Friday, 8 May 2020

Stash-buster Sunshine Baby Blanket

Although my stash has shrunk considerably since I began stash-busting in earnest back in 2013 I still have more than 20,000 grams of yarn to get through before I reach zero and let me tell you that will never happen, for that to become reality one would have to refrain from buying yarn completely and although my yarn purchasing has been reigned in these past 7 years I simply cannot deprive myself of the pleasure of  buying yarn completely.

I have learnt a lot I must say and now I can look around a yarn store and walk out without making a single purchase, however sometimes I do need to buy the odd ball to complete a project and if I see something that I really must make and I don't have the correct yarn then I will buy it knowing that it will get completely used up with the project I'm making.  However I do seem to end up with lots of small odd balls which is how this bright and cheerful baby blanket came into being.

A very quick and easy project made with V stitch and a starting chain of 111 and lots of odd balls of Dk yarn.
When I work V stitch for baby blankets I don't put a chain between the two trebles and it gives a closer texture.

Isn't that bunny cute! I was going to make several of these and give them as gifts for Easter but Lockdown happened and I only made the one maybe next year 😊
You can find the cute bunny pattern here

I kept working on the blanket until it measured 30 inches in length and I busted a very satisfying 300 grams of scrap yarn. I even enjoyed weaving in the ends which I did every few rows. Then I finished it off with a very simple htr border making the final round crab stitch.

The Indiana Blanket is coming on well I'm really enjoying making this, however it is challenging trying to figure what colour yarn to use when you have to depend on your stash when its mainly single balls of each what colour next red or green?

Have a great weekend and stay safe.😘

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  1. The baby blanket is lovely and so is the bunny. I've kept saying for a long time that I want to make a V stitch blanket but it's something I haven't got round to yet, I'm more into knitting these days than crochet, but I do intend to do one at some point.

  2. You made such a beautiful and colorful baby blanket and I love the cute bunny. Have a wonderful weekend Linda.

  3. You sound a lot like me with my stash. I find that when ever I want to make somethibng I just never have the right colour despite having several boxes of yarn. Nevermind, I get so much pleasure just looking at it, lol

  4. So colorful, so beautiful !!! Great work !!!!
    Have a cozy weekend !

  5. Lovely blankets Linda! Nice to have you back after a long break.

  6. I love the bright happy colors for the baby blanket. They bunny is adorable.

  7. It's gorgeous, I love a good stash buster project and this is a perfect one!

  8. Your blanket! Wow! It is gorgeous! (and huge bonus points for scrap busting and having it look so spectacular!)

  9. Linda, for some reason I do not get to see your blog on my feed anymore. I am so happy to see you here and love your blanket. I am going to try and find a way to put you back on because I have missed you!

  10. Oh, how pretty! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 12, open May 1 to 26. All party entries shared if social media buttons installed.

  11. Hi Linda! Your Stashbuster V-Stitch Blanket is so cheerful! I love the V-Stitch. Thank you for sharing your project with us at our Wednesday Link Party :) You've been featured this week. You can see the features here: Best wishes for a lovely week so you can enjoy your seaside walks. xo Rhondda (Oombawka Design Crochet)

  12. Two more super blankets. They are both super, and do hope you post pictures of the Indianna Blanket when it is finished. Looks really interesting pattern.


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