Sunday, 24 July 2022

A Bit Of Garden Chat

 You just can't beat salad picked fresh from your own garden, I don't do it on a grand scale but what I've planted this year is keeping me going nicely. My favourite salad leaf is rocket but it seems to bolt very quickly, spinach is another all year round favourite. I am growing baby beets and have picked one today for the first time, still too small really but I just couldn't resist.

My parsley is finished but I have more to plant out, it has been growing for over a year so I can't complain and I love lots of different types of mints just a couple of leaves makes all the difference to a salad along with a sprinkle of fresh chives.

I'm really happy with my little raised bed that I erected earlier in the year and I'm already planning what I can overwinter in it, Spring cabbage springs to mind along with some broccoli perhaps and I have leeks growing away nicely, it's amazing how much you can pack into such a small space.

I have also planted cosmos in my raised bed, I was hoping I could use these as cut flowers but the stems are very short so I am just putting a few into a rose vase. 

I had the same idea for the dahlia's they are just coming into flower now but the earwigs are loving them! I have started using upturned plant pots filled with straw and they work, I always find a few earwigs sleeping in the top.

I am a massive fan of Hydrangeas but have never had much luck with them until this year! At least some of them, one of my plants hasn't flowered at all and theres no sign of the tiniest bud, I may have been overly generous with the fertilizer and fed the leaves to the detriment of the flowers but just look at these....

I'm awe struck I can't believe that I have actually grown such beautiful plants after all these years the pink one is from a cutting which I took three years ago from my sons garden, his plant is blue, mine is pink obviously my soil is more alkaline. I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me to gaze upon these beauties.  

The roses are gathering their strength for their next flush of flowers after giving me these lovely displays

The garden is giving me so much pleasure now as one perennial fades and goes to sleep for another year another wakes up and takes its place or I slot in a little pot of bedding plants to fill the gap, I do wish Summer would last just a bit longer but I know it's days are numbered a few more short weeks and it will all be over but no more sad thoughts, here is something that put a huge smile on my face the other day in fact I had to do a double take I wasn't quite sure if I was seeing things....

I have never seen the like in my little town before haha

Along with the garden I am enjoying the Flora's Fauna Cal so much, I am behind but that doesn't matter in the least, the hedgehogs are done as are the acorns ....

 Squirrels are almost done so it's moving along nicely 😊

I must dash as I have a bus to catch to Newcastle I'm going to see my little grandson Mikey he hasn't been well so I haven't see him for a while, he graduated from Nursery last week bless him so it will be big school for him in September.

Have a great Sunday 😘😘


  1. A garden can give so much pleasure, can't it, well, along with frustration at some things. Your little vegetable patch is doing so well and you've packed a lot into that space making it work for you, and the hydrangeas and your beautiful roses are stunning. I hope you had a lovely catch-up with Mikey, big school already, they do grow up so quickly.

  2. I love your new header. (Haven't been around in awhile so might not be so new but it's new to me. :) It's currently 112 F right now so won't be able to start planting for another month or so. I did buy some packets of seeds while in the States so hope I am successful and will be able to harvest later in the year or early 2023. Time marches on. Your current cal is looking lovely. Hope you had a nice visit with your grandson. I have very good friends in Newcastle. They lived here many years and were like grandparents to my boys. Was very sad when they moved away. Take care.

  3. Beautiful and yummy garden ;) Try radish if you like them...they grow fast...
    Hope Mikey is anxious to start big school !
    Have a shinny week !

  4. I must admit there is nothing more satisfying than a little Hydrangea-gazing. =) Yours are gorgeous, Linda. Well done you! Your garden is looking fabulous. You must be delighted with how your garden has flourished this summer. Nothing as cheery as a few cosmos, or dahlias sitting in a pretty vase. Home grown veggies are the tastiest and these days with the price we pay at the supermarket, it makes good sense to grow a few in the garden. Your Flora's Fauna Cal is looking amazing. Cute little hedgehogs. Enjoy your visit with Mikey. How exciting he is off to 'big' school in September.

  5. Your flowers are so pretty. Not a whole lot is blooming in my yard at the moment. Too hot and dry, I suspect - though, we got a wonderful storm today. Yay! I'd love to plant a hydrangea here. I need to figure out the best time to do that. They are beautiful in bloom, and dried, the blooms can last all winter inside.

  6. There are beautiful flowers on your garden, Linda. And your afghan is growing very well, every detail is so pretty. Have a great week.

  7. I saw your CAL in Julie's link party and came to say that your work is amazing!

  8. Your flowers look very nice ...
    Have a lovely visit to see Mikey, I'm sure he will enjoy 'big-school' in September.

    All the best Jan

  9. Your hydrangeas are fantastic. I hope you get them to flower again and again like that now. The cosmos are very pretty too. I love the colours and their feathery leaves.

  10. Your garden looks amazing and I love all of the flowers. I love the pretty afghan you are working on. I hope you are having a nice week Linda.

  11. Your garden looks beautiful. I love how you get the most from the space you have. My garden is only small and I'm determined to utilise it much more next year. X

  12. Your garden is just beautiful and producing so many wonderful items. Well done by you. Enjoy every moment of summer.

  13. Your garden is looking fabulous Linda, and congratulations on your success. It's a shame about the short stems on your cosmos, but at least you've got some - I love them and always have loads, but this year they are a dismal failure. In fact, most things I planted have failed and I blame the peat-free compost - nothing had a very good start this year. Babs xxx


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