Friday 29 May 2020

A Hat and a New Friend

An easy project finished in a couple of nights, I love this yarn it's so soft and the colours are lovely

  as you can see I have quite a bit of yarn left more than enough for another hat but not quite enough for a scarf, I'll have to have a think  and decide what to do with it any suggestions most welcome.

The Hat only took 70 grams of yarn and you can find the nice easy pattern here

We have been so lucky with the weather of late, I have never known such a beautiful Spring, I have spent long days in my garden pottering about and I haven't been alone....

I noticed Jeremy  in my my garden about three weeks ago, at first I wasn't sure what type of bird he was I thought he was a crow but he had white markings on his wings and usually crows don't, but after studying him from afar I realised that yes he was indeed a crow.  Judging by the way he walked... very slowly indeed and by the way he flew...not very high and not very far I came to the conclusion that he was a very old crow and the markings are more grey than white.

Well over the weeks we have struck up a rather strange relationship, he's very timid as soon as I step out of the conservatory he runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction and usually hides behind the birdbath with only his head showing, then comes out slowly and starts pecking at the lawn quite contentedly while I do whatever I'm doing in the garden.

We had a few windy days last weekend and I sat in the conservatory crocheting, Jeremy sat on the decking looking over and didn't budge until I got up to go to the kitchen to make a coffee, he got up too and walked over to the birdbath and stayed there until I came back with my coffee, he jumped down from the birdbath and took up his previous position at the end of the decking looking over watching quite content.  We were keeping each other company.

Taken through the window.

Yesterday I dug a small border in front of my fence and planted some bedding, now I know from previous experience that blackbirds love to come pecking whenever you plant things out and usually pull the whole lot out so I was on my guard as I sat eating my lunch in the conservatory....

sure enough down swooped a couple of blackbirds and started pecking at the soil and then suddenly out runs Jeremy as fast as his tired old legs could carry him and he chased the blackbirds away as if to say can't you see she's been working on that all morning I shouted 'thank you Jeremy!' and he waddled off plumping up his feathers and looking quite proud of himself

I thought he deserved a blueberry treat

Jeremy is always right in the middle of the lawn when I open the curtains in the morning and he stays in the garden for most of the day then in the evening he's nowhere to be seen probably all snuggled up somewhere for the night. 

He is keeping me company in these days of lock-down and I hope he resides in my garden for a long time to come.

Have great weekend xx

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  1. Eeeeeeee how funnny is Jeremy..... Eeeeeeeeee what a funny un he is. He's got his castle there! Eeeeee

  2. Lovely hat !
    You can make an other hat (other pattern) with the yarn left.
    Nice picture of your garden and visitor ;)
    Have a shinny weekend !

  3. Hi Linda, oh Jeremy is so adorable and is your friend. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. Love the hat, it's good to be well prepared for when this beautiful weather breaks. Awww, how cute is Jeremy, he certainly seems to like your garden, and how lovely that he's looking out for you.

  5. Jeremy has found his happy place.

  6. What a lovely story! I hope Jeremy does stay and defend your garden for a long, long time!!!

  7. Your Jeremy is a sweet fellow. How fabulous he has an eye on you and your garden, protecting all within his domain. I can think of nothing more lovelier than sitting in a conservatory, with the sun streaming in enjoing a spot of knitting. Does sound rather blissful, Linda. Love the wool you used for the hat....such a lovely hat. The story of your Jeremy has put a smile in my day....thank you.

  8. I think this is the most adorable story. How sweet that he is right there with you. Enjoy your day and stay safe.

  9. That's so adorable. My mom found a parrot in her garden few days ago. They both bonded well and now the parrot resides at my parents' place. Whenever I video call her I'll see her sitting on my mom's shoulder or head and peering into the screen.

  10. Birdsong in my area has been tremendous this spring. It sounds like they are trying to cheer us up. We have a love/hate relationship with the magpies. They even fly in through our back door and then can't manage to find their way out again. I've been doing lots of digging in the garden and that has attracted a local robin. Your border looks great. I have lost new plants to pigeons in the past. They just seem to enjoy pulling them out and leaving them on the ground. I've no idea why. How about some hand-warmers to match the hat?

  11. How wonderful is your new friend, zo nice to see to protect his domain!

  12. OMG.I adore Jeremy,he will be wanting a little house next and 3 meals a day lol.Great pics.

  13. I had to come and find out who Jeremy is after my first time to you blog and seeing your embroidered pillow post. What a fun story. And what entertainment this little fellow must be. I loved reading this and now can't help but want my own "Jeremy". :)


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