Monday, 30 January 2017

January Finishes ..well almost.

I'm squeezing these in right at the end of the month another pair of socks hot off the needles..

I am now officially a devoted fan of hand knitted socks nothing else will do for me, I love the look and feel of them on my feet.  I can never quite get over how chuffed I feel because I've managed to make something that is so comfy and looks so cool.  

 My family now look on in amusement when I stick my foot in the air resplendent in it's latest attire  I twirl my ankle this way and that and let them admire the colours and the workmanship and I have to say they are always most impressed 😊

I used Rico Superba Bamboo, shade grey mix and as you can see I didn't bother to match the socks and I don't think that it matters at all. I loved working with this yarn it's soft, not at all scratchy and knits up like a dream, it was another bargain buy for me in my now favourite yarn store Kemp's right across from the hospital where I did my nursing training many years ago and ironically enough I visit as a patient, but what a bonus to be able to indulge in the pleasure of yarn browsing and squishing after a rather unsavoury outpatient appointment.

Up until now I have always followed a basic sock pattern but I have decided to expand my horizons, venture forth into unknown territory and try something different in the form of a cabled sock.  It's all thanks to Winwick Mum you can see her great new tutorial here, why don't you give it a try.

Another project  which I have been working on this month...

Can you guess what it is? I'm sure that some of you can, anyway all will be revealed very soon because it's almost done.

Have a great week everyone.

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  1. I love your socks! Rico Bamboo is lovely to knit with, isn't it - and to wear as well - why would you ever want to buy socks again?! :-) I'll look forward to seeing your cable socks when you get started with them. I love Kemps too, although I'm a mail order customer. I have to be very careful reading their emails as it's far too easy to get carried away! xx

  2. I'll guess at a "big blanket". I can remember when you started knitting socks. Now you are an expert. I'm very impressed, but I think I'm rare in never wanting to knit a sock!

  3. Great socks, Linda, applause!! About the crochet thing... I'd say it's part of a mile-a-minute blanket. Can't wait to see the solution :-). Have a cozy evening! Nata xxx

  4. I love the socks linda. Your working on a mile-a-minute blanket.


  5. Linda, your socks are wonderful. They look so pretty, and must be very cozy.
    Is that a mile-a-minute afghan? I've seen some but never made one myself.

  6. Beautiful socks, Linda!! :) You are an expert now. Can't wait to see your new blanket.

  7. Your socks are so lovely, I like this yarn.
    I'm curious about your blanket.

  8. Lovely socks, I love the colour

  9. Love your socks!!! Enjoy wearing them and making your next pair too. I don't think your crochet is a blanket, but I am not saying what I think it is, I will wait and see!

  10. Great socks, Linda! I've never done the mile a minute blanket, so it will be interesting to see whether it really was quick and easy for you! xx

  11. Love the socks!! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  12. Love the colour of the socks.

  13. Great socks! I love the lilac stripes.
    Truth be told: My only pair of handmade socks (a gift from a friend) are warm and snug bed-socks (my feet are always cold and keep me from falling asleep). These wouldn't be very comfy to wear during the day though.

  14. Hi Linda, your socks are really beautiful and I love the color of them!
    Thanks for sharing each week with us at C&C with J&J!

  15. Good Evening Linda, Oh my word your knitted socks are a thing of beauty. I love the colours. I have darned socks in the past.... yes it was many years ago, but I have never knitted a pair. Now you say, once worn, we will never buy another pair of socks again. I was just thinking, if I made a pair for George, this could turn into quite a big knitting marathon, because if he likes them too much, I might end up knitting more socks than I bargained for.... and then there's my daughters, once they get an eyeful of the socks, they will want a couple of pairs as well. Are my knittings skills good enough, I'm not so sure, but what I will say is, watch this space you never know.
    Now for your other piece of crochet, I know everyone thinks it is a mile a minute blanket, but I have my doubts, because of the oval ends, they look too lovely. I can't wait to find out what it is.... lovely colours by the way.
    Best Wishes to you.


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