Thursday, 17 January 2019

Puppets and Monsters

Last year Knit for Nowt sent out an appeal for therapy puppets and monsters which are desperately needed for children who have suffered physical and  psychological trauma.  These puppets are used by Social workers throughout the UK  to help a traumatised child to communicate through a puppet or monster.

I think it's heartbreaking to think that there is always a desperate need for these and supply can't meet demand, you can read all about Knit for Nowt here

I have never really enjoyed making fiddly things but this cause really tugged at my heart and I knew that I had to try to help in anyway that I could. 

Out came the sewing machine I had to dust off a few cobwebs I can tell you but I was determined to give this a go and this was the result....

hand puppet, sewn, easy, kids toys, free pattern, therapy puppet
I know they aren't great but I was quite proud that I had actually managed to produce something that could be used, the worst part for me was sewing the faces. 

I then approached my U3A Patchwork and embroidery group and asked them if they would like to make some too, I even made a couple more and do you know what, apart from the faces I really enjoyed making them, this is what we made between us....

As you know crochet is my forte and although I did enjoy sewing some I was itching to make some crocheted ones too, apparently although all types of puppets are needed and used a MOJO  monster is the most useful as several facial flaps are used one for each facial expression. I found a knitted and sewn pattern on the website but none for crochet so I fiddled about a bit and came up with a very simple pattern of my own, made a few puppets then sent photo's to Clare from Knit for nowt to see if they were acceptable......

crochet monster, puppet, easy, free pattern crochet, kids, trauma monster

Here they are all sat on the windowsill in my conservatory which I had just had built, my next door neighbour was having an extension built at the same time which meant that her workmen spent a great deal of time working from my garden. When I took a photo of these little guys I was actually in my pyjamas and kept moving them around darting back and forth and yes talking to myself too as I do😳 I then turned and looked out of the windows at the side only to find next doors workmen sat on the new extension roof watching me and looking very amused indeed.  To say I felt embarrassed is an understatement.😆 

Anyway I'm very pleased to say that Clare was delighted with the puppets and asked me if I would share the pattern with diagrams so that it could be added to the website.

I do hope that this will inspire some of you to make some puppets, I know that I will continue to make them whenever I can. There is loads of information on the website and patterns of all types for you to try. I have added some links below for easy access.







  1. Haha, the workmen would have had some fun time watching you. Anyway the puppets and monsters have turned out very well. I like the fabric ones better than the crocheted ones.

  2. Super cute creations ! Yes, the little monsters too ;)
    Have a cozy weekend !

  3. You made the cutest puppets and monsters Linda.

  4. These are fantastic and I know the crochet pattern will be popular. I have knitted some worry monsters and plan to do more. But I also support other charities and will realistically not make any more monsters until summer. That makes me sad. So I was pleased to see your huge collection. I laughed at the bit about the builders watching your efforts!

  5. Linda, you've made very nice little puppets and monsters.
    Haha the workman had fun, who can blame them? 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing your cute puppets at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

  7. Oh my goodness. The sewn and the crochet variety are absolutely fantastic! I was placing crocheted toys in trees yesterday, taking photos, so I'm sure I amused many folks driving by. :)

  8. They are so wonderful Linda, well done.


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