Friday, 24 April 2015

Five on Friday

Hello everyone I hope that you have all had a great week!

Five Little Snippets

I have been just a bit demented this week it happens everytime I finish a project. As two of the CALs I have been working on have come to an end I find myself at a loose end.  Don't get me wrong I still have things on the go but not as much as I'd like, sometimes it can take me ages to make up my mind what to add to my wip list because there is so much I want to do, before I start anything I have to ask myself... 
Will it be useful? 
Do I need it ? 
Is it suitable for a charity? 
Have I got enough stash yarn to make it? 
Will I have to buy yarn and can I afford it? 

I have discovered this about myself.. I have to be making a blanket, it can be any type of blanket but there has to be at least one or two going on in the background, I know at least three that I would love to do but which??? 

What are you all like can you move smoothly from one project to the next without out too much effort or are you like me? anyway
the pondering continues and once I make up my mind you will be the first to know.

Health Matters
I'm pleased to tell you that the foot injury from last week is now completely better, the knee must a bit more complicated because it still hurts when I bend it I have a feeling it could be arthritic in nature  which means it will be a  case of just grin and bear it.  I still went to step fit and to the gym and managed fine so I will stop moaning about that particular issue.  
If you all cast your mind back to the beginning of February I took quite ill and was diagnosed with Gallstones and told I needed an operation, I had to wait three weeks for an MRI scan and this week a whole two months later I actually got to see the consultant for the result. I was hoping that by some miracle said gallstones would have melted away after all the healthy eating I have been doing, but no such luck I'm afraid, there the little blighters were in all their glory staring out at me from the computer screen, lots of little stones just waiting to slip into my gall duct and cause me more pain. So I'm on the waiting list and I have to undergo lots of tests before the big event so happy days ahead.

I have been stash-busting fence paint! yes you are right you did hear me correctly, I had several tins of bits of leftover paint in different shades of brown, I mixed them all together to produce a rather fetching shade of something which I'm going to call chocolate brown and painted this fence 


 I know what you are doesn't look much better to me! and you would be right it is a bit patchy but it does look a bit better, as well as painting the fence I painted myself too, even though I was dressed in my best paint gear I had splashes all over my arms, face and hair what a mess!  It didn't matter too much because I was in the back garden and no one could see me but I have the front fence to do too maybe I should paint it under a cloak of darkness. 

I have been wanting a clock for my study for ages, yes I know there is a clock on the laptop and on my mobile but I needed an 'in your face clock' that would remind me at a glimpse of just how much time I was wasting on the laptop so I sent for one from ebay look how it arrived......

It wasn't even packaged properly for goodness sake of course it's going to break, anyways the seller refunded my money straight away and this was going into the bin along with all the empty paint tins but as you know we crafters are very.... well crafty, I said to myself hang on there Linda don't be silly it's still a clock even if it's glass face has been smashed so here it is now

all tarted up I like it better like this dont you it's a pleasure to look at. :)

I don't know why but this leads me on to crumpets, maybe because it's lunchtime and I'm fancying a couple spread with peanut butter am I the only one who likes peanut butter on their crumpets? I always get strange looks when I mention it to anybody.

Nothing nicer with a cuppa tea served  in my favourite mug ( I sound like a blinkin commercial )

I hope you all have a great weekend are you doing anything special? I'm going to Harrogate Flower show on Sunday can't wait! fingers crossed for good weather, see you soon. :) 

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  1. I had surgery for gallstones just before Christmas and have never felt better, so don't worry about it.

  2. I'm never decisive about what to crochet next; there are just too many great patterns out there! I'm glad your foot's better; hopefully your knee will be better soon. I'm sorry to hear about your gallstones. I had my gallbladder taken out 13 years ago for the same reason. The fence does look better, and you're so clever for fixing your clock. I like peanut butter toast sometimes, so you're not alone. Cute mug :-)

  3. Stash busting with paint, classic! Glad the foot is better but sorry about the gall stones, sending love

  4. We call our "crumpets" english muffins and I love them with peanut butter (or strawberry jam)! I'm glad your foot is better. Have a wonderful weekend, Heather

  5. One of our clocks fell off the wall and the glass broke. It still looks good, so I put it back up. Waste not, want not. I'm like you with blankets. I always like to have one on the go.

  6. Oh Linda I'm just like you when it comes to crochet or knit projects. I do hope that your health will improve soon and everything will be alright. I love the clock and the crumpets with peanut butter are one of my favorites for breakfast. Enjoy today and the weekend.
    Julie xo

  7. I am with you on the blanket making! I don't know what it is, but it keeps the hands and the mind occupied doesn't it. The fence looks really great and was a good way to use your fence stash too! If only we could mix yarn that way. I hope that the medical matters are all resolved very soon and that it won't be too too bad for you. That was a great save on the clock! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better. My, what a week you have had. The fence looks great. I had my paint clothes on this week but not to paint; to clean a dirty pool. Your broken clock looks so cute in it's new life. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't work too hard :)

  9. I never know what I'm going to work on crochet wise. I often do little things just to keep busy. I don't like long term projects which is why there are lots of blankets started but never finished. Sorry to hear you still require gallstone surgery. They are able to do most by laser now, aren't they? So shouldn't be quite so invasive. Enjoy the flower show. We've had a dusty start to our weekend. Same thing last weekend. Boo! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. I did not realise how much having gall stones could pull you down until after my op. It was like being 10 years younger or something like that. Honestly it is nothing to worry about and within a few weeks of having your op you will feel so much better. AND I Love peanut butter on crumpets so you are not the only odd person out there - I am odd too (or so my family tell me).

  11. Fun post today Linda, well except for the gallstones, that is a big bummer. I have to have one knit project and one crochet on the go all the time. I love toast with butter and blueberry jam every single morning. Your stash busting paint is brilliant.
    Hugs to you,

  12. I love crumpets but never tried peanut butter on them. I love peanut butter, too. I have a blanket to finish if you fancy having a third one on the go :) Have a great weekend.

  13. I just love what you've done to the clock. X

  14. I've never had a crumpet, I think your fence looks fabulous, and yea for at least getting a refund on your clock... which looks mighty fine!
    Visiting from the link up! I host one as well and would love to have you over!

  15. I take long to decide too. You make blanket, I turn to doily making. I loved the way you turned that clock look fancy:) very clever!!
    Hope everything goes fine through your treatment .

  16. The clock is greatly improved by the addition of some colour splashes! I'm doing a log cabin knitted blanket at present, and love the way the blocks remind me of paintings by Mondrian. It's the changes in direction, not the colour arrangement which make me think of him. I think there are patterns for crocheted log cabin blankets too....

  17. Love your new clock.....who needs glass on a clock anyway. You have made me wanting hot crumpets oozing with peanut butter.....must go and have one or two!! Hope your gall bladder situation is fixed up soon.....a lovely walk around that flower show sounds wonderful. Have a lovely time!

  18. I had my gall bladder removed using keyhole surgery. No problems and such a relief. I think I am becoming a crocheter who has to be making a blanket along with the other projects I'm working on.

  19. Gallstones - yuck - ouch. Good luck.
    I was shouting "don't bin the clock!" so I'm glad you didn't :) Love what you did with it. I am waiting for a clock to break so I have an excuse to tart one up with crochet :)
    Peanut butter on crumpets is amazing. Though it does kind of glue your mouth together :)

  20. PB on a hot whole wheat crumpet is to die for! Or, Cashew butter... All those little holes... YUMM!!
    BTW, never "think" about WHAT to make. Just grab your yarn and your hook and just go at it!

  21. Love the clock! It's great how things turn out when there's nothing to loose but give it a go!


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