Friday, 19 January 2018

Something for the Weekend.

I hope that all you lovely people have had a great week! it's time to choose my weekend project again and this time it's something I need and not something for charity.  Back in September a lady from Loving Hands asked for help with a pattern, fortunately I was able to help her by making the item myself and going through it bit by bit with her and I loved how it turned out....

I loved the colours of the yarn and I really enjoyed knitting it too.  Now this particular hat was sent to a charity but I want to make another one for myself.  If I don't suit it then it will go to charity too and to be honest it may end up in the charity box because I don't usually suit hats but I'll give it a try. 

It took 132 grams of Aran yarn and you can find the free pattern here

I will also be trying a new cake recipe which has just come to my attention, Daphne's Olive Oil Cake, I know what you're are thinking, olive oil in a cake! well Daphne says it's yummy and that's good enough for me because I have tried lots of her recipe's and have enjoyed everything I've made so far.
You can find the recipe here 
What have you planned for this weekend? whatever it is I hope that you have a good one.😊


  1. Many thanks for the link to the pattern for this lovely hat. I was looking for just such a pattern - perfect to knit up for the ladies in my family.

  2. I am knitting hats this weekend for a charity called Share Aid.They help refugees and the homeless.Its a great way for using up my stash.I am on my fourth hat.I took them some crocheted blankets before Xmas and they were going in a container to a Greek Island which has a lot of refugees.

  3. Perfect for the winter !
    Have a cozy weekend !

  4. That's a very nice hat! Looks very comfy and cozy!
    This weekend my kids and I are recovering from another respiratory infection. Nothing special planned.
    Stay warm, cozy, and healthy!

  5. I love it! Beautiful pattern and beautiful colors!
    Oil in your cake, yes I have a recipe with sunfloweroil for cupcakes, they taste amazing and moisty. Good idea, Linda.

  6. Lovely hat, Linda! How did the cake turn out?

  7. Love the hat,fab colours and interesting pattern.

  8. This is so nice and I love the colors and the pom pom on top. You do such nice work Linda. Thanks for sharing at our C&C with J&J. Enjoy the weekend.


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