Thursday, 10 January 2019


Thank you for all of your lovely comments it really is great to connect with you all again.  

January can be a bit of a depressing month I think, it's cold and dull I'm really fed up of the dreary dark days we are experiencing I feel as if I'm living my life in the twilight zone but to keep afloat we always have to think of the positives so here are some of mine..

The nights are getting lighter we may not feel it yet but every day makes a little difference.

Although Spring seems a long way away I can see life stirring in my garden with the first spring bulbs sending up their shoots.

There are some really great new KALs, SALs and CALs  to inspire us, as I have journeyed around blogland this past week I have noticed that some of you are wondering what to make for your next project. I always feel happy when I have some great project on the go there's nothing better than a 'make along' for putting  a spring in my step and crochet hook 😄 these are what I've found and have started already..

Lucy From Attic 24 has started her Sweet Pea CAL you can find part one here

Maria from Underground Crafter has started a SAL part one can be found here and her Finishing Touches KAL information here

Are you following any of these ? if so I would love to see your work and if you have news of any other follow along's I would love to hear about them too.

Unfortunately because of my tennis elbow or  lateral epicondylitis (which sounds much more serious and more worthy of sympathy😂)  I'm still finding it hard to do much, I am doing stretches (thank you for your kind and expert advice Meredith) but I fear it's going to take some time. 

I am plodding on with the sweater the front is done and I've started to work on the second sleeve as I told you in my last post I have started making a crochet one too. This is a very simple design which I'm just really making up as I go, I took the size from a sweater which I have already and I'm hoping it will be wearable once I'm finished.

I went to my favourite yarn store to spend some birthday money which my brother had given me.  There was so much sale yarn I nearly swooned! but I was so good I only bought enough to make the sweater this is what's left out of 10 balls so I'm making good progress.

 It crochets up beautifully and has a lovely soft texture, I'm hoping that the lovely variegated colours of the yarn will make up for the simplicity of the design.

I have also some great news for those who used to follow Love Made My Home Amy is back! it was so lovely to see her blog post earlier this week. I'm looking forward to reading more of her posts in the future. 


  1. Thank you for the welcome back! Lovely to be reading your posts again. Isnt it nice to see the bulbs coming into life too!

  2. I like that variegated yarn. Our main yarn shop here had a sale for all of December but I didn't go. I have so much yarn here that I really need to use up any way I can. Of course, the bad part is that it's all bits of this and that so figuring out what exactly to do is a dilemma. I've not made anything since Christmas. Just can't decide what to do or where to start although there's many things I'd like to do. Maybe just needed a break but am now also starting to feel inspired as I visit blogs. :) Hope your elbow gets to feeling much better very soon. Take care.

  3. I always feel down in the dumps during the winter months but it does lift my spirits once the shortest day has passed by and the day's start to lengthen again. There's a few signs of spring around too now, the bulbs are starting to push through the soil and I noticed a blue tit checking out the nest box a few days ago.

  4. Happy birthday Linda. I love the yarn you bought for yourself. ♥
    xx Beca

  5. My dear Linda, how nice that you still can knit and I hope your elbow gets better and better.
    January is a gloomy and gray month, but by working with beautiful colors it will be sunny in the house!

  6. So good to see you're blogging again, Linda! I'm sorry to hear about the tennis elbow - that is no fun at all. Hope it gets better quickly.

    That lovely red variegated yarn makes me think of Valentine's Day. :) I hope you post a photo of the finished sweater.

    It's cold here, but we've had some sunny days which really helps keep the mood up. And yes, the days ARE getting longer! Spring will be here before we know it.

  7. I was only thinking today that we are in that part of the year when we never seem to reach full daylight. I'm really glad I don't like further north where it is dark all day in the winter.

  8. Happy Birthday Linda. I love the yarn you chose to make a sweater. I bet it will be nice.


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