Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Madness Continues and a CAL

Thank you all you lovely people for leaving such lovely positive comments it really means a lot I thought that things could only get better but unfortunately...

After trying unsuccessfully to start the boiler in the new house  I had to get a plummer out only to learn that it was broken and would cost rather a lot to get it repaired, so I opted for a new boiler seeing as the old one was 11 years old and could have broken again anytime soon.  How can a seller tick a box to say that the boiler is in good working order when it isn't.  It's my fault of course I should have inspected everything before exchanging contracts because once that is done there's nothing you can do about it.

The thing that I was dreading most happened, my buyer had to drop out of the sale because things had come to light with the survey of her house and her buyers weren't willing to compromise. That meant my house was back on the market and I was back to square one with two lots of house bills to pay out.

That brings me up to date with some good news I have another buyer and although it's very early in the process I'm hoping that it will go smoothly this time.

I am dividing my time by staying at both properties as I hate to leave either one of them unoccupied for any length of time, it does mean a lot of wasted time travelling back and forth and it's a bit like camping out as far as my new house is concerned because I don't have much in the way of furniture in there, in fact all I have downstairs is a garden chair recliner and a trellis table which I'm using right now to place my trusty laptop as I write this.

I'm lucky that I am in a BT hotspot in my new place which means I can get onto the internet now and again I have to say though it is rather hit and miss.  I was going to show you some photo's of what I've been up to but I can't upload them at the moment so it will have to be when I have a proper connection. 

Throughout all the upheaval I have continued with my crochet and knitting but just haven't had time to show you anything so I have a lot of catching up to do, I have started A Spicier Life Cal which is hosted by Sandra from Cherry Heart, is anyone else doing it? I would love to see your photo's I have completed Part one and I even have a photo which I uploaded earlier...

I'm using yarn from my stash so it's great that I won't need to buy any yarn for this, I'm loving it so far and part one has nice easy stitches so it was very easy to complete. Part two is out now and I can't wait to get started.  If this blanket turns out as nice as the Spice of Life Blanket which I made here, I will be very happy indeed.😊

Jennifer from Thistlebear has started her Winter Project Link Up Party again and I will be linking this there.

Have a great week everyone, I'm really missing you guys and I promise to get around and visit you all just as soon as I can. xx


  1. Well it sounds like you are doing a lot of juggling at the moment to say the least, but buying the house of your dreams should be worth it in the end. Selling a house is such a hassle. I hope your buyers come through and this will all be behind you soon. Keep knitting and crocheting. It's good therapy.
    xx Beca

  2. You are going through a lot of struggle, hopefully this people will buy your house quickly.
    Your crochetwork has so many nice colors. It looks beautiful.

  3. I'm sorry you're dealing with so much right now, Linda. I have everything crossed for you to have a successful house sale with this new buyer, so you can move on and life can settle down. Your blanket is beautiful, I really love those colors! Take care.

  4. Better days will come...
    Nice colors for your blanket !
    Have a cozy day !

  5. It doesn't rain, but what it pours!! Buying and selling houses is one of the most traumatic events to go through in life. I do hope your sale goes through properly and quickly and you can focus all your energy on only one property. Sometimes it seems like we will never see our way through these difficult times, but suddenly things click back into place, and we roll along and barely remember the angst we were having to deal with. Your crochet looks marvelous! What better way to calm the nerves and get to relax. Hugs to you dear friend,
    Wendy xox

  6. Hi Linda, it sounds like you are going through a lot of things right now. I do hope it will all work out for you though. I like the blanket and it's so colorful. Take care.

  7. I'm sorry about the boiler. Here in The Netherlands the seller is obliged to tell about hidden defects. If the buyer finds out (short) after the sale, like in your case, the seller has to pay to repair or replace the defect.
    I love the blanket you're making, I hope it will keep you warm during the winter. Cross my fingers your house will be sold soon!
    Love, Anja

  8. I hope this sale goes through for you, you have had a lot on your plate. Your crochet blanket looks lovely so far x

  9. Hope the house issues get over soon and you get a good sale. Your blanket looks lovely and colorful:)

  10. Beautiful crochet I love all the wonderful colours. Hopefully everything will go well with the sale of your house, it certainly is a worrying time.

  11. Your blanket is very pretty. I do hope everything works out for your house selling. We moved into temporary rented accommodation in South Yorkshire the day our house sale fell through in Kent. I can understand the difficulties, that was years ago now. All the best, Cathy x

  12. Beautiful blanket. I have actually considered making this blanket myself. Good luck with your project.

  13. Oh my giddy aunt.Just caught up with what's been happening to you.My heart goes out to you.I Sincerely hope things DO get better for you,if anybody deserves some Luck you do.Fingers Crossed for you.Sending Huge Huggles.Great Blanket.xxxx

  14. What a stressful year you are having. I'm really impressed that you can still turn out such lovely crochet work.

  15. I am sorry things are stressful. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your house sale. I like the colours of your crochet blanket, colourful but gently. Perfect. Wishing you a good weekend.


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