Thursday, 27 October 2016

Getting There Slowly

What a great response from my Do you like Housework post thank you all so much for taking the trouble to leave your comments it was really interesting to hear your views, I'm going to keep it highlighted as a featured post over there on the right so if you want to join in please do if you haven't already.  I'm so relieved to hear that not one of you so far loves housework, that's so reassuring.

Just in case you're wondering how the Last Dance on the Beach Blanket is getting on you can be reassured that I am working on it very slowly.  Here are the next three squares for the blanket...

Isn't it clever? it's called seagull stitch and the pattern was designed by Nerissa from Miss Nerriss  for week 5 of the CAL, you can click here to read all about the inspiration behind the creation of this design and you can find the pattern and the video tutorial  here

I found this a fairly easy square to make but you need to count to ensure that you get the prints in the correct place mine had a kind of staggering gait a couple of times haha concentration needed.

I used Stylecraft special chunky in shade Meadow and a 5mm crochet hook each square used 52 grams of yarn and it measures 10" square.

I'm still loving the making of  this blanket although I have been sidetracked this month because of charity requests all will be revealed later.

Linking with...

It's nearly the end of the month I would love you to link up your remaining stash busting makes for October the November party will be up and running on Sunday November 6th.

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  1. Pretty square and I like the drop stitch for the footprint in the sand. Very clever. I missed the housework post and will have to check it out. Have a great day. Heather

  2. The squares are looking really nice ♥

  3. Hi Linda, your squares are really beautiful! You do such wonderful work and are really talented. :)

  4. Your blanket squares are really coming along nicely Linda, Thank you for hosting the link up party.

  5. Perhaps your seagull was being blown by the wind! I don't like housework either!! I do it because I can't bear not to, not because I want to do it!!

  6. The seagull stitch looks interesting! Goose to know that, for most of us, housework is a task and not hobby.

  7. The stitch of this new block looks interesting, and you did a very nice job too.

    I hate housework too (mostly because it takes me away from what I really want to be doing - like playing with my yarn stash; LOL!), but it's tolerable if you concentrate on one room a day ... and draft your husband to help with the high places like ceilings, ceiling fans, and light fixtures ;-)

  8. That is one cute block! Shall have to hop over to the housework post now, as it sounds very intriguing. :)


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