Thursday, 11 June 2020

Meet Laurence a Yummy cake and a Strange flower

When I saw the Crochet Llama-no-drama advertised as a stitch along I fell in love.  I'm not usually fond of amigurumi because it's tedious and fiddly but who could resist this cute Llama and as a bonus it has video tutorials, I'm great fan of Mikey from The Crochet Crowd  so I was quite literally hooked on the idea.

I had a home for him too he was to be placed in the Library's Easter raffle along with other lovely makes from the Library knitting and crochet group, the proceeds were to go to the local air ambulance service.

I followed the stitch along but was rather slow compared to others, some of the participants not only completed their Llama's way ahead of the finish line but had made more than one, I could see beautifully completed llama's all over the Facebook page when I hadn't even started on the legs!

Anyway it didn't really matter I had him all finished in plenty of time but then Lock-down happened and the Library's were closed.  So I have Laurence here with me until things get back to normal again.  I have grown quite attached to him and will be quite sad when he eventually leaves home but I won't think of that just yet.

You can find all details about the Llama No-Drama here the video's are still available and take it from me, making him is really worth the effort.

I made this yummy chocolate cake yesterday....

Never Fail Chocolate Cake

1¼ cup SR Flour
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
½ cup cocoa
125 grams softened butter
¾ cup caster sugar
pinch salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Cream the butter and sugar,  in a seperate bowl sift all dry ingredients together, beat wet ingredients together in another bowl  then add alternatively to creamed mixture. Beat well then place in a 23 cm cake tin and bake for 180°C for 50 minutes 

When the cake has cooled top with melted chocolate or chocolate icing,  sprinkle pieces of broken chocolate over the top.  The cake is delicious sandwiched with fresh cream for a special occasion.

The picture on the mug says it all really a whole cake for just me!😂 Can you see Jeremy in the background?

Unfortunately the weather has been awful this past week so  I haven't been in my garden much but look! 

I think it looks very strange, this Cordyline flowered for the first time last year 

I didn't think it would flower again so soon but this year it has only one flowering spike last year it had two.  The flowers have a very distinctive smell not that pleasant and quite overpowering you can smell their scent all over the garden but the bees love them.

Have a great weekend 😘😘

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  1. Laurence is very sweet. Maybe you should make another one for when he has to leave. The cake looks delicious. I have all the ingredients, so I think I will bake it this afternoon. Thank you, Linda. X

  2. Laurence is fabulous, what a fabulous make, and all for a good cause too. I've never done any amigurumi but I've got Edward's Menagerie book so I do intend to give it a go at some point. Yum, your chocolate cake looks delicious, I wouldn't be able to resist that. Your cordyline is huge, I used to have one in a pot a long time ago, I can't remember what happened to it now.

  3. Laurence is so adorable and the cake looks so good! It looks like you have been keeping yourself very busy. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. No words can say how lovely I think your Llama is, just gorgeous!
    Now I want to make one of course but I have so much on that it would be silly to take another project on but I am going to make a note of it for the future.

  5. Laurence is adorable and it will be hard to part with him. The cordyline is amazing, only annual plants here and never reach the flowering stage.

  6. So cute llama !!!! Love it !!!!!!!
    Yummy cake (love chocolate too;)
    And beautiful flowers !
    Have a nice weekend !

  7. Laurence the Llama is so adorable, He could not be cuter. That cake looks delicious. Stay safe Linda.

  8. This is the cutest llama ever! I'd love for you to share this post and any other crafty creations at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party hosted by me and 4 other creative bloggers. You can find the party at my blog at I hope to see you there! Have a great weekend!

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  10. That chocolate cake looks so good... and Laurence is adorable! You did a beautiful job with him.

  11. Such a cute Llama,I would not want to part with him.Same thing happened in our garden,we have 2 Cordyline and they flowered for the first time this year,had them years,very strange but the flower is so pretty.Loving that cake yummeeeee.

  12. forgot to say,I did spot the gorgeous Jeremy.

  13. Laurence de lama is very beautiful, too bad he will have to leave again.
    And that chocolate cake ....... delicious!

  14. Laurence is adorable! Enjoy your time with him. He seems like a very calm and soothing companion. :)

    What exotic-looking blossoms those are! I hope you get some pleasant weather soon.

  15. Aaaah, Laurence is so cute!


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