Thursday 26 October 2017

All the Fives Scrappy Blanket.

I love making blankets as you must have gathered by now, I'm not sure how many I've made so far this year, I'll have to have a round up and count them all or rather count the photo's because all the blankets I've made have already been sent off to new homes, there is a desperate need for blankets, so many charities are crying out for them so I know that any blanket I make will be received with appreciation from it's new owner.

This is my latest, another scrappy blanket made out of little scraps of yarn that some would just throw away....

How could you not enjoy crocheting something so simple and using so many colours of random yarn, it shouldn't work but it does. The secret is, don't be afraid of mixing colours just go for it and you may be surprised to find that two colours that you thought would look awful together actually look fine, just tie them all together using the magic knot join or the Russian join I like to do a mixture of both.  No ends yay!

Another thing to think about is the people who are going to receive your blanket will be just glad of it's warmth and really won't care about the colours.

I called this blanket all the fives so that I could remember the stitch count because sometimes making a blanket like this takes a while it's dependant on the amount of your scraps of yarn but in this case I had enough to make this one in a couple of weeks.

It's made in half treble crochet (half double crochet US) but just to make it a tad more interesting I worked five front post stitches alternating with five htr every five rows. It has given it a nice textured affect on one side and a ridged effect on the other.  Then I finished it off with a border of one round htr, one round dc (sc US )  and a final round of reversed dc or crab stitch. 

It measures in at 40"x 40"
You can see my other scrappy blanket here
This blanket will be sent to Muddy Footprint

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I hope that you're all having a great week.🙂


  1. Oh my, your blanket is gorgeous, Linda. I love that it is filled with happy scrappiness and beautiful colour. Fingers crossed for the 'prospective buyer' today.

  2. It really is beautiful! Choosing multiple colors always intimidates me, but all these colors look great in your blanket. Thanks for the sharing the secret ;)

  3. Beautiful! A pretty blanket for a beautiful goal! I like to work with old yarn and leftovers and like you said; some colorcombinations are unexpected but actually not bad at all! I think you're doing a great job Linda!

  4. I love your blanket! reminds me rag rugs, beautiful!

  5. Wonderful blanket Linda. Great way to use up those little scraps of yarn.

  6. This blanket is really nice Linda! I like the green around the blanket to tie it all together too! they will love this one and it will keep them so warm :)

  7. Beautiful blanket, Linda! You made it in couple of weeks, that is quick!

  8. Lovely blanket. I like your "going with the flow" attitude. Sometimes I think everything happens for a reason and what will be will be.

  9. Your blanket came out really beautiful Linda. Thanks for sharing this at C&C with J&J.


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