Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Sorting The Stash

When I moved home I gathered all my yarn from all it's various hiding places and just pushed it into black bags there seemed to be so much! I just dumped all the bags into the garage along with everything else, now with Christmas and New Year over I knew that I had to tackle the black bag stash mountain. 
Wading amongst all the garage mess was not an easy job I still have so much sorting to do but my number one priority was the yarn. It took me two days to bring it all indoors and sort it, I'm quite embarrassed to show you this lot but I'm going to be brave so here goes....

I also found five unfinished projects, they are quite challenging that's why I never finished them. I'm sure that apart from one I will get them completed one day.

It's all been separated into various yarn weights and put back into the garage but in the loft space, I have kept partial balls in the house and I'll try and use them up first along with the cones.  I sorted yarn for my next two projects but I'll show you those another time.  So do you want to know how much it all weighed in at?  ....

36,200 grams that's 79.807339 pounds😮

Last year I managed to bust 13,970 grams so that lot should last me three years at least. I won't be buying any yarn this year that's for sure, I didn't buy much last year but our group did get lots of lovely yarn donations that's why there is so much. It goes without saying that I will be stash-busting yet again this year.

How much yarn have you got in your stash? go on weigh it all and share, be brave I dare you.😊


  1. This morning I sorted out all my yarn stash, and weight it. It's less than you have, but still its 15kg! I don't need to buy any yarn this year, that's for sure!

  2. Not that much !
    Have fun !

  3. My yarn is all over the place. I'm sure it feels good to get yours sorted. Lots of potential there for so many projects.

  4. Good evening Linda, my word, that is a huge amount of wool,but I have to say you are an amazing at crocheting that I bet you use it up before the 3 years is up.
    Now to my stash, let me see, I have 2 balls of purple, 1 turquoise, 2 black and I think that's about it, but if you were to aske me how much material, beads and embroidery thread I have.... well that would be a whole other story.
    Best Wishes

  5. Oh my, now I don't feel that bad anymore when looking at my stash! Glad to see, I'm not the only one owning far more yarn than I could ever use ;)
    I just recently moved too. While in the process of packing up my belongings I managed to downsize my stash a little bit - just to have my sister gift me about two extra large trash bags full of yarn around Christmas, yay :)
    Looking forward to your stash busting projects!

  6. Oh my goodness! That's a lot of yarn. I managed to use up almost all of my stash last year (although I can't call it a stash after seeing yours :-)) I really need to get my teeth into a new project soon. X

  7. So much gorgeous yarn! You could sit there and enjoy the view for hours on end :-)
    I've also got a big stash, I inherited yarn from my mother and also got 2 bags from my niece and bought a 'little bit' myself... I've got at least one large bookcase filled with it if I get it out of the boxes. But that's no luxury, we nééd it, don't we :-)

  8. Don't think of it as stash, think of it as blankets in waiting! This may sound a bit obsessive, but I keep a spreadsheet of my cones, reminding me of the weights and colours (and whereabouts I've stored them!), and I find it helps when planning projects xx

  9. Good for you getting it all sorted. I am on yarn restrictions but not a full diet. I have 21,000 yards in my stash which is considerably less than I used to have. I am hoping to get that down this year.

  10. Wow, I'm sort of jealous! So much yarn! That's so many projects to make! I'm looking forward to seeing your stash-busting projects this year!

  11. Wow, that's a lot of yarn, but it will all get used up in time. It's nice to have a choice when it comes to making something. Most of my stash is listed on Ravelry, though I do have quite a bit of Stylecraft which I use for crochet which I don't bother putting on there.

  12. Sorting yarns is one big job. Sometimes I feel good but sometimes I am overwhelmed with the amount of stash. I don't have as big as yours but may be around 10 -15 kg but mine are mostly cotton so they are heavier than acrylic. Good luck turning your stash into beautiful things! You work a lot for charity so they are not going to be in stash pile for long:)

  13. I really do not want to look and calculate what I have in my stash...I think I will feel guilty and I'll get a tad agitated about it. Your photos did make me think I'm not the only one who has too much yarn then!! Did I really say too much yarn...na that's crazy.....one can never have too much! I am sure you agree with me LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  14. Lots of pretty yarn linda. I posted pics of my yarn stash on my blog a few years ago. I have used up some of it.



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