Monday, 16 October 2017

Hats In The Round.

 Although life has been a little crazy I have continued with my knitting and crochet it was the only thing that has kept me sane I can tell you, what would we do without it, there's something so familiar and comforting about picking up a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles and creating something new,  I have to be honest though it has had to be simple my poor overtired brain would not cope with anything complicated.  

I don't know how many hats I've made over the past few months but making each one has been a pleasure so easy and so quick. I have made hats for all age groups male and female and I have sourced and found some great hat patterns along the way, all free and available for us all to use and I want to show and share.

I loved this pattern because it makes a great hat, the possibilities are endless and it's a good way to use up scrap yarn, trying to work out the different stripe combinations is fun too.

It's knitted in the round and I used the magic loop which is still quite a new technique for me, here in the UK we tend to use straight needles for almost everything.  

Earlier in the year I joined an already established knitting group in my new town to be, I find joining new groups quite daunting especially when everyone knows each other almost from childhood and strong bonds of friendship have already been formed.  So there I sat amongst these women with my circulars, they were all without exception knitting with straight needles, I got some very curious glances I could see them staring at the needles wondering why I was using these strange contraptions, some of them made remarks like oh I couldn't be bothered with those give me straight needles any day while another started laughing and said all that tugging and pulling whats the point.  

It saddened me really I thought what a shame that these women aren't open to new idea's and maybe even learning a new technique, but when I offered to show them how to do the magic loop no one was interested.  Perhaps it was a case of who does she think she is the new girl trying to teach us new tricks 😄 who knows maybe once they get to know me better it will be different.

Knitting in the round still poses some challenges for me especially when changing colour and avoiding the step effect, I found some great tutorials online here is the one which I found most helpful.

This was my first effort
My second attempt was better
I will be using this pattern again and I can highly recommend it.  I made the second size and it took 35 grams of Dk yarn you can find the pattern here.

These hats will be going to Muddy Footprint.

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Have a great week. 😊


  1. Hi Linda, I like your knitted hats, the dark red and grey the most.
    What a pity that the ladies of the group want to learn anything new.
    We also have a group of ladies who knit and crochet, its nice.

  2. So cute !!!!
    Have a lovely week !

  3. I'm sorry they weren't very welcoming. I know all too well the awkwardness of being in a new group for the first time. Some of them could have been friendlier. I use a circular needle too. Some people are just afraid of change I suppose. Hugs.
    xx Beca

  4. that is the same method I use for jogless stripes also. there are several different ones on utube I find that so helpful in learning new techniques. have also heard of simply sliping the stitch over to the right side but have not tried that one yet. if it works that would really be easy. so glad you are learing new things. I have a great friend in Australia and I hate to say it but she is set in her ways also. she uses the long long needles to knit. it was the way she was taught and she just doesn't want to learn anything else. I tried to tell her that if she would give knitting in the round a try she would never go back but what can I say. I also love knitting everything on circular needles. I never ever loose a stitch or needle any more. makes life so much easier. you just hang in there! who knows you might eventually convince someone to try something new without even suggesting it. lols Linda

  5. They are so adorable! Beautiful color combinations.

  6. Beautiful hats Linda. I don't like to knit but would like to find some crochet hats to make.


  7. Crochet and knitting certainly have a way of soothing the sole! I'll be checking out that idea for removing the step up with colour changes, it certainly made a difference! I too continue to master the magic loop ( but I think there are many of us in Australia who do magic loop) ........ perhaps being in a new group just made you feel even more vulnerable. I hope you slide right into your new town ......once we sell our house here, we too will be hoping to slide into a new town .........

  8. Linda, If I lived near you we would start our own group. I am not one to easily join in, I am actually very, very shy so it is hard for me. I can't believe these women think circular needles are a new thing, really they have been around forever and they are really missing out as they can be so wonderful to work with. Not to mention easier in your wrists.

  9. Hi, I'm sorry you has to deal with such a horrible group, giggling and sneering like spoilt children. I am 60 yrs old and remember my mother teaching me how to use circulars to knit a Lopi sweater when I was 11 yrs old so nearly 50 yrs ago! They are hardly a new phenomenon. Find yourself a better group who are more open to different thoughts and experiences. As they have such a narrow attitude I'm surprised they even learned such a new skill as knitting.
    P.S. love your wee hats

  10. I'm with Beca. Since it was your first visit, they could have been a bit more welcoming rather than judgmental. You are very talented and very giving and they are lucky to have you.

  11. Lovely hats, Linda:) That's nice you joined a new knitting group but it is unfortunate that the ladies did not give you a chance to share the new techniques. It is up to them whether to use or not but no harm in seeing at least, right?

  12. So sorry to hear that those ladies were not more welcoming! Let us hope that they'll thaw with time. I would love to sit down and knit with you any day, Linda, straight needles or circular. :) Hope you're doing okay.


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