Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Will I ever Learn!

Just before Christmas I had a hospital appointment for my sinuses which have never been the same after the impacted wisdom tooth extractions back in 2015! Anyway right across from the hospital is Kemps wool shop see this post, (I've been back many times since then.)

I had no intention of buying anything because as you all know I’m stash-busting and have a mere 23,044 grams of yarn to use up before I can even think of buying more.  My friend Mary however doesn’t have that dilemma and did intend to buy, I was only there for moral support and to give advice about colour, brand, you get the picture.

 I browsed as you do and was sticking to my resolve, by the time Mary’s basket was full I wasn’t even tempted in fact I was feeling quite smug, and then I looked up.  There right in front of my eyes was a gorgeous sweater that someone had knitted, the pattern and yarn information was pinned to the sweater, what great advertising! Who could resist I know I couldn’t before you could say stash busting I had picked up and bought 6 balls of the yarn and pattern to make it.  Now that’s what I call an impulse buy I do it all the time and I usually live to regret it.

The yarn in question was Sirdar Aura and it was quite expensive I have never paid that much for yarn! I’ve just retired for goodness sake what was I thinking, I can’t do things like that I have to watch the pennies.  As soon as I got home I started knitting it and it was chunky yarn so it worked up quickly but look...

The yarn was twisting as I worked with it and because it was twisting, the yarn strand was getting thinner and making an uneven texture so I had to stop every couple of rows and twist in the opposite direction to correct it, what a pain!

On the plus side the pattern was easy and I can recommend it I will use it again and again because there are children’s sizes too.

It took me 10 days to make the sweater and as I was knitting it I was wishing that I had bought the same colourway as the one I had seen in the shop. Which was Nico I had bought Rhythm I am never satisfied when making something for myself I should have known I wouldn’t be happy with it.


  • It’s a chunky sweater I have hot flushes every hour anyway I have them every 5 minutes when wearing this sweater.
  • I don’t like the green in the colourway there’s too much of it you can’t tell when it’s wound in the ball. (It's much brighter in real life)
  • It has wool in it so it scratches even though it’s lovely and soft so I have to wear a long sleeved cotton top under it.
  • It makes me look fatter than I already am I put half a stone on over Christmas says she hanging her head in shame.
Will I wear it? yes! I will have to after what I paid for it lets hope for freezing cold weather then I will be nice and cosy inside my chunky scratchy sweater.
If I ever mention that I want to make a sweater for myself again PLEASE STOP ME!

Another plus
This was what was left

And I made this just to use it up 

An easy crochet scarf and the yarn didn’t twist while I was crocheting it! I will tell you how I made it if you want to know AND I have never had it off my neck, it’s multi colour so goes with lots of outfits, it doesn’t scratch now how is that possible when the sweater does, I used up the entre 600 grams of yarn for the sweater and scarf, so no stash to carry over, see there’s always some positives.

2017 is going to be the year of  positives let's find something positive in every situation.😊

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  1. Oh my! I think we can all relate. At least you have a nice well made sweater to add to your wardrobe. :) The fun part is always the buying and making.
    xx Beca

  2. The sweater looks lovely and I hope you grow to love it. Bonus that you got a scarf to match.

  3. though it has many neagtives i feel its a nice looking sweater and the scarf goes well with many plain tops. may you have a very happy new year that brings the best in you .

  4. That has happened to me too! You work on something, have great expectations, but it doesn't quite turn out the way you wanted it. And we learn! :)
    Still, it's a beautiful sweater!

  5. Oh I love the sweater and scarf Linda. You take a great job at making them.


  6. WOW.what a Beautiful sweater.I Love the colours,can't believe it only took you 10 DAYS.It would take me 6 months.Love the scarf too.x

  7. Nice sweater !!! Very 70's !!!!!
    Have a cosy day !

  8. Brilliant job, Linda! The jumper and scarf look lovely and so versatile with lots of colours. Perhaps after it's been washed it won't feel so scratchy. At least you bought your yarn with a specific project in mind, and knitted it straight away, unlike me who buys yarn then has to think of something to use it for!

  9. That's some amazing pieces of Art Work :)
    Snapfish Coupon

  10. Beautiful yarn and a beautiful sweater Linda. I think both look so lovely, its just a piece of art!

  11. Linda, I have no idea how you got that all done so fast. The sweater is beautiful. I donated 10 sweaters I made in the past that I never wear. I hope they find a good home.

  12. Wow, what a wonderful sweater, Linda! I love it ♥. Just as Barbara said, maybe it feels better after the first washing. Or you just take it as an "outside sweater" to slip on over your clothes instead of a coat when you work in your garden in spring and autumn ;-). The scarf is really pretty, too, would look nice on many unicolored tops. Happy weekend!! Nata xxx

  13. If I ever end up with a baggy jumper, I solve the problem by wearing it over a blouse or t-shirt and pretend that was always the plan!

  14. LOVE the sweater and the beautiful yarn!! Too bad it's the twisty kind. That happens with Noro too, which is beautiful, but it tends to twist up. You should be happy with how your sweater came out even if you can't wear it. I have the same problem with the hot flashes. UGH!!

  15. I suspect that I would be the same if I made myself a jumper, that is one reason I have never tried. So although I think it is a great jumper, I do understand! Well done on the total stash busting though. Hope you find lots of silver linings and positives in everything this year!

  16. Your sweater is beautiful, Linda!! :) It is very difficult to resist impulsive buying but then that's ok once in a while, we can always eat less food to save money and health :D

  17. Linda, Linda, Linda ... NO! I don't think you WILL ever learn to keep out of yarn shops "assisting" friends! You are too funny ;) Hot flushes are something I can relate to, so your comment got me laughing! I think the sweater looks amazing, and you will save the money you spent on it by turning down (or off!) the furnace this winter ... just adding to that positive thinking for you. Have a great weekend! (oh, wait, you no longer have "weekends" lucky girl).
    Wendy x

  18. I love your sweater Linda - and the matching scarf is really great with it! Well done. Hope you were it sometimes ........ it is lovely x


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