Friday, 20 October 2017

Making Progress.

At least I'm making progress on the crochet front but not on the house selling front.  If you can remember, my first buyers pulled out of the sale, luckily a couple of weeks later I had another offer which I accepted and it was all systems go.  I was really pleased as you can well imagine.  This particular seller didn't even want to view the house, she was living too far away and could see what the place was like just by looking at the photo's she loved the house and the garden and she didn't intend changing a thing.
She texted me a few times asking me for more photo's and reassuring me that all was going well at her end, she was so excited, the people who were buying hers were happy too and everything was great. Her very words were don't worry Linda I won't let you down! and guess what? 
I got a phone call from the estate agent telling me that she had pulled out of the sale, she had decided to buy something cheaper, she then sent me a text to appologise, so is that supposed to make me feel alright? I didn't answer her text, next time I won't get involved with the buyer at all.  As you can imagine I'm so fed up, I'm still going to move in November but I will worry about this house standing empty and of course two lots of bills will be a worry too. 

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, I'm pleased that I wasn't the only one to feel that way.  I think it's hard for some people to try something different they are quite happy staying in their comfort zone.

 I am really enjoying making The Spicier life blanket, here is part one and two all finished and even the ends are woven in, for the first part I used the magic knot but then I got cold feet, I thought what if it does come undone all of this work will be for nothing, so for the second part I knotted and wove the ends in and you know those ends aren't that bad as long as you weave them in as you go.

Part three is now out and I will start on that at the weekend.😊


  1. I love the colour choices you have made, Linda, especially as everything has come from your stash! So sorry to hear that the latest house sale has fallen through, fingers crossed that it will be third time lucky soon xx

  2. What a roller coaster of emotions you have been having with selling your house. I wouldn't be surprised if the backing out was because of cold feet. It would be hard not to become interested in the potential buyers, face it, selling a house isn't as emotional as selling a home. We want to know that the buyer will love the place as much as we have. Hard to get your hopes up only to have them crushed. The right buyer is out there and just hasn't found you yet. Hoping things work out for you. Stay positive.
    Susanne XOXO

  3. Forgive me, I completely forgot to mention your blanket which by the way is turning out lovely.
    Susanne 💕

  4. Oh, how disappointing and frustrating the lady pulled out of the sale. Let's hope someone very soon considers your home to be the one for them. Your Spicier Life blanket is beautiful. I love all the glorious colours and patters.

  5. The blanket is coming along greatly. I hope you find a good buyer soon. Have a peaceful weekend.

  6. I am so sorry Linda. The perfect buyer will come but I completely understand your frustration. Plus you are getting ready to move, your mind must be whirling around all the time. I love your balnket. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  7. Oh no, house buying and selling is soooooo stressful. Is renting it out an option? Our last buyers were messing us about for 5 months and we actually told the estate agent that we would put in tenants if they didn't put pen to paper quickly. That shook them into action. But I sometimes regret getting rid of that house as I really loved it. It was the right decision at the time. But we would be much richer if we had kept it. Hey ho. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  8. Hi Linda, Sorry that the deal didn't work. Your blanket is looking so pretty and weaving in as you go reduces lot of work in the end.

  9. Oh no, Oh no!! I'm so sorry you're back to square one again Linda, but it WILL sell, and when it does, all this will be behind you. Stay calm, it will all work out. People here leave everything to the agents to deal with, and there's minimal contact between buyers and sellers. Leaving it all with the agents, will keep the stress off of yourself.

    Your blanket must be some kind of solace while you weather this storm. It looks amazing! All those colours look so happy. It's going to look great in the new place :)

    Hugs to you,

  10. Well that's disappointing. It's so stressful selling a home. The right buyer will come along soon I hope. In the mean time, crochet and knitting is good therapy.
    xx Beca

  11. Sorry to hear that things didn't work out. Perhaps the third time's a charm. Your blanket is coming along nicely. I always try to weave those ends in as I crochet. So much easier than leaving them til the end. Take care.

  12. We've never sold (or owned) a house, but I remember the hassle when my dad moved out here and we were trying to get his California home sold. Lots of offers and retractions and way too much faxing back and forth of reams of paperwork, and my poor dad in hospital with tubes coming out of his head. But finally it all came together (and he eventually got out of hospital too). Here's to a buyer, and a completed transaction for you!
    WHAT a lovely blanket. You tie all the knots you like - no one will ever feel them! :)

  13. Oooh, what a stressful time for you. Ik hope you find a good buyer soon,
    Linda. Love you crochet pattern, colors and stripes.


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