this, I love making baby things don't you? 😊

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  1. Beautiful! I am sure that the baby will be very cosy and secure sleeping in the snuggle sack!

  2. This is REALLY cute! I love it and I love the colors in the yarn too. It's perfect. Looks like a fun thing to crochet.

  3. Really lovely, Linda, and sleep sacks are such useful garments. I love the way the buttons echo the stripes! xx

  4. Beautiful!! It looks like Japanese Kimono style. Love the cute colors:)

  5. Agree, its a joy to make baby things, and the sleeping sack is so lovely, with all the sweet colors made it perfect.

  6. This will be very useful. My daughter used to kick off her blankets and then wake up because she was cold. One of these would have given us both more sleep!

  7. So cute !!!! You did a great job and beautiful gesture !!!
    Have a cozy week !

  8. So cute! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  9. So sweet!! Pretty yarn & buttons and such a sleep sack is really useful. Have a great day! Nata xxx

  10. The sleep sack is such a good idea and the yarn knitted up beautifully.

  11. You made such a cute baby sleep sack! I will have to try and make one of these sometime. Thanks for sharing this Linda at our C&C with J&J. Have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  12. That is so lovely and it will be very useful too, as you say, babies always kick their covers off so this will ensure that the baby stays nice and cosy.

  13. I love your baby sleep sack it looks so warm and cozy! I am glad you found a pattern that worked with your yarn. Great stash-busting! have a good weekend!

  14. It does look very cozy! I love the color combination, so pretty!

  15. This looks lovely and warm Linda. These sleep sacks are a great idea. My MIL made one (sewn) for my daughter that had a drawstring in the bottom. When she outgrew the sack, the drawstring was removed and it became a nightgown.
    Isn't it a pain when you just can't seem to find a pattern to match the yarn. I had the opposite trouble with a dress I just knit. I had the pattern but had trouble finding the right yarn. I finally went to a yarn store and asked for help (clearly I had no idea what I was doing!). The dress is finished now (cotton) and handed over to the new baby. Enjoy your Sunday!


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