Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A Bit Of Confusion.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love following CALs, the confusion lies in which one to follow because there are so many happening right now. Those that I'm interested in are
  1. The Woodland Blanket CAL
I love Lucy's blankets because they are always nice and easy to make and this one is no exception. Of course there is no way that I would be buying the woodland blanket pack because as you all know I need to use my stash, I was thinking about using my coned yarn for this using three strands which should make it Aran weight. In these colours maybe..

I think I would probably have to add more colours to the mix because there may not be enough, it's fun pondering and trying to decide, it's also a bit of a challenge when you have just teeny amounts of some colours and more of others, they will all have to be used somehow or the blanket won't be big enough.

Now this is a bit of a change, a knit along rather than crochet it's been a while since I knit a blanket and this one consists of six inch squares, one a week  I'm sure that I could manage that don't you? I already have some yarn in mind....

I would just make squares until the yarn runs out.

    3. 2018 Granny Squares CAL

I only found this one last week on Facebook and they have over 3000 members already, they are quite a way into it, it's a granny square a day so I would have some catching up to do.  If I did do this one I would only make the squares that appeal to me anyway. I was thinking of using random Dk stash yarn for this maybe multicoloured squares alternated with a plain square. 

All of these are a couple of weeks in already so if I want to join in with them I need to start now.  the question is do you think I could do all three if not which do I choose? 

Has anyone else joined in with any of these I would love to see your progress if you have.😊


  1. They are all so tempting. Frequently I will just save the instructions and do the crochet/knit alongs when I have time. Enjoy making the one you choose.

  2. Oh Linda, it's difficult to choose, they are all beautiful.
    Knitting seems te me also very nice. i am curious what you will choose.

  3. Hi Linda, I feel you can make two considering you keep on doing other charity projects as well. If you just want a color therapy and easy one, then Lucy's project is nice. But if you want interesting and different patterns to try, I guess the other two are better.

  4. I took a look at these CALS and KALS and they are a really fun idea. I really loved the Woodland blanket and the combination of colors she picked from nature that Lucy used in her blanket. There is so much creativity out there. I hope that you find the one that speaks to you most! They all sound fun!

  5. I agree, would be difficult to choose.

  6. I love Lucy's blog,and that Woodland Blanket if fab.Can't wait to see which one you choose.love the header by the way.

  7. There's so many lovely things to join in with these days that it's so hard to make a choice. I think if I were going to choose one of these it would be the Harmony Blanket, but only because it's knitting instead of crochet and I've still got a blanket CAL waiting for some attention.

  8. If anyone can do all three it is you Linda. You are so fast and creative, I hope you have fun with all of them.


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