Friday 22 May 2020

Trying To Catch The days and a Little Sewing.

Another week gone already, I look back and think what did I do this week and I really struggle to remember, one day just seems to blur into another and so I have started another private blog which is more like a journal really, I have called it 'Trying to Catch the Days' I take photo's of the little things that happen throughout the day and post them on there and write a little caption, I also put up a do to list and tick off what I've done at the end of the day.  I find that it's very therapeutic because it enables me to write down my thoughts and fears and let off a bit of steam and no one will be any the wiser.

Another thing I have seen as a brilliant way to mark each day of this lock-down is a little embroidery project everyday just like Linda from Craftygardener has done here I wish I had thought of doing that right at the beginning, Amy from Love made my home blog (sadly no longer online) is also doing that too I see her work on Instagram and it's lovely.

I do love embroidery but I'm not that great at it, but inspired by Lucy from Attic24 a couple of years ago I made this ......

It was a huge learning curve for me but I really enjoyed it and was hoping that the magazine would publish a pattern for each season but they didn't as far as I know, so I started this which was supposed to be for my daughters birthday that year......

and so inspired by Linda and Amy I have taken it out of it's hiding place and I aim to do a little bit everyday and hopefully, my daughter will get this for her birthday this September.

I made this last week, we are being encouraged to wear face coverings now in the UK a little late in the day but there you go.  There are countless patterns online in crochet, knitting and sewing, I tried so many crochet  patterns but didn't get far with any of them, I found worsted/aran yarn is too heavy and uncomfortable and it should be 100% cotton the thought of using wool or acrylic yarn does not appeal in the slightest.  So this one is 100% Dk cotton and I just made it up as I went along, I put a pouch inside for a filter of sorts and I found that elastic was the most practical for keeping the mask in place.  I won't say it's comfortably because wearing a mask isn't in the slightest bit comfortable but needs must.  I remember wearing masks when I was nursing and it wasn't very pleasant, I feel deeply for the staff on the front line who have to wear them now constantly as a matter of life or death really.

Then I got inspired once again this time by Una from  Great Balls Of Wool she had made a fabric one and I quite liked the look of it, so I knocked the cobwebs off my sewing machine, had a dig around and found a piece of fabric that's been languishing in my sewing bag for years and a T shirt that I wasn't too bothered about cutting up..

Sewing does not come easy to me and it took me far longer than it should have done but in the end....

Find the pattern here
I used strips of T shirt material for the straps and they work just fine, this mask is actually comfortable and so I will be wearing this one more than the crochet one above, Having said that I find some people in the UK are very reluctant mask wearers and when I am out and about there doesn't seem to be that many people wearing them. There are a lot of people that don't follow the government guidelines for social distancing either and that is quite a worry.  

Living on the coast the place is now heaving with people walking along the seafront and on the beach which makes social distancing practically impossible and so I haven't been walking there at all this week, I have done quite a bit of gardening which is good exercise in itself and have followed exercise video's on YouTube, you are spoilt for choice there are so many I like Salsa and zumba it puts a smile on my face and last year I learnt how to do Tai Chi which isn't as easy as it looks! it took me six months just to learn the short form of Lee Style Tai chi and I know I'm still not perfect. 

How are you keeping fit in these strange times? 

It's a blustery windy day today and I didn't sleep well last night so I'm going to have a very lazy day I can see a spot of crochet and embroidery on the horizon and I have just taken this yarn out of my stash....

The plan for it is maybe an easy hat charity make, something I can do whilst watching TV . 

Have a great weekend everyone, I think I'm going to make more scones perhaps some fruit ones this time. 😊

Take care and stay safe. xx

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  1. I find the days are going really fast, got lots of little projects to do. My embroidery project is finished (thanks for the link) and I miss it. I also do a zentangle daily project and am enjoying that. The weather has really imoroved so I can spend lots of time pottering around in the garden. Your embroidery is lovely. The masks are good too, I made 3 of them so can always have one in the wash, not that we go out much now. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Looks like you have been busy crafting Linda. I love everything you made!

  3. Your embroidery is beautiful. It's something I've never had a go at, though I am cross stitching now and loving that. Walking is my exercise of choice but I'm having to be quite choosy now where I go as I've had the same experience as you, places packed and people not taking note of social distancing rules. I find walking in my own neighbourhood best, but it gets a bit monotonous so it's nice to have a change. If only people were a bit more thoughtful.

  4. The UK has had a horrible time with Covid-19, hasn't it. We don't really wear masks down here, but Australia has been fairly fortunate and not experienced the amount of tragedies as other countries...but then we are only going into winter now. This new world we find ourselves living in is strange. It is concerning people are not social distancing. I love the spring embroidery you stitched all those years ago. The new pretty is going to be lovely. Such a beautiful gift for your daughter.

  5. Your embroidery are so beautiful !!!! You have more talent that you think...
    And your masks, useful for the days we live.
    Have a lovely weekend !

  6. Honestly, it's been hard to know what to believe about this whole pandemic when there's so much controversy and misinformation and conspiracy craziness. It's no wonder people are confused and refuse to believe the seriousness of the situation. We can only rely on ourselves to use common sense and the best choice for us. Thank goodness for crochet and crafting of all sorts. I've been wanting to crochet a mask so will do that very soon. Has gotten so hot here, though, so any kind of mask isn't very comfortable. Have a blessed day.

  7. Very pretty embroideries! Keep going!

  8. Your embroidery looks awesome! I love embroidery too but only have done a few simple stitches. Hopefully that will change thanks for the inspiring post

  9. Your Hello Spring embroidery is beautiful. You must finish the other for your daughter. It will be gorgeous. I am not a great embroiderer either, but I do enjoy it every once in a while. Thankfully, most people in New York where I live are wearing masks. I have sewn several for family and a few friends. I agree that the days seem to be passing by. I think I need to start making lists of chores and crafting goals so that I at least can draw a line through some and see the progress.
    I do like your blog idea.

  10. Beautiful stitching! Great masks too! Happy stitching!

  11. Oh my goodness -- what do you MEAN, you aren't very good at embroidery?! Your work is gorgeous!! I've made cloth masks for my family similar to the ones you made. I would think they would give more protection than the less comfy crocheted masks, as surely the viral droplets can make it through the large holes between the yarn. But then again, maybe none of these masks are giving us as much protection as we would like to believe they are. Ah, well -- this too shall pass! That chunky Folksong yarn looks scrumptious.

  12. Hi,
    Your Hello Spring embroidery is beautiful...have a great day!

  13. Love your stitching Linda. Well done. Stay safe my friend.

  14. Lovely embroidery work... enjoy!
    Great job on the masks... it's not comfortable for sure especially in the hot summer weather.

  15. This is an easy hat that I've enjoyed making for babies and toddlers.
    Blessings from Missouri, USA.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  16. I love your mask. It takes me a long time as well to sew them, but I'm getting quicker. I think we are not a mask-wearing nation, and it is just too hot at the moment. There will have to be some compulsion if they are to become more popular.


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